12 Things That Improve You Home Gym For Under $10

Improving your home gym doesn’t have to be expensive. Even for less than $10 you can find a ton of items that will make your home gym better and more effective. Here are the 11 best things you can get.

1.    Decorations

A very easy way to make you home gym better is to put up some decorations. A better looking gym is one you’ll use more often. And if it’s used more often, you will be in better shape. While a full room remodel is often expensive, there are a few things under $10 that can really brighten up your gym.

The best grip trainer for under $10 is this Basic Concepts one. (Amazon link) It’s simple, sturdy and adjustable. What else do you want?

2.    Hand trainer

If you’re trying to get stronger quickly, grip strength becomes a limitation for many people. You other muscles are bigger and get stronger faster than the ones that move your fingers. A grip trainer can help you prevent plateus due to limited grip strength.

Grip trainers come in many different forms and price ranges. You still have some choice for under $10 though.

3.    Workout program

All the expensive and cheap equipment in the world isn’t going to help you if you don’t know how to use it properly. A workout program tells you what to do and how. This helps you massively to improve your workouts and overall results.

Of course many workout programs cost way more than $10. There are some awesome free ones you can follow though.

For people that want to get big and strong; check out www.stronglifts.com

4.    Jump rope

The simplest, cheapest and arguably one of the most effective pieces of cardio equipment. You don’t need a huge treadmill, rower, elliptical, etc. A jump rope can be enough.

You can of course get a really cheap one that’s meant as a children’s toy but we can do better than that. Something that’s more suitable for serious workouts.

Easily the best jump rope you can get for the money is this Fitness First. It uses an easily replaceable and adjustable steel wire that lasts forever (But is certainly not suitable for children. Check it on Amazon.

5.    Stopwatch

Phones are a distraction while working out. They can make you waste a lot of time you should be training. One thing that most phones have that is useful during a workout is a stopwatch/timer. Especially for HIIT and other interval training styles, a timer is essential.

Of course there are fancy gym timers with all the features and connectivity you could imagine. Those cost way more than $10 though. In this price range, a simple stopwatch is the best solution.

6.    Lifting straps

Starting to lift very heavy? At some point you’ll want to invest in some lifting straps for those massive 1 rep PR’s.  While opinions are divided on if you should always use them or not, they are certainly useful in certain situations.

They aren’t expensive and can make the difference between getting a new PR or not. Also, if you intend to compete in a competition where they are allowed, it’s better to train with them at least sometimes so you get used to them.

7.    Weightlifting gloves

Heavy lifting can be tough on your hands. It can tear up the skin on the palm of your hands and make them very rough. Most men won’t really have an issue with this but most women would like to avoid it.

That’s where weightlifting gloves can make a difference. They protect your skin so they won’t build up calluses as much.

8.    Sweatbands

Most home gym owners would prefer to spend their budget on better equipment than on airconditioning. That means that your home gym is probably pretty hot in the summer. The cheapest way to deal with this is to just accept your sweating and make sure the sweat doesn’t get into your eyes.

Sweatbands are a very cheap way to absorb the liquids before it can hit your eyes. And as an added bonus, you look like you’re still in the 80’s. But, since it’s a home gym anyways, who cares?

The HALO II headband is a few cents over budget but doesn’t make you look like you belong on a VHS workout tape. It’s currently discounted on Amazon.

9.    Resistance band

Our budget won’t allow for a full set of resistance bands. But you can certainly find one for this price. Adding a light to moderate resistance band to you home gym can really help you with stretching, light recovery, etc. You can even do some exercises with it. With a single band it’s hard to get a full workout done but there  are many good other uses.

A 41″ loop band is the most versatile type of band you can get. Most of them are more than $10 a piece but with a little searching you can find some. Check out this one on Amazon for example

If you prefer to buy a complete set, check this one out on Amazon. It includes 5 different bands, door anchor, handles, ankle straps, storage bag and a workout program. It’s made by two physical therapists so you know it’s safe to use.

10.  Resistance band door anchor

For a few more dollars you can increase the usability of your resistance band quite a bit. With a door anchor you can put attach the resistance bands at any height you want for a lot of exercise variability. You can use wall mounted anchors for a more permanent solution but a single door anchor can do the job of a lot of wall anchors.

Suggested: How to anchor your resistance bands.

Resistance band door anchors are a pretty simple piece of equipment so they’re not very expensive in general. Check out this one that’s comfortably under $10 on Amazon.

11.  Double massage ball

Sometimes workouts can make you tight and your muscles stiff. Most of that discomfort will disappear over time but sometimes we need some extra help to recover quicker. A real massage would be great but that costs more than $10.

To just release some trigger spots and tightness in your muscles, a massage ball is a great tool. It might be a bit painful at times but they are effective.

A double massage ball is exactly what you think it is. Two balls are connected with a thinner spot in the middle. This makes it easier to massage your back without hitting the vertebrae. For other muscles it’s also good because you have more than one point of contact which massages the muscle from more than one angle at the same time.

This Adidas double ball massager is cheap, effective and hardwearing and easy to clean. Buy it here on Amazon.

12. Sit up pad

Sit ups can be uncomfortable to do on a hard floor and you have to be careful to keep your lower back in the correct position. A sit up pad can solve both problems at the same time. It makes doing sit ups on the floor more comfortable while also being shaped in a way that keeps your lower back safe.

Now most sit up pads are $15 to $30. Many of those come with extra features to make it even more comfortable. However, for just $10 you can get a very simple but effective sit up pad.

The BalanceFrom sit up pad is cheap and does it’s job. It’s not too hard so it’s comfortable but it’s also not too soft so it’s still supportive. There are two sizes, so make sure to pick the one that’s right for you. To make it even better, it comes with a 2 year warranty! Buy the Balancefrom sit up pad here on Amazon

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Are free workout programs any good? Some free workout programs are awesome. Starting strength and 5×5 stronglifts for example are really good programs to build muscle and strength and are (mostly) free. If you want something that’s really specific to your goals and situation, you’ll likely have to pay to find something good.


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