11 Home Gym Wall Decorations: Massive Motivation

Finished your home gym but it’s looking a bit bland? Some decorations will fix that easily and quickly. What are some of the best wall decorations for your home gym?

There are a ton of decorations that can improve your home gym. Let’s get right into it.

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Poster of your personal hero

The best decoration (IMHO) for your home gym, is a poster of your personal hero. That person that got you training in the first place. Not everyone has one but many people do. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Eddie Hall, etc. There are countless people that can be your personal hero. It doesn’t have to be a bodybuilder, there are tons of other athletes that are worth looking up to for their dedication, drive and perseverance.

Even people that are not known for their physical accomplishments can be your hero or source of motivation. It doesn’t really matter as long as you can use the motivation they give you to keep coming back to the gym or to train harder/longer/better. That’s what will give you the results you’re looking for.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger Poster

Arnold has to be the most famous bodybuilder. While there are others who had fame. No other comes close to the recognition he has even under ‘normal’ people. Everyone knows who he is. This poster captures him in one of his best moments.

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Ronnie Coleman Poster

While not on the same level of fame among the general population, Ronnie Coleman is highly regarded by people that know (about) him. This beautiful poster is distributed over 8 different panels. It comes fully assembled. Just hang on your wall.

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Probably the largest category of gym decorations is the motivational poster or slogan. There are many of them some better than others. If you need some words to make you work a bit harder every workout session, some motivational posters or slogans on your wall can help.

Pick something that speaks to you. Something that actually motivates you. Otherwise it isn’t very useful since most of these ‘motivational’ posters don’t look too great although there are a few exceptions.

It’s also possible to make your own motivational slogan by just getting the letters you need and putting them on the wall. That way you have a lot more flexibility as well. It’s possible to write anything on your wall you like. Since it’s in your own house, nobody is going to stop you.

Set of 4 Motivational Gym Posters

Here is a set of 4 posters that have different motivational phrases on them with a background of people working out and looking good.

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Motivational poster

“Winners are Not People Who Never Fail But People Who Never Quit.”

Probably one of the best motivational quotes you can put on your wall. Besides that it has a nice background as well.

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Physique you’re working towards

Most gyms around the world will have some posters or banners with fitness/bodybuilding models on them. They’re not just there to distract you from your workout. They’re there to show you what’s possible.

While some people might find them demotivating because they think they’ll never reach that level of fitness and/or muscularity, that’s not the right way to look at them. Use those pictures to show you what you can reach with the right training and diet. Then it’ll become something to work towards.

It’s your own gym, so feel free to choose any body type of physique you would like to have yourself. Put it up and show yourself what you’re there to accomplish. Over time you can slowly see yourself changing and turning into the ideal you’ve set for yourself.

Of course there are no guarantees you’ll actually get there. That depends on you and your situation but seeing it can certainly help.


Of course the gym and exercise world also has a ton of famous and less famous brands. If you’ve got a favorite one or maybe just one you like the logo of, a banner of this brand can certainly help you create a nice atmosphere in your home gym.  

Brands often don’t sell their banners on Amazon or somewhere else. Some of them do but most wont be so easy to get. To get your hands on some of their materials you can try to find some second hand or contact the brand directly if they’ve got anything available.


Maybe mirrors aren’t directly a decoration but they’re certainly good to have in your gym. Mirrors can do several things;

  • Give a trainee visual feedback on their form. Having good form will prevent you from getting injured and will give you better results
  • Mirrors can also be used to make a room look different/bigger. Especially if you cover a whole wall with mirrors, it can make a big difference.

I’ve already written a whole lot about mirrors on this website. If you’re interested, make sure to check out the following two posts;


Basically big wall stickers. Decals often have a cleaner look than posters or signs. Since they’re stuck to the wall they’re often cleaner looking. Of course the usually simple black and white design helps with that as well.

Decals are often bigger than posters and take up quite a bit of space on your wall. If you’ve got a big open wall, that’s a good thing but make sure your wall can fit the decal you pick so you can fully enjoy it.

No Pain No Gain

Short, simple and looks cool. This decal is quite large measuring 2′ x 4′. It’ll cover a large part of your wall and make it look much better than just white.

It’s quite cheap, check the price here on Amazon.


What’s better than having your own home gym? Naming your home gym of course. If you’ve got a name for your personal gym, why not make it official and have some decals made up that allow you to proudly plaster your name on your walls.

You could have a decal/logo designed from scratch but that will cost you a couple of hundred dollars. For most people this money is better spent on equipment or other things. The other option is to get a pre-designed logo where you can just add your name to.

On Amazon there are a few sellers that can do this for you for a pretty friendly price. Just pick the logo and tell them which name you’d like to add and they will ship it to you. It’s a cool touch that can really make you feel proud of your gym and what you’ve built.

Here is one of the best examples of the personal signs you can get for your home gym. The logo looks good, it has your prefered name and is pretty cheap. Why not give it a try?

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Sometimes you get hurt. It’s part of moving as a human. Sometimes things go wrong. When it does it can help to see which part of your body actually hurts. Knowing the official names of tendons, ligaments and muscles can really help find out what’s wrong.

While going to a professional is always a good idea if you hurt something, a poster that can help you pinpoint which part of your body you’ve hurt. This can help you decide if you actually have to see a professional or if your Google remedies will be good enough.

Besides that, knowing where certain muscles are and which way they are oriented, can also help improve your workouts.

Muscular & Skeletal Posters

A set of two posters. One with all the muscles in your body and one with all the bones. That should help you find anything that you haven’t trained yet. The combination of the two posters looks good on your wall as well.

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Vintage signs

Posters are good but if your gym deserves something that looks a bit better and last longer, take a look at vintage signs. These are usually made out of some type of metal so they last a very long time without tearing. The paint can fade over time but usually only if exposed to a lot of direct sunlight. An added benefit is that they’re already made to look ‘old’ so some fading and even damage just ads to the appeal these signs have.

Rocky vs. Creed

Old looking tin sign with an announcement for the rematch of the century.

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In some types of workout you want to know how long a set or rest period is. Clocks are pretty useful in a gym for that reason. And for just seeing the time of course. A simple clock will suffice and help with decorating as well.

A normal clock with hands does the job but if you want to use the clock in your gym for timing sets and rest periods, it’s a bit easier to get a digital clock with seconds. That way it’s easier to keep track of exactly how long

Timex Digital Wall Clock

Simple, cheap and good. This Timex wall clock does everything you want: Tell you the time down to the second. It has a large display so it’s easy to read even during a workout.

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Blurring the line between decorations and necessities. If done right they can be both. A set of barbells, resistance bands, cable attachments, etc. are all small and light enough to mount on the wall if you’re using proper mounting hardware. Especially if you can do It neatly, it’ll look cool. At the same time it’s very useful to store your smaller stuff like this since it can help you keep it off the floor and keep your gym looking tidier.

Storing equipment on the wall is usually also more space efficient than putting them in boxes on the floor. That can get quite messy. Of course different pieces of equipment are best mounted on the wall with different hardware. Let’s take a look at the solutions for different items.

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Gym Wall Hooks

A simple row of hooks you can mount on your wall. It can be used to hang anything you can off of it. As long as it stays on there and looks tidy, you’re good.

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