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A power rack is the most important part of a home gym and is usually one of the biggest expenses. How much you can expect to pay for a squat rack? Power rack prices vary widely depending on type and quality. I’ve looked at a lot of racks and their prices and here’s what you can expect to pay.

Squat racks, also known as power racks, range from $200 to $1500+. A good power rack can be bought for $400-$600 but if you lift very heavy and often, spending $800+ is recommended for the extra strength and stability. Squat stands and half-racks can be cheaper.

In the rest of this article, we’ll have lists of power rack prices but also the averages and what price ranges you can expect. I’ve split it up into full racks, half racks, squat stands, and wall-mounted racks to get a better idea of how much you can expect to pay.

How Much Does A Power Rack Cost?

We’ve looked at 21 different 4-post power racks that are common in home gyms. This is not an exhaustive list but a good cross-section of the market.

The average power rack costs around $700. However, prices range from $200 to over $1500. A decent mid-range cage can be bought for $400-$600. For high-end models, expect to pay at least $800.

I’ve only looked at power racks for home gyms with 4 upright posts. There are bigger racks with more posts available and in general, they are significantly more expensive. All these price points are for just the power rack without add-ons, without current discounts, and without shipping costs.

All prices are accurate at the time of writing but can vary over time.

BrandModelPrice ($)Note
Titan FitnessT-2 Short399
Titan FitnessT-2 Tall420
Titan FitnessT-3 82”609
Titan FitnessT-3 91”689
Titan FitnessX-3 Flat Foot740
RogueRM-4 90”1585
Hulkfit Pro Series Power Cage335
Fitness Reality810XLT299
Sunny HealthPower Zone Strength Rack264
REP FitnessPR-4000800Starting price
Rep FitnessPR-5000900Starting price
Cap BarbellPower Cage 6’200
Cap BarbellPower Cage 7’215
Signature FitnessSF-3695
  • Average Price: The average price for the listed power racks is approximately $701.6.
  • Price Range: Power rack prices vary widely, with options available for different budgets and needs. You can buy one for as little as $200 or spend well over $1500.
  • Low-End: The lower end of the price range includes racks like the Fitness Reality 810XLT, Sunny Health Power Zone Strength Rack, and the Cap Barbell Power Cage 6’. These models are priced below $300. These racks don’t have the strongest frames but can usually handle loads up to about 400 pounds while still feeling safe.
  • Mid-Range: The mid-range consists of models like the Titan Fitness T-2 Short, Body-Solid GPR378, and the Signature Fitness SF-3. These racks are priced between $400 and $800. These racks can handle more weights, have thicker and bigger steel uprights and the fit and finish is at a higher level.
  • High-End: The high-end power racks include Rogue models like the RML-390C, RML-490C, and RM-4, which are priced between $800 and $1500+. Additionally, the Body-Solid SPR1000 and the REP Fitness PR-4000 and PR-5000, with starting prices around $800 to $900, also fall into the high-end category. These racks generally have beefy 3″ x 3″ steel tubing and are rock solid even for weights over 1000 pounds.
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Entry Level Power Rack Prices

The most affordable power racks typically fall within the price range of $200 to $300, offering a basic rack without any additional features or enhancements.

These budget-friendly racks typically come equipped with 2″ x 2″ upright posts, providing sufficient strength to support loads of up to approximately 800 lbs. However, it’s worth noting that production tolerances and quality control may not be as stringent as with pricier alternatives, potentially resulting in racks that don’t fit together seamlessly and may feel less sturdy.

Furthermore, options for adjustments and the availability of add-ons can be limited within this price bracket. Nonetheless, some select brands do offer commendable support for customers in the entry-level segment.

The Fitness Reality 810XLT is the best option in this price range. It’s stable enough for most loads and there are some useful add-ons available like a lat-pulldown attachment.

It’s important to recognize that even among entry-level power racks, there can be notable disparities in quality and features. Within this range, investing $350 often yields a significantly more robust and feature-rich rack compared to a $200 option.

Is a power rack worth the money? That depends on your goals and needs, click here to find an article explaining if a power rack is worth it for you.

Mid-Range Power Rack Prices

The mid-range category, spans a range from approximately $300 to about $800.

Some producers use the extra money to bolster the rack’s structural integrity, resulting in a sturdier construction. They often achieve this by using 2″ x 3″ upright post, which provides a notable strength advantage over the smaller 2″ x 2″ counterparts. When combined with robust hardware, these racks can confidently handle more substantial weights and feel stable doing so. Most racks in this category boast weight ratings ranging from 700 lbs. to 1200 lbs.

Additionally, mid-range racks typically offer extra features, such as enhanced adjustability, a wider array of add-ons, and an improved aesthetic appeal. This combination of added strength and supplementary features makes mid-range racks an attractive choice for many users.

This is the range most home gym builders can find rack that fits their needs very well without spending too much.

High End Power Rack Price

When it comes to high-end power racks, you’ll find price tags ranging from $800 to $1500+. This is the realm where you can get everything you’ve ever desired in a power rack – a plethora of features, unparalleled sturdiness, heavy-duty construction, impeccable fit and finish, and an impressive aesthetic appeal. Usually, there is a degree of customizability as well.

These top-tier racks are designed to withstand the rigors of intense, heavy lifting day in and day out, delivering exceptional longevity. Generally, they have 3″ x 3″ upright post design although you can also find that in the mid-range. They effortlessly handle weights exceeding 1000 lbs.

The enhanced adjustability of hooks and pins, coupled with the superior steel and construction, allows for more adjustment holes without compromising structural integrity, often conveniently numbered for precise alignment on both sides.

Expect impeccable fit and finish with minimal tolerances, eliminating any wobbliness found in cheaper racks, ensuring an incredibly tight, strong, and stable performance. High-end rack manufacturers also prioritize aesthetics, offering a range of color options and configurations to match your preferences.

Squat Stand Prices

Looking for how much a squat stand costs? Here is what you need to know.

Squat stands are height-adjustable barbell racks that are separate or sometimes connected by a brace at the bottom. These don’t have a lot of safety features.

All prices are accurate at the time of writing but can vary over time.

BrandModelPrice ($)
Titan FitnessT-3 Independent370
Titan FitnessT-3 Tall Squat Stands350
Rogue SML-2C505
Rogue SML-1395
Rogue S-1385
F2CSquat Stand56
Cap barbellAdjustable Squat Stands55
EleikoClassic Squat Stand1187
EleikoLight Squat Stand884
  • Average Price: The average price for the listed squat stands is approximately $399.
  • Price Range: Squat stand prices also vary significantly, with options available in different price ranges.
  • Low-End: The lower end of the price range includes budget-friendly options like the F2C Squat Stand and the Cap Barbell Adjustable Squat Stands, both priced around $55. These work but they are not very sturdy and you don’t want to put heavy loads on them.
  • Mid-Range: In the mid-range, you’ll find models such as the Rogue SML-1, Rogue S-1, and Valor BD-9, with prices ranging from $210 to $395. These squat stands are very solid and can handle high loads. They’re made from thick tubing and will feel solid.
  • High-End: The high-end of the price spectrum includes premium options like the Eleiko Classic Squat Stand and Eleiko Light Squat Stand, which are priced significantly higher at $884 and $1187, respectively. Eleiko is a very premium brand but they do produce excellent equipment.

Half Rack Cost

Wondering how much half-racks cost? Are they cheaper than full power racks? They’re only half a rack after all..

All prices are accurate at the time of writing but can vary over time.

BrandModelPrice ($)
Cap BarbellFM-8000F271
Fitness RealitySquat Rack249
GDLFWeight Rack260
Sunny-HealthPower Zone Half Rack386
Signature FitnessSF-SS1390
GRINDChaos 4000600
HulkFitHalf Rack Gen2299
Body-SolidPowerline Half Rack335
RogueHR-2 (90”)750
RogueMonster Lite Half Rack1410

As you can see, half racks don’t cost much less than full power racks. Yes, they’re a bit cheaper, especially low-end and mid-range models but not half the price. To make them strong enough, you still need some stabilizing posts which means you don’t actually use that much less material to build a half-rack.

They’re a bit smaller though, which might be worth it to you.

  • Average Price: The average price for the listed half racks is approximately $709.75.
  • Price Range: Half rack prices span a wide range from $250 to $2000+.
  • Low-End: The lower end of the price range includes affordable choices such as the Fitness Reality Squat Rack, Cap Barbell FM-8000F, and GDLF Weight Rack, priced between $249 and $300. These racks vary quite a bit in quality and stability. For light to medium weights, these racks do fine. If you intend to lift heavy later on, it’s better to get a better one from the start.
  • Mid-Range: In the mid-range, there are options like the Sunny Health Power Zone Half Rack, Signature Fitness SF-SS1, HulkFit Half Rack Gen2, and Body-Solid Powerline Half Rack, with prices ranging from $300 to $600. If you lift decent weights but nothing crazy, this is the price range to shop in. You’ll get a rack that is solid and lasts a long time but doesn’t break the bank.
  • High-End: The high-end of the price spectrum features premium models like the Rogue HR-2 (90″) and Rogue Monster Lite Half Rack, which are priced significantly higher at $750 and $1410, respectively. If you need super solid half rack that can stand up to very heavy loads, this is the way to go.
  • Very High-End: At the very high-end, you have the Eleiko Prestera, which is substantially more expensive at $2428. Not listed here are the commercial half-racks. These are often well over $2000. They are rock solid but you are paying a premium for the ‘commercial’ type equipment.

Wall-Mounted Rack Cost

Wall mounted racks are ones that mount on the wall and usually fold out when necessary although some are fixed. This is a great way to save some space.

Wondering how much wall-mounted squat racks cost? Here you go;

All prices are accurate at the time of writing but can vary over time.

BrandModelPrice ($)
RogueRML-3WC (21.5”)695
Titan FitnessT-3 Space Saving 18” Short240
Titan FitnessT-3 Space Saving 24” Tall299
Signature FitnessSF-WMR1376
PXr PerformanceFold-In ONE Squat Rack500
HulkFitPro Series Wall Mount Cage358

Wall-mounted racks are relatively cheap since half the rack is replaced by your wall. They are a good choice if you’re limited in space.

  • Average Price: The average price for the listed wall-mounted squat racks is approximately $408.3.
  • Price Range: Wall-mounted squat rack prices cover a range of budgets and options, making it accessible to various users. Prices range from $240 to $700. These are all two-post racks, there are full 4-post folding racks which are significantly more expensive (roughly double).
  • Low-End: At the lower end of the price spectrum, you have options like the Titan Fitness T-3 Space Saving 18″ Short and the Titan Fitness T-3 Space Saving 24″ Tall, which are affordably priced at $240 and $299, respectively. They are wall-mounted but they don’t fold which is why they’re cheaper.
  • Mid-Range: In the mid-range, there are choices such as the Rogue RML-90SLIM, Signature Fitness SF-WMR1, and HulkFit Pro Series Wall Mount Cage, with prices ranging from $358 to $390.
  • High-End: The higher end includes the Rogue RML-3WC (21.5″) and PXr Performance Fold-In ONE Squat Rack, which are priced at $500 and $695, respectively.


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