4 Best Air Bikes: Assault Or Other?

Air bikes are a great cardio workout tool that can give you an incredible workout while also being compact. But which ones are the best? 

The best air bikes on the market are: 

  • Assault Air Bike Classic
  • Concept2 BikeErg
  • Titan Fitness Air Bike
  • Schwinn Airdyne AD7

Let’s get a little deeper into these different models and which one is best for you. They are a little different and offer different things. 

The Best Air Bikes

So air bikes are suitable for beginners and advanced exercisers. Which means it’s a really good option to get for your home gym because it can stay with you for a long time. For that reason getting a good one is a good idea. A good air bike doesn’t cost as much as a high quality treadmill or elliptical trainer which is another benefit.

So let’s look at the best air bikes for beginners and more advanced exercisers below.

1. Assault Air Bike Classic

The original. This bike was the first (popular) air bike. It’s the reason why sometimes all air bikes are called “assault” bikes. This brand has a few different models. The bottom of the range “classic” model is actually great for a home gym. It strikes the sweet spot where you get a high quality bike but it’s still relatively affordable. 

It’s super solid and can handle user weights of up to 300 lbs. The moving pedals and arm levers mean you get a full body workout. 

From Assault Fitness you also have the Pro and Elite. The Elite models look a bit nicer and have a slightly higher user weight limit (300 vs. 350 lbs.). However, for a home gym, this isn’t really necessary. You’ll get all the benefits and features you want with the classic model.

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The Pro is a nice upgrade over the Classic though. It looks a bit more “finished” with nicer shrouding. It’s also made from thicker steel and bigger tubes making it sturdier. And maybe most importantly, the Pro is compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth heart rate monitors while the Classic is not. 

The Classic and Pro are both great choices that give you a very high quality air bike for a reasonable price. The best choice for most people. They all have drive chains instead of belts. That means they make a little bit more noise but they’ll almost never have to be replaced. 

2. Concept2 BikeErg

Concept2 is famous for their rowing machines that can be found in most gyms around the world. They produce high quality equipment that’s used reliably by many gyms and athletes. They aren’t cheap but they’re good. It’s a commercial grade bike which means it’ll last a very long time. 

This air bike is an interesting concept. Most air bikes have moving pedals and levers which make them like an elliptical you sit down on instead of a bike. This BikeErg doesn’t have hand levers and just foot pedals which means it’s exactly like a normal exercise bike, except with air resistance.

If you’re looking for an air bike that is more like a spin bike, this is the one to go for. 

All the workout equipment Concept2 makes utilizes this type of resistance and they really know what they’re doing. This machine isn’t cheap but it’s very good. It’s super solid and compact. You only need a space of 48” by 24” to use it. It only weighs 31 kg (68 lbs.) and has little wheels at the front so it’s easy to move around. 

The seat and handlebars are adjustable so you can find a setting that works for you. The performance monitor is compatible with wireless heart rate monitors which means easy and accurate heart rate and calorie tracking. 

3. Titan Fan bike

If you want to use your air bike outside, this is a solid choice. It has two pretty large wheels on the front so it’s very easy to move around, even over a surface that’s not perfectly flat. It’s very similar in looks, features and price to the Assault Classic. The biggest difference is that this one is better suited for use outdoors.

Otherwise it’s very similar to the Assault Classic. And that’s not a bad thing since that’s the standard. Just get the one you like better or can get cheaper at the time.

4. Schwinn AirDyne AD7

Schwinn produces a range of fan bikes from relatively cheap to quite expensive. None of their models is a bad choice, it just depends on what you need and expect.

The higher you go in the range, the bigger the fan blades get, the sturdier and stronger the frame (and thus the higher the user weight limit). The information displays get bigger and nicer and the better they look.

If you’re just looking to try out fan bikes and maybe upgrade later, the AD2 is a good choice, if you’re looking for something that can last you for the next 20 years, the AD7 is for you. It has a solid frame with a 350 lbs. user weight limit, large fan blades and fully adjustable seat. 

You can choose to only use the foot pedals, only the arm levers or both so you can tailor your workout to your needs. The performance monitor is quite large and easy to read. One drawback is that you can only connect Polar heart rate monitors but no Bluetooth or ANT+ ones. 


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