How Much Does a Treadmill Mat Cost? How Much To Spend?

A treadmill mat is often necessary under a treadmill to keep your floor and equipment safe and clean. But how much do they cost and should you spend on one? Here’s what you want to know.

Prices of treadmill mats range from $25 to over $100. Rubber treadmill mats are the most expensive while PVC and foam mats are much cheaper. Rubber mats do have the most benefits and are better especially at damping noise and vibrations. Spending around $65 will get you a high quality treadmill mat.

Let’t get into what you get for your money and what you need in a treadmill mat. 

How Much To Spend On a Treadmill Mat?

Below we’ll go into the different types of treadmill mat and what they’re good for but first let’s answer the main question; how much should you spend on a treadmill mat to get something good? 

If protection against damage and dust is all you care about and want to save a bit of money, a PVC mat is a good option. A good PVC mat for larger treadmills can be bought for $40-$50. 

PVC does a good job of protecting your floor and equipment and keeps dust out of your treadmill. It doesn’t do the best job of reducing vibrations, noise and adding some comfort.

The best overall treadmill mats are rubber. They offer all the benefits of a PVC mat plus noise damping, longevity and adding a little bit of extra padding You can expect to pay $60-$70 for a rubber mat that’s the right size for a treadmill.

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Treadmill Mat Prices

Here is a chart of the most popular treadmill mats. The prices are current at the time of writing but prices change all the time so just use this as an indication.

BrandModelPriceSizeThickness (mm)Weight (lbs.)Material
Sunny HealthExercise mat266.5'x3'43.5EVA foam
BalancefromHD Treadmill mat246.5'x3'6.5PVC
SupermatsHD Commercial49102"x36"3.325PVC
MarcyEquipment mat3278"x36"6.3EVA foam
Floor WorksGym mat566'x3'102.4Synthetic rubber
Amazon BasicsTreadmill mat764'x6'58.2PVC
Amazon BasicsTreadmill mat638.5'x3'57PVC
MotionTexTreadmill mat4536"x84"3PVC
CyclingDealExercise mat5678"x36"78.5PVC
SovniaExercise mat376.6'x3'PVC
XterraTreadmill mat3985"x36"67PVC
SynergeeExercise mat5585"x36"34.4Rubber
ResiliaEquipment mat4078"x36"37PVC
RevTimeTreadmill mat7678"x36"312Rubber
Rubber KingFitness mat826'x4'735Rubber
ProSource FitTreadmill mat3578"x36"44PVC
VelotasEquipment mat608.5'x3'5EVA foam
ZENYTreadmill mat378'x3'5.88.6PVC
HomGardenTreadmill mat388'x3'6.3PVC
Rubber-CalTreadmill mat707.5'x4'535Rubber
ProformEquipment mat6080"x40"53.7PVC
Apache MillsTreadmill mat566.5'x3'109.6Foam
XmarkEquipment mat1106'x4'1049Rubber

The average price of a treadmill mat is about $53.

There is quite a wide range of treadmill mat prices from about $25 to over $100. These differences in price come from;

  • Material: Rubber is by far the most expensive material to use for treadmill mats. Foam and PVC are a lot cheaper.
  • Size: Of course a bigger mat needs more material and has higher shipping costs which translates into a higher price.
  • Thickness: As with the size, a thicker mat needs more material and has higher shipping costs.
  • Brand: A well established brand will probably ask for more money than an unknown brand. Often that higher price does come with better warranty and customer service.
  • Quality: Even two mats that are the same size and made from the same material, the quality can be quite different. That higher quality probably costs more to make so it costs more.

The different materials have the biggest impact on the price of a treadmill mat. What can you expect to pay for a mat with a specific material and what are the pros and cons of those materials? Find out below.

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Rubber Treadmill Mats Pros and Cons

A rubber treadmill mat can be bought for an average of $75. Prices range from $55 to $110.

Rubber is my favorite material for a treadmill mat (and gym flooring) for a few reasons;

  • Very sturdy
  • Very wear resistant
  • Best vibration damping
  • Very good protection for your flooring
  • Extra thickness
  • Look good

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There are also a few downsides though;

  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Can discolor hard wood flooring

PVC Treadmill Mats Pros and Cons

PVC treadmill mats cost $46 on average. Prices range from $24 to $76.

PVC is a good option if you’re looking for something that’s a bit cheaper and lighter than a rubber mat. PVC provides good protection and is safe for all types of flooring. It doesn’t have as much damping as rubber does but it still does the job.

Besides damping it still has all the benefits of a rubber mat. It’s easy to clean, keeps dust away, provides grip, etc.

Foam Treadmill Mats Pros and Cons

Foam treadmill mats cost $43 on average with prices ranging from $25 to $60. Some foam mats use a combination of materials. The more expensive foam mats on this list add a thin layer of rubber on top of the foam. This gives you the benefits of both materials; The extra damping from the foam is combined with the grip and durability of the rubber for a good mat.

One of the hybrid mats is a good option. I wouldn’t recommend a mat that’s only foam. They are not very durable. Foam is soft which means it does dampen a lot of noise and vibration. However, the foam compresses quickly so that benefit is lost. Then the vibrations start rubbing and the foam is not very wear resistant which means you could actually wear holes in the foam after a while.

Treadmill Mat Alternatives

Are there any alternatives to treadmill mats and are they any cheaper? Here are a few examples.

Gym Flooring

Gym flooring is often made out of rubber or foam so pretty much the same as many treadmill mats. Only the size is different.

If you’ve already got gym flooring where you want to put a treadmill you don’t need an extra mat.

That means you can also get a piece of gym flooring to put under your treadmill. Gym flooring often comes in large mats although usually a bit shorter than you need for a treadmill. It’s possible to find gym flooring with the correct size though.

Rubber gym flooring is a very good option just like rubber treadmill mats. They have all the same benefits.

Gym flooring comes in as many price ranges as treadmill mats do. If you’re looking at the same size and material, gym flooring will be comparable in price to a treadmill mat.  

Of course if you’re building a whole home gym, just put gym flooring in the whole room from the start. That makes it more expensive much easier in the long run.

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Yoga mats

Yoga mats are often made from a type of foam. Does that mean they’re a good alternative to treadmill mats?

In this post I dive into depth why yoga mats aren’t the best alternative. I’m not a fan of foam treadmill mats/gym flooring in the first place because it’s not durable enough. However, yoga mats do pretty much the same thing as a foam treadmill mat, however, yoga mats are narrower. So narrow that a treadmill doesn’t actually fit on it.

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That means you need two yoga mats next to each other. So having one old yoga mat laying around isn’t enough. You’ll need a second (preferably identical) one. Buying two is another option. The cheapest Yoga mats are about $15. So if you have to buy 2, it’s possible to buy a cheap foam or PVC treadmill mat as well.

A PVC mat is going to be more durable and better for the same price.


Instead of a soft mat, you can also go for something hard and simple.

Plywood will work well on carpet. The carpet will provide the noise and vibration damping. The plywood on top protects the carpet and is easy to clean. It doesn’t look as good as a rubber mat but it is effective.

On other types of flooring, plywood isn’t all that suitable. It’s too slippery and might scratch the floor underneath. Plywood will dampen a little bit of noise but nowhere near as much as rubber or PVC.

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Plywood can be cheap and many people will have a sheet laying around making it practically free. If you have to buy a sheet large enough for a treadmill, it’s not going to be cheaper than just buying a mat.

Small rubber tiles

If you really want to save some money, getting four tiles and putting them under the feet of the treadmill is going to give you most of the benefits. This will work perfectly fine as long as you get reasonably large tiles (at least 1 foot by 1 foot).

Putting the feet on the tiles will give you the protection and noise damping benefits. However, you’re missing a lot of the hygiene and dust prevention benefits of a full treadmill mat. Also, treadmills can ‘walk’ a little. That means they move slowly over time because of the impact of running on it. Rubber usually prevents this very well but it can still happen. If you just have a tile, it’s possible one or more of the feet of the treadmill slip of the tile.

Usually you can’t buy single tiles, they often come in a pack of 6 or more so you’re buying more than you need. And that leads to them actually being more expensive than a rubber mat. There are more choices though.

Favorite Cardio Machine Accessories

Check out these accessories that improve a home cardio workout:

  • Equipment mat: All cardio equipment should be put on an equipment mat. The Rubber-Cal mat (Amazon) is an affordable yet very high quality choice.
  • Tablet holder: Cardio can be boring. With this tablet holder (Amazon) you can follow along with on-demand workouts or just watch a movie on any cardio machine.
  • Heart rate monitor: Monitoring your heart rate is very important while doing cardio. The Polar H10 (Amazon) connects to almost anything you can imagine and is very accurate.

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