How Much Does A Good Exercise Bike Cost? Spin| Recumbent| Upright| Air

You want to make some changes and get in shape with the help of an exercise bike. Great idea! Exercise bikes are great tools for getting yourself in shape. But what can you expect to pay for a good one?

Exercise bike prices range from $200 to over $6000 and have an average price of about $1330. How much you have to pay for a good one depends on the type of exercise bike and the level of technology you expect. People that don’t want much technology can find a great exercise bike for $500 to $1000.

A lot depends on which type of exercise bike you want and what kind of features you need. There are massive differences in price between the types but even within the types of bike. Find out below what you can expect.

Exercise bike prices

There is a very wide range of exercise bike prices. Take a look at the chart below. The bikes you can find below are a cross section of what’s available in the market but by no means an exhaustive list. These are the prices at time of publishing and are subject to change.

BrandmodelTypePriceHeart rateDisplayWeight limit
SchwinnIC3Spin bike650Can be addedLCD300
IC4Spin bike1000IncludedColor LCD330
Airdyne AD2Upright Air bike400NoneLCD250
Airdyne AD6Upright Air bike700Polar CompatibleLCD300
Airdyne AD7Upright Air bike1000Polar CompatibleLCD350
Life FitnessIC4Spin bike1700NoNo, tablet holder330
IC5Spin bike2000Can be addedLCD330
IC6Spin bike2400Can be addedTFT330
IC7Spin bike3200Can be addedTFT330
C1Upright1950Built inLCD with Bluetooth300
C3Upright2500Built inLCD with Bluetooth400
RS1Recumbent2400Built inLCD with Bluetooth300
Platinum Club SE3Upright3550Built in16" Touchscreen400
Club +Recumbent6500Built in21" HD Touchscreen400
Club +Upright5650Built in21" HD Touchscreen400
RS3Recumbent3000Built inLCD with Bluetooth400
PrecorRBK800Recumbent4300Built inChoice of LCD, 10" touch or 15" touch350
RBK600Recumbent2850Built inChoice of LCD, 10" touch or 15" touch350
UBK800Upright4000Built inChoice of LCD, 10" touch or 15" touch350
UBK600Upright2500Built inChoice of LCD, 10" touch or 15" touch350
LifeSpanC5IUpright1700Built inColor LCD400
R5IRecumbent1900Buil inColor LCD400
NautilusU616Upright500Built inLCD300
U618Upright700Built inLCD325
R614Recumbent400Built inLCD300
R616Recumbent600Built inLCD300
R618Recumbent800Built inLCD325
PelotonBike BasicsSpin bike1900Not included but compatible with ANT+21.5" 1080p HD 10-point multi-touch297
Bike+ BasicsSpin bike2500Not included but compatible with ANT+23.8" screen 1080p HD 10-point multi-touch297
NordictrackS15I StudioSpin bike1600Not included but compatible with ANT+14" Touch screen350
S22i StudioSpin bike2000Not included but compatible with ANT+22" Touch screen350
VR25Recumbent1500Built in 7" Touch screen350
R35Recumbent1800?14" Touch screen350
VU19Upright1000Built in 7" Touch screen325
VU29Upright1300Built in 14" Touch screen325
ProformStudio Pro 22Spin bike1500Not included but compatible with ANT+22" Touchscreen250
Studio ProSpin bike1400Not included but compatible with ANT+10" Touch screen250
Carbon CXSpin bike600Not includedTablet holder250
440EXUpright800Built in5" LCD350
8.0EXRecumbent700Built inLCD + Tablet holder300
EchelonEX-3Upright1000Not includedDevice holder300
EX-5Upright1250Not includedDevice holder300
EX-5sUpright1650Not included22" Rotating screen300
EX-7sUpright2000Bluetooth connectivity21.5 Rotating screen325
EX ProUpright3000Bluetooth connectivity24" Rotating screen350
Sole FitnessJohnny GSpin bike2900ANT+ CompatibleLCD350
SB700Spin bike700ANT+ CompatibleLCD300
R92Recumbent1000Built inLarge LCD300
B94Upright800Built inLarge LCD300
LCRRecumbent1500Built inLarge LCD350
HorizonGR3Spin500Polar Wireless receiver5" LCD286
IC7.9Spin700None5" LCD300
Comfort RRecumbent780Built in5.5" LCD300
Comfort UUpright680Built in5.5" LCD350
BowFlexVeloCoreUpright/Spin2000Bluetooth Armband included16" pr 22" Touchscreen325
C6Spin1000Bluetooth Armband includedBacklit LCD + tablet holder330
Sunny HealthSF-B1879Spin450Built inLCD + Tablet holder275
SF-B1851Spin600Built inLCD + Tablet holder300
SF-B1986Spin800Built inLCD + Tablet holder330
Evo-Fit RecumbentRecumbent550Built inLCD + Tablet holder300
Evo-Fit UprightUpright400Built inLCD + Tablet holder300
SF-RB4905Recumbent300Built inLCD + Tablet holder240
SF-B1918Spin330Not IncludedLCD + Tablet holder220
SF-B1714Spin630Not IncludedTablet holder330
7130Spin1000Tablet holder285
ME-706Recumbent400Built inLCD
Revolution CycleSpin bike350NoNO
AIR-1Air Bike380NOLCD
NS-1000Air bike230NoLCD250
JX-7038Spin bike600NoNo300
NS-908RRecumbent210Built inLCD
XTerraSB500Recumbent1000Built inLCD300
SB2.5rRecumbent600Built inLCD300
SB250Recumbent500Built inLCD300
SB150Recumbent350Built inLCD265
SB120Recumbent240Built inLCD250
MB550Spin bike700NoneNone250
MBX2500Spin bike600NoneLCD300
AIR650Air bike1000Can be connectedLCD350
AIR350Air bike450NoneLCD250
YosudaSpin bikeSpin bike320NoneLCD270
Assault bikeClassicAir bike700Not included but can be connectedLCD300
ProAir bike900Not included but can be connectedLCD300
EliteAir bike1300Not included but can be connectedLCD350
Concept2BikeErgAir bike1000ANT+ CompatibleLCD300
RogueEchoAir bike750ANT+ CompatibleLCD350

You can see that prices for exercise bikes range from about $200 to $6500. That’s a gigantic difference for a piece of equipment that has the same name. There are huge differences between those two extremes though.

The average price of an exercise bike is $1330. The most common price is $1000 while $950 is the median price.

The biggest difference in price comes from the brand. That’s not because one brand just asks more money for their badge (although that could play into it to some degree). Different brands are placed in different positions in the market.

Life Fitness for example is at the upper end of the market while Sunny Health is at the bottom end. Between the bottom and high-end there are massive differences in features, quality, customer service, build quality and more.

The really expensive bikes usually have large (touch)screens that are basically smart TV’s with more features. There are a lot of options those screens provide for guided workouts and entertainment but, they do add a lot of cost as well.

At the bottom of this article you can find the biggest reasons the prices are different and for what price you can expect a good exercise bike.

There are some pretty significant differences in price if you look at the different types of exercise bike. In the list above, you’ll find four different types;

  • Spin bike
  • Upright bike
  • Recumbent bike
  • Air bike

Let’s take a little more detailed look at what you can expect to pay for an exercise bike of one of those types.

All types of exercise bikes are great for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) This is a great way to burn more calories in a short period of time and improve your cardiovascular health. A good interval timer is going to make HIIT workouts much more enjoyable. Check out the GymNext Flex timer. It’s super easy to set up and control contrary to most other interval timers making the set up for any workout a breeze.

Spin bike prices

This is the type of bike you’ll know if you’ve ever been to or have seen a spin class. These bikes are pretty bare bones. It’s a frame with seat, handlebars, pedals and a flywheel. Most spin bikes don’t have any electronics although that is changing for ones that are intended for home use.

While they are simple, they are very sturdy. Spin bikes have the most aggressive seating position of exercise bikes. The handlebars are supposed to be set at roughly the same height as the seat which means you’re bent over pretty far. This helps you push really hard on the pedals for sprints and it also allows you to stand up on the pedals.

Spin bikes rarely have built in heart rate trackers although the models with large screens almost always have Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect your own heart rate monitor.

The resistance is always created by a brake (felt or magnetic) on the flywheel that’s mechanically adjusted. Only some really high end models have digitally adjusted brakes and therefore resistance.

That makes spin bikes good for high intensity workouts but they’re not very comfortable.

Let’s look at what you can expect to pay for a spin bike;

SchwinnIC3Spin bike650LCD
IC4Spin bike1000Color LCD
Life FitnessIC4Spin bike1700No, tablet holder
IC5Spin bike2000LCD
IC6Spin bike2400TFT
IC7Spin bike3200TFT
PelotonBike BasicsSpin bike190021.5" 1080p HD 10-point multi-touch
Bike+ BasicsSpin bike250023.8" screen 1080p HD 10-point multi-touch
NordictrackS15I StudioSpin bike160014" Touch screen
S22i StudioSpin bike200022" Touch screen
ProformStudio Pro 22Spin bike150022" Touchscreen
Studio ProSpin bike140010" Touch screen
Carbon CXSpin bike600Tablet holder
Sole FitnessJohnny GSpin bike2900LCD
SB700Spin bike700LCD
HorizonGR3Spin5005" LCD
IC7.9Spin7005" LCD
BowflexC6Spin1000Backlit LCD + tablet holder
Sunny HealthSF-B1879Spin450LCD + Tablet holder
SF-B1851Spin600LCD + Tablet holder
SF-B1986Spin800LCD + Tablet holder
SF-B1918Spin330LCD + Tablet holder
SF-B1714Spin630Tablet holder
7130Spin1000Tablet holder
MarcyRevolution CycleSpin bike350NO
JX-7038Spin bike600No
XTerraMB550Spin bike700None
MBX2500Spin bike600LCD
YosudaSpin bikeSpin bike320LCD

You can see that the average price of a spin bike is almost $1200. That price is skewed a little high because of a few really high end models though. Those high end models are super sturdy, look great and have all the technological features you could want but they are much more expensive that a ‘normal’ spin bike.

You can see that prices for spin bikes range from $320 to over $3000. However, if you look at the models that cost more than roughly $1500, you can see that most of those models have large touchscreens.

If you want a large screen to connect to your favorite fitness trackers or to get live online coaching, a touchscreen is awesome but should pay at least $1500. However, if you’re just looking for a simple spin bike that’s sturdy, good quality but doesn’t have any fancy bells and whistles, you can get a good bike for $350 to $650.

For $350 you can get a decent spin bike that will do the job but doesn’t look great and usually has a bit lower build quality. It’ll be a bike that’s still good for the casual exerciser as long as you’re not too heavy since the frames are often a little bit weaker.

For $650 you can get a very nice although still simple spin bike. It’ll have good build quality; look good although for the really nice looking ones you’ll have to pay more. In this price range, don’t go for a brand that focuses on the bottom end of the market. A good mid-range brand like Schwinn, Proform, Horizon or Sole is your best bet.

Stationary Recumbent bike cost

A recumbent bike is the spin bikes young grandpa. It can still do many of the same things but at a bit more leisurely pace and has to be careful with his back. The seating position of a recumbent bike is very different from a spin bike.

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A recumbent bike has a backrest which changes the whole dynamic of this machine. You don’t have to hold onto any handlebars if you don’t want to and the pedals are in front of your body instead of underneath. This means it feels more like pedaling on a sofa than a sporty bicycle.

This means it’s a great machine for people that have lower back issues and don’t want to be bent over. The comfy seat and backrest means that this is a place you can stay for quite a while. This has as a result that a recumbent bike is perfect for low to medium intensity cardio. You’ll also have your hands free to do anything you want. Reading a book, scrolling through Facebook or watching TV are perfectly fine.

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Let’s see what you can expect to pay for a recumbent bike;

BrandmodelTypePriceHeart rateDisplayWeight limit
Life FitnessRS1Recumbent2400Built inLCD with Bluetooth300
Club +Recumbent6500Built in21" HD Touchscreen400
RS3Recumbent3000Built inLCD with Bluetooth400
PrecorRBK800Recumbent4300Built inChoice of LCD, 10" touch or 15" touch350
RBK600Recumbent2850Built inChoice of LCD, 10" touch or 15" touch350
LifeSpanR5IRecumbent1900Buil inColor LCD400
NautilusR614Recumbent400Built inLCD300
R616Recumbent600Built inLCD300
R618Recumbent800Built inLCD325
NordicTrackVR25Recumbent1500Built in 7" Touch screen350
R35Recumbent1800?14" Touch screen350
Proform8.0EXRecumbent700Built inLCD + Tablet holder300
Sole FitnessR92Recumbent1000Built inLarge LCD300
LCRRecumbent1500Built inLarge LCD350
HorizonComfort RRecumbent780Built in5.5" LCD300
Sunny HealthEvo-Fit RecumbentRecumbent550Built inLCD + Tablet holder300
SF-RB4905Recumbent300Built inLCD + Tablet holder240
ME-706Recumbent400Built inLCD
NS-908RRecumbent210Built inLCD
XTerraSB500Recumbent1000Built inLCD300
SB2.5rRecumbent600Built inLCD300
SB250Recumbent500Built inLCD300
SB150Recumbent350Built inLCD265
SB120Recumbent240Built inLCD250

The average price of a recumbent bike is about $1332. This is a bit more expensive than the average spin bike but you do get a bit bulkier machine that’s quite comfortable. There is an even bigger range of prices than with spin bikes though. Prices of recumbent stationary bikes range from $240 to a whopping $6500

However, for $600 to $1000 you can buy quite a lot of different recumbent bikes that are all good and good value for money.

Upright stationary bike cost

Upright bikes are like fancier spin bikes. They have a bit more upright seating position, hence the name. The handlebars are higher than the seat on the upright bike which means you’re not bent over that far at the hip. While you’re still a little bent over, it’s much easier on the lower back and arms than a spin bike. However, there is no comfortable seat and backrest like on a recumbent bike.

Upright bikes usually have plastic shrouds that cover every moving bit except the pedals. This looks a bit nicer although does also require more maintenance because dust and dirt gets stuck on the inside of those shrouds.

Upright bikes are usually not as good to stand up on the pedals so high intensity sprints are a bit more difficult to do as on a spin bike. However, because the pedals are underneath your body, you can still push with a lot of force. That means high intensity workouts are certainly possible.

BrandmodelTypePriceResistance typeHeart rateDisplayWeight limit
Life FitnessC1Upright1950Magnetic with digital adjustmentBuilt inLCD with Bluetooth300
C3Upright2500Magnetic with digital adjustmentBuilt inLCD with Bluetooth400
Platinum Club SE3Upright3550Magnetic with digital adjustmentBuilt in16" Touchscreen400
Club +Upright5650Magnetic with digital adjustmentBuilt in21" HD Touchscreen400
PrecorUBK800Upright4000MagneticBuilt inChoice of LCD, 10" touch or 15" touch350
UBK600Upright2500MagneticBuilt inChoice of LCD, 10" touch or 15" touch350
LifeSpanC5IUpright1700MagneticBuilt inColor LCD400
NautilusU616Upright500MagneticBuilt inLCD300
U618Upright700MagneticBuilt inLCD325
NordicTrackVU19Upright1000Magnetic with digital adjustmentBuilt in 7" Touch screen325
VU29Upright1300Magnetic with digital adjustmentBuilt in 14" Touch screen325
Proform440EXUpright800MagneticBuilt in5" LCD350
EchelonEX-3Upright1000Brake padNot includedDevice holder300
EX-5Upright1250Brake padNot includedDevice holder300
EX-5sUpright1650Brake padNot included22" Rotating screen300
EX-7sUpright2000Brake padBluetooth connectivity21.5 Rotating screen325
EX ProUpright3000Brake padBluetooth connectivity24" Rotating screen350
Sole FitnessB94Upright800MagneticBuilt inLarge LCD300
HorizonComfort UUpright680MagneticBuilt in5.5" LCD350
BowFlexVeloCoreUpright/Spin2000MagneticBluetooth Armband included16" pr 22" Touchscreen325
Sunny HealthEvo-Fit UprightUpright400Magnetic with digital adjustmentBuilt inLCD + Tablet holder300

The average price of an upright exercise bike is $1850 with prices ranging from $400 to over $5000. That’s a lot more expensive than a spin bike. A bit of that extra money goes to the design and plastic shrouds. Most of the extra money goes to the more complicated consoles though.

Many upright bikes have large touchscreens that do everything you can imagine. In many models the magnetic resistance is digitally adjustable which adds complexity and cost. Upright bikes are much more marketed as an all in one workout solution. That is possible because of the screens that are sometimes rotatable so you can follow along with live workouts not only for cycling but also bodyweight and weightlifting classes.

If you want an all in one solution, an upright bike with large touchscreen is a great option. Prices for upright bikes with touchscreens start at about $1500 and go up to $2000 very quickly.

A good upright bike with ‘normal’ console but nothing too fancy, can be bought for $600 to $800. It’s also possible to get a really high quality upright bike for around $1000 but without a built in console. However, most of these have a tablet/phone holder. All the fitness apps you might want to use are available for Android or Iphone. This way you get most of the functionality of the $1500+ bikes but for cheaper since you likely already have a phone or tablet.

Fan bike prices

Fan/air/assault bikes are a bit different from the types listed above but it’s here because in my opinion it’s a very good alternative to those and it’s still a bike.

The seating position is similar to an upright bike but instead of handlebars, you have levers like on an elliptical machine.

Don’t want to spend energy to create a breeze? Click here to find the best home gym fans.

The resistance is created by spinning a fan blade. The faster the blade spins the more resistance the air causes so the tougher it gets. This means you have practically unlimited resistance available. And since you’re using your upper body as well as your lower body, you use more muscle mass which means you’re in for a super tough full body cardio workout.

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Fan bikes are simple, sturdy and low maintenance.

BrandmodelTypePriceHeart rateWeightWeight limit
SchwinnAirdyne AD2Upright Air bike400None96250
Airdyne AD6Upright Air bike700Polar Compatible112300
Airdyne AD7Upright Air bike1000Polar Compatible113350
MarcyAIR-1Air Bike380No
NS-1000Air bike230No250
XTerraAIR650Air bike1000Can be connected115350
AIR350Air bike450None77250
Assault bikeClassicAir bike700Not included but can be connected98.1300
ProAir bike900Not included but can be connected118.4300
EliteAir bike1300Not included but can be connected138.9350
Concept2BikeErgAir bike1000ANT+ Compatible68300
RogueEchoAir bike750ANT+ Compatible127350

The average price of a fan bike is $734 with prices ranging from $230 to $1300. For around $700 you can get a really good fan bike that does everything it needs to do. You will want to get an extra heart rate monitor though. Most air bikes don’t include one but are compatible with most common monitors.

When paying more than $700, you can expect a better looking machine that often has a bit higher user weight limit as well.

Favorite Cardio Machine Accessories

Check out these accessories that improve a home cardio workout:

  • Equipment mat: All cardio equipment should be put on an equipment mat. The Rubber-Cal mat (Amazon) is an affordable yet very high quality choice.
  • Tablet holder: Cardio can be boring. With this tablet holder (Amazon) you can follow along with on-demand workouts or just watch a movie on any cardio machine.
  • Heart rate monitor: Monitoring your heart rate is very important while doing cardio. The Polar H10 (Amazon) connects to almost anything you can imagine and is very accurate.

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