How Big Should a Shed Be To Store Your Gym Equipment?

Working out outside is awesome if you live in a climate where that is comfortable for most of the year. You don’t want to leave your equipment outside though. How big a shed do you need to store your gym equipment safely so it stays in great shape for your next workout?

A shed to store basic gym equipment should measure at least 4’ by 5’ although 5’ by 5 would be better. This will be big enough to store;

  • Squat stand
  • Bench
  • Weight plates
  • Barbells
  • Accessories like; resistance bands, jump rope and kettlebells.

What are some things to keep in mind before you buy a shed to store your equipment? Keep reading. If you need building plans for sheds, click here.

Which Gym Equipment Do You Store In a Shed?

If you’re working out outside, you probably don’t exactly have the same setup as inside. In an indoor gym, there is no need to move things around.

However, if you want to work out outside and store your equipment in a shed, you need equipment that’s easily moved around. That means you probably won’t be using a treadmill, full power rack and cable station. Those things are just too heavy to move around on a regular basis.

However, you if you’re smart while buying equipment, you can still get most of the same functionality while being mobile. Here are some suggestions;

  • Squat stands
  • Plate tree with built in barbell storage on wheels
  • Bench with wheels
  • Resistance bands
  • Kettlebells
  • Battle ropes
  • Pull up bar
  • Jump rope

With those things, you’ll be able to do a lot of different workouts. At the same time, most of these things aren’t very big. They are easy to move around and store.

The squat stands and bench are the two biggest pieces of equipment on the list. Squat stands aren’t as big or heavy as a power rack so they are reasonably easy to move around. If you get a bench with wheels and the surface is smooth enough you can easily move around as well.

It’s important to get a weight plate tree with wheels and built in storage for a barbell. A set of weight plates and barbells is going to be really heavy to lift. Wheels will make moving them much easier.

All the other pieces of equipment are very useful but don’t take up all that much space and can be carried relatively easily.

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How big should your gym equipment storage shed be?

If you’re just using the shed for storage you don’t need a huge shack. A smaller one is probably going to be enough. But how big is big enough?

There are three big pieces of equipment for an outdoor gym; Squat stands, bench and weight plates. Those three will take up the bulk of the space.

All the other items can be stored in 2 crates pretty easily. That means we have to scale the shed to fit the size of the big pieces of equipment. The other items won’t be a big problem to store somewhere.

Squat stands that have two separate legs are the easiest to store and move around. These usually have a footprint of about 20” by 20” each. A squat stand that is one piece has much more variability in size. Smaller versions of those measure about 30” by 50”. However, there are much bigger versions that measure 52” by 60”. The bigger versions will be quite a bit  heavier so they are more difficult to move in and out of a shed. For that reason two separate legs are much more practical for this purpose.

Just like squat stands, benches come in different sizes. A good sized adjustable bench measures about 50” by 20”.  Fixed benches are a bit smaller in general.

Weight plates and  barbells are all different sizes. However, for ease of moving them around, it’s better to have them on a plate tree. Some plate trees come with wheels as well as a place to put your barbell. One of those means you can just roll everything around.

Take this one on Amazon for example

That plate tree has enough storage space for plenty of weight plates and two barbells. It does all of that with a footprint of just 20.5” by 20”.

So, what we have now is;

Put all of that together and you’ll see that a shed that has 18.13 square feet of floor space should be enough. However, you’ll also want to be able to stand in the shed and maneuver things around a bit. So in total a shed that has 20-22 square feet of space is best.

A shed that measures 4’ by 5’ is good. 5’ by 5’ will be plenty.

You might buy slightly different equipment so make sure that if you buy something significantly bigger you adjust for the size. Also, the shed sizes above are the INSIDE measurements.

Most squat stands are height adjustable and will even fit in the lower sheds but it’s still something to keep in mind. A shack where you can stand up without being worried of hitting your head is nice too. What I mean to say is that you should look at the height of a shed as well as the length and width.

Take your storage shed further

Why not make your gym equipment shed more than just a storage shed? If you’re building a new structure in your garden anyways, why not make it useful in other ways than just for storing stuff?

Here are some additions you can make to your shed that would make it even more useful.

  • Add resistance band anchors to the outside
  • Use the shed as a support structure for a roof.
  • Add a pull up bar on the outside.
  • Put a mirror on the outside

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Other considerations

There are some other things you should keep in mind when building a gym equipment storage shed.


A shed is easier to break into than a house. Gym equipment can be pretty pricey and is easily sold second hand. That means a shed full of gym equipment is going to be a pretty attractive target for certain people.

This really depends on where you live of course. In some neighborhoods it’s going to be more important to have good security than others. If you think there is a really high risk of a shed getting broken into, it might be better to just find space inside the house. If you’re working out outside in a densely populated area you can be sure that everyone around exactly knows what’s inside that shed.

Security can mean better locks, better construction, a fence around the garden or even a camera system.

Work out in the shed?

Why not take it a step further and get a shed that’s big enough to actually work out in. You won’t have to move things around every time you want to work out and you can always do it, not only when the weather is nice.

If you’re storing your gym equipment outside, chances are you’re doing so because you don’t have a lot of empty space inside. So why not go the extra mile and get a bigger shed that you can turn into an actual gym. If you’ve got the space in your garden, it might be more easier than you think.

Click here to find more information on turning your shed into a gym.

Shed material

Sheds are available in different materials. Wood, metal and plastic are the most commonly used materials.

I’ve written whole post about which material is best for a gym shed. Click here to find it.


Make sure you’ve got a smooth transition from inside to outside. This makes moving things around much easier, especially if they have wheels. Having to lift your plate tree with 250 lbs. of plates on it over a 2” obstacle is a workout in itself.

This does mean you will have to have good drainage around the shed otherwise water could get in easily and that kind of defeats the whole point of storing your equipment in a shed.

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Favorite home gym tools

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