Are Treadmill Belts Universal? Can I use a Different Brand/model?

Being able to run whenever you want in the comfort of your own home is a major perk of owning a treadmill. The hard part about it is that, unlike the dirt outside, parts of the treadmill will eventually wear down and need to be fixed, just as it is the case with other machines. Keeping your treadmill in good shape and regularly checking on its maintenance will help to keep it in better shape so that it doesn’t start breaking down on you. If you stop to think about it, a continuously rotating belt that is being run on every day will eventually wear out and need to be replaced! Ordering the new belt may be a bit tricky though.

Treadmill belts are not universal. To order a new treadmill belt, it would be wise to call and talk to the manufacturer about which belt you should use as a replacement to ensure it works for the model you have. However, there may be a variety of options that will fit your treadmill.

There are so many different brands of treadmills, and each of them are a bit different from the rest. These include anything from NordicTrack to LifeSpan, to True, ProForm, and a variety of others. Each of these function in the same way, yet they also have specific treadmill belts that are specifically made for them. Once again, treadmill belts are not universal, and so you need to know the type of treadmill you have so that you will be able to get the correct belt for it!

How to Get the Correct Treadmill Belt

If you still have the owner’s manual for the treadmill, check it out and see if it tells you the proper belt replacement, or gives you instructions on how to find it. If you cannot find the owner’s manual, it could also potentially be online and you may be able to find it there just to see if it tells you the specifics for the model you have.

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Using the search function to search for your specific model on a manufacturer’s website will often result in a user manual.

Most of the time, to find the model number of your treadmill, you can put the treadmill in a storage position and look around the base of the treadmill. Oftentimes it will be in one of the corners or centered on the front. Check out these places and any other areas that the manual recommends.

The best and number one way to find out what treadmill belt you need is to call the manufacturer. While you might only turn to this as a result of not having a manual, it is likely to get you the best results.

Talking to an actual person who has expertise in the subject will be helpful in knowing (1) how to get a replacement belt, (2) where to get a replacement belt, (3) which replacement belt to get, and (4) additional tips and information about your specific model. They could probably give some great advice about installing the belt as well. Another great thing to ask them would be about any warranty on your treadmill or if the company has some sort of deal if you bought it directly from them. Explore your options with them so that you get the right belt!

Oftentimes you can just search the brand and model of your treadmill on and see if they have them supplied through there. There are quite a few Amazon customers who are able to find their treadmill belts this way and even bought treadmill belts that were the same brand and varying models to try out because the model they had was no longer being made.

Doing it that way may take some trial and error and maybe a few postage fees but in the end, it could very well be worth it to have a new belt for your treadmill. You also might be able to find it for cheaper when you use this method.

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When Do I Replace the Belt?

There are a couple of really great ways to check the belt and deck of a treadmill. The wear of a belt will affect the wear of the deck, which will affect the entire machine’s value and function. Knowing how to check the belt will be really helpful to know when you need a replacement and how much use you are putting into the machine.

Here are the 4 signs your belt has to be replaced.

Start by loosening the belt, but not all the way as that may cause problems and lead to a larger hassle later on. Once you have it loosened so that you can feel and look under the belt, you can start examining. You can examine the deck at the same time since the belt and deck are heavily reliant. on each other.

To properly inspect the deck and belt you will need to know what to look for. You want the bottom of the belt to have a consistent texture that is rough. If the belt on the bottom is super smooth, that is a sign that it has been worn down and may need to be replaced.

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Also, look around the area you normally place your feet. Is the belt thinner in those spots than others? If these spots are large enough, this is another reason to buy a new belt. Now look at the deck. Check to see if it is warped or heavily sanded down.

While this doesn’t need to be replaced as often as belts, it will need to be replaced eventually. The more up-to-date you keep the belt, the longer the deck will last.

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The Problem with Choosing the Wrong Belt

Just as with all machines, there are a lot of problems that could take place with a treadmill, but when the wrong parts are used on it, the chances of a problem occurring are definitely heightened. Be sure to have the right parts. Having the wrong belt could cause the belt to slip while you are running, or increase the rate of wear, damage the deck, and mess up the machine’s alignment.

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When it comes down to it, getting the correct treadmill belt is really just a couple of phone calls away. Reach out to your manufacturer and find the right one so that you are not faced with the challenges that come with choosing the wrong belt.

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