Are Resistance Bands Worth The Money?

Resistance bands are everywhere. But should you spend your money on them? Here’s what you need to know.

Are resistance bands worth the money? Yes, resistance bands are relatively cheap but at the same time very useful. They are incredibly versatile and anyone working out can find a use for them. The low price and versatility makes resistance bands one of the best bang for buck pieces of workout equipment.

Why are resistance bands worth the money and what can you do with them? Keep reading to find out.

Are resistance bands worth the money?

If something is worth the money isn’t something that’s always completely obvious. To answer that question we have to look at two things;

  • How much do resistance bands cost?
  • What can they do for you?

If they’re very cheap but don’t do anything useful, they’re still not worth the money. And if their uses are limited but they’re expensive, they’re not worth it either.

There is a balance between money and uses that makes something worth what you’re paying for it. Let’s answer both questions and see if we can find an answer to the main question.

How much do resistance bands cost?

That’s pretty easy to answer. We should make a distinction between loop bands and tube bands though. Loop bands are generally sold as single bands while tube bands are often sold in a combo set with attachments. Of course you can always find exceptions. Here are what you can expect to pay for either type;

  • Single loop bands: $5 – $15
  • Tube band combo: $40 – $75

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As you can see, the price per resistance band is pretty low. You’ll want more than one however. Resistance bands have different weights. Just like with dumbbells or barbells, you use different weights for different exercises. With bands it works the same. For different exercises you want different weights.

For most people a range of five different bands is plenty to do all the exercises you want. Both loop bands and tube bands cost somewhere between $40 and $75 for a complete set. How much you pay depends on brand and quality. In general it’s a good idea to pay a bit extra for higher quality bands since they tend to last longer. In the long term that means it’s cheaper since the price difference between low and high quality bands isn’t that big.

While that’s not free, in the world of fitness equipment, it’s pretty cheap. The only other thing that could come close in price that can provide a full workout is a kettle bell. And while kettle bells are amazing, resistance bands are a bit more versatile.  

What can resistance bands do for you?

Now to the other side of the equation. What uses do resistance bands have and are they effective?

Resistance bands are super versatile and can be integrated into your training no matter what you do and which level you’re at. Some examples of things you can do with resistance bands;

  • Full body exercises (compound movements)
  • Target specific muscles (isolation movements)
  • Increasing flexibility and mobility
  • Rehab exercises
  • Warm up before heavy lifts
  • Yoga
  • Pilatus
  • Integration into free weight training. Add to barbell or dumbbells to change the strength curve and target weak spots
  • Adding resistance to bodyweight exercises
  • Adding resistance to bodyweight cardio
  • Active recovery
  • Building muscle
  • Lose body fat

As you can see, resistance bands are incredibly versatile. Everyone that does anything even close to working out, can find a use for them.

Just like weights, resistance bands don’t do anything by themselves. You still have to know how to use them to get any results. However, resistance bands are often easier to use than free weights.

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Resistance bands are also safer for most people. Free weights can be a bit dangerous if not used in the correct way. Resistance bands are very easy on the joints so you’re unlikely to hurt a knee, elbow, shoulder, etc. Where free weights can be dangerous when you fail a repetition and you lose control. A dumbbell could hit your head and it’s possible to get pinned under a barbell. Resistance bands don’t weigh much so as soon as you release the tension, they can’t do much damage.

So, whatever your goal is, you can find a use for resistance bands.

Another benefit of these bands is that you can very easily take them with you wherever you go. They’re small and pliable so will fit in almost anywhere. If you’re traveling a lot or just want to work out in different places, resistance bands are the smallest and lightest option there is.

Are resistance bands worth it?

Absolutely, looking at the price and what you can do with them, clearly resistance bands are worth the money. A full set of resistance bands costs much less than $100 but does way more than many other pieces of equipment you can buy.

They are probably the best bang for buck gym equipment you can find.

Of course in the end it also depends on if you’ve got the money and if you’re going to use them. While the price is low, if you don’t have the money it’s not worth it although it’s probably the most cost efficient way of getting into shape.

And if you don’t use them, anything more than free isn’t worth it.

However, because the price is so low and there are so many uses, it’s very likely that they’re worth the money to you. The fact that you’re reading this you’re likely interested in working out so if you can afford them, go for it.

Are resistance bands right for you?

As said, resistance bands are absolutely worth the money if you’re going to use them. But are they right for you? It’s a slightly different way of looking at it.

If working out with bands is right for you depends on what your goals are. As you can see above, bands can be integrated into the workouts that work towards many goals. The vast majority of people works out for one or more of three reasons;

  • Health & longevity
  • Looks
  • Strength

We can reach those goals through different means.

So while not everyone has to use resistance bands, pretty much everyone who works out can. They can be integrated into so many types of workout, you’ll always be able to use them.

But do you want to? That’s the question. Some people are more than happy just using a barbell, do bodyweight exercises, etc. without having to use bands. For most people, bands do add a degree of complication. Sticking to a workout is hard enough without needlessly complicating things.

However, if you are willing to take your workouts to the next level, including bands will certainly do that.

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Also, if you’re away from your gym a lot, whether that’s home or elsewhere, bands are amazing. They can be packed into almost any space you’ve got left in your luggage. They take up very little space and are flexible so are super easy to stuff in anywhere. That makes them like a portable mini gym you can take anywhere.

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Related questions

What’s the cheapest way to build muscle? It’s possible to build muscle just from bodyweight exercises. (Calisthenics) Find a park nearby that has some bars where you can do pull ups and other bodyweight exercises. It’s free and effective. If you want you can add resistance bands to the calisthenics movements for more resistance.

Can you lose weight with resistance bands? Resistance bands can add resistance to exercises you would use to lose weight. Especially bodyweight exercises are suitable.  If you add resistance to those exercises, they become more difficult. More difficult means you have to use more energy to do it. More energy means more opportunity to lose weight.


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