Recommended Home Gym Mirrors

Mirrors are one of those parts that are just essential in any home gym. Getting a mirror isn’t as straight forward as you might think. It can be a bit complicated to get the right materials, sizes and other things. Here are the best choices

  • Fab and glass gym mirror. This mirror is made of glass but has a safety backing so it’s well suited to use in a gym. This mirror comes in sizes that are perfect so you can just use a single one. The smallest version is 36” by 60”. They are great quality and will last you for a long time.   Get it here on Amazon.
  • Acrylic mirror sheets by Marketing holders. These sheets are cheaper, less prone to shattering and are very lightweight compared to the glass mirror. The flipside is that they don’t come in the size that’s perfect for a gym mirror so you’ll have to get a few and mount them next to each other to get the surface you need. Get 2′ by 2′ sheets on amazon. (affiliate link)

Find out why I chose those two mirrors below. Make sure to read the huge article about home gym mirrors on this website. (CLICK)

Recommended Home Gym Mirrors

Here are the mirrors I recommend for a home gym. There is one glass and on acrylic option. You can read more about the differences between those types in this article.

1. Fab And Glass Gym Mirrors

If you want the best home gym mirrors, get some from Fab and Glass. They are high quality, fit for purpose, provide a clear picture and are available in different suitable sizes.

Let’s take a more in depth look into why I recommend these mirrors.  


  • They come in the perfect sizes. From 36” to 48” wide and 60”-72”-84”” tall.
  • Safety backing makes them safer to use in a gym.
  • Comes with mounting hardware to make life easy.
  • Clear reflection


  • It’s a large glass sheet. Shipping can be dangerous.
  • It’s heavy so make sure to mount it securely.
  • Not cheap.

Buy it here on Amazon

These glass mirrors will provide the best experience in your home gym. The clarity of glass is hard to match with other types of mirrors. The biggest benefit is that the sizes are absolutely perfect for gym use.

As you can read in this post (Click), the minimum size you’d want to use for a gym mirror is 36” wide and 60” tall. Bigger is of course fine too. There aren’t a whole lot of mirrors that match those sizes. That’s already a big plus for this product.

The safety backing help create a safer product. This mirror is made of glass. Glass and heavy objects don’t mix very well. Heavy objects tend to shatter glass. That’s not really what you want in your home gym. The safety backing helps to prevent the shattering of the mirror and doesn’t spread the glass throughout your gym if you would be so unlucky to break something.

It also comes with the mounting hardware included. That means you don’t have to go looking for a way to put it up that’s safe enough. Since it’s pretty heavy, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t come down. The mounting hardware it comes with is suitable for the weight of the mirror so you don’t have to worry about how sturdy it is. Of course you still have to make sure that you mount the hardware to a strong spot.

If you’re not too worried about the fragility of glass and just want a great mirror for in your home gym, this is the one for you.

2. 24” by 24” Acrylic Mirror Sheets

If you want to spend less and can live with some compromises, these mirror sheets are a good choice. Take a look at the pros and cons of these sheets and see if this fits your needs.


  • Cheap. Much cheaper than glass mirrors. It’s difficult to get a cheaper new mirror.
  • Lightweight. That means they’re easy to hang without much hardware
  • Won’t break. They can still get damaged but they won’t break like glass will.


  • Not the right size. They’re smaller tiles that measure 24” by 24”. Luckily they don’t have frames or bezels and don’t have rounded off corners. That means you can hang them closely together and create one big mirror with minimal gaps.
  • Can scratch easily. Plastic scratches much easier than glass. If that happens it is much cheaper to replace that tile however.

Get it here on Amazon.

Since the tiles are 24” by 24” you can create a 48” by 72” mirror with six of those. That’s bigger than the glass mirror for a lower price.

In the end the glass mirror is higher quality and will last longer as long as you don’t break it. The Acrylic mirror sheets are a lot cheaper and easier to mount since they’re light weight.