How Much Does A Multi-Station Home Gym Cost? +How To Save

A multi-station home gym is a great way to get all your workout needs met with one single machine. But how much can you expect to pay for one? I’ve crunched the numbers and here are the answers you’re looking for.

The average price of a multi-station home gym is around $1500. Prices range from $250 to $4000+. A simple, multi-station gym with plenty of exercise options and build quality can be bought from +-$750. More expensive models can offer higher quality, more resistance, upgrade options and support.

For more information about what you can expect at the different price points, keep reading.

Multi-station home gym prices

Here is a list of multi gym prices. It’s a list of 27 models that are currently available. The prices are the current retail prices without shipping, handling and assembly. Some retailers will offer these services for free, others might charge for them.

The brand name and models have been removed from the list since they can change over time and are not really relevant for the statistics.

Resistance typePrice ($)
Body weight3995
Body weight3795
Body weight799
Weight stack370
Weight stack2499
Weight stack1499
Weight stack2899
Weight stack1749
Weight stack2299
Weight stack249.99
Weight stack1183
Weight stack2575
Weight stack2525
Weight stack1375
Weight stack599.99
Weight stack680
Weight stack695
Weight stack1310
Weight stack490
Weight stack3599
Weight stack749.99
Weight stack579.99
Weight stack569.99
Weight stack579.99

You can expect to pay about $1525 on average for a multi gym. Prices range from $250 to $4000. The average is a bit high because of a few very expensive models. If we remove the two lowest and highest prices, the average drops to a little over $1400.

Multi gyms are pretty complicated machines. They have a lot of moving parts to make all the different exercises possible. Moving parts are more expensive than a simple steel tube. Also, adding everything together is a single machine can be complicated. All those things do drive up the price.

However, if you look at what all the machines that do the same would cost separately, multi gyms are a actually a pretty good deal. Separate machines might be a bit cheaper than a multi gym but, you need more than one for a full body workout. By the time you’ve bought all the different machines for different movements, you pay much more than an all in one gym. And that’s not to mention the amount of space that takes up.

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Multi-Station Home Gym Price Ranges

What can you expect for more money? And is it worth paying extra? Let’s see what you can expect in the different price ranges.

These ranges are based on the original MSRP. Sometimes you can get really good deals. Also, these price brackets are arbitrary. Buying a multi gym at a certain price doesn’t guarantee any of the points and features mentioned below but it’s a good guideline.

There are four price tiers; Low end, mid-range, upper mid-range and high end. The distinctions are made because you can find differences in features and quality between these price points.

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Low End Multi-gyms

The low end home gyms cost about $250 to $500. Most of these models have limited resistance. While the trend of more resistance costing more money doesn’t hold true to the high end, the low end models often save money on the size of the weight stack. If you like to train heavy, you’ll be better off spending a bit more.

Also, in this price range you can’t expect a top brand.  This range is mainly populated by house brands of equipment retailers or Chinese Amazon products. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad. However, you can’t expect great support from the shop or manufacturer when something goes wrong. And these models being relatively cheap, they’ve probably saved money on construction as well as customer service and quality control.

Also, multi gyms have a lot of pivot points, pulleys and cables. These things move and can wear out. Cheaper parts wear out quicker. So a low end machine might not last as long as some of the better ones out there. Don’t expect machines in this category to live forever if you actually use it.

To reduce the amount of moving parts (which are expensive) it often means you’ll have fewer exercise and adjustment options than on more expensive models.

When to shop in this category: When you absolutely can’t spend any more than $500 and you really want a multi gym. You don’t expect to use it too much (maybe just once/twice a week) and you’re not expecting a super heavy workout since resistance is often limited. If there is any way you can stretch your budget to afford a mid-range model, I’d highly recommend it.

Mid-range Multi-Gyms

Mid-range models will set you back anywhere from $500 to $900. In this bracket you can get a very solid machine with plenty of exercise options. There is still a decent difference between a machine that costs $500 and one that costs $900 but either way is a massive step up over the low end models.

The resistance offered by these machines is often much higher than the low end versions. For most people the possible resistance is high enough to get a good workout done. There is a big variety in resistances in this category so it’s worth looking around.

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While the mid-range usually won’t give you the longest lasting and sturdiest machines, they will give you the right price/quality balance for your budget. In the mid-range you can also expect replacement parts to be available reasonably easily and cheaply. That means that even if something does break, it’s easy to replace.

When to shop in this category: The vast majority of casual exercisers can find a machine that is suitable for them in this category. You get a lot of gym for your money and while you might miss out on a few features, most of the models in this bracket can provide you with a great full body workout. Versus a more expensive model you could miss out on some longevity and upgrade options although for the vast majority of people that are just looking to get into shape, this is not a concern.

Upper Mid-Range Multi-Gyms

The upper mid-range goes from about $900 to $2000. The biggest difference over mid-range models is the quality. You might also get more features and in some cases more resistance.

The higher weights require a stronger frame and higher quality moving parts. This means the whole machine has to be constructed in a better way.

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Upholstery of the seats is another part that you can expect to be better. Upholstery on the cheaper models is one of the things that can start deteriorating pretty quickly. Once it does, you’ll have to replace the upholstery which can be complicated.

When to shop in this category: You are a serious fitness addict and will be using your multi gym often and hard and therefore you need something that is sturdy and lasts long as well as has plenty of exercise options. You need plenty of resistance and maybe even upgrade options. Within this price range you can find something great if that describes you.

High End Multi-Gyms

High end models are roughly $2000 to $4000+. In this bracket you can expect a ton of features, great upholstery, very solid construction, great support and a top brand name.

Most of those things you can also get in the upper mid-range models, so what is the extra money for? There are a few things;

  • You get all of the exercise options they could possibly put in a single machine.
  • Commercial gym quality machines. This means very sturdy, long lasting and great support if something were to go wrong.
  • Brand name. As with everything, you have to pay for the high end brand names.
  • Often, things like delivery, assembly and placement are included.
  • Super high quality cables, pulleys and bushings for moving parts which last very long with proper maintenance.

When to shop in this category: You’ve got a big budget and want the best of the best. The most features, the sturdiest equipment, the best support, a well-known brand name and very long lasting equipment.

To justify spending this much you probably should know for sure you’re going to use this machine a lot.

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