How Much Does A Weightlifting Bench Cost? What’s best?

If you wonder how much it costs to buy a weightlifting bench, don’t worry. I did too and did some research. Here are the answers.

How much does a weightlifting bench cost? The price of a weightlifting bench depends on the type and quality.

Entry level flat bench:      $40-$70
Mid-range flat bench:$80-$130
High-end flat bench      $150-$300
Entry level adjustable bench:$70-$90
Mid-range adjustable: $120-$160
High End adjustable:      $200-$1000

For most home gyms, a mid-range adjustable bench is the best option.

What do you get for that price and what do you need in your gym? Keep reading to find out. Or you can click here to find the one I recommend.

Weightlifting bench price

Of course not all benches are the same. There are roughly two different types of benches; Fixed and adjustable. More on the differences below.

Image of an adjustable weightlifting bench

Flat bench prices

Fixed benches are a bit cheaper in general than adjustable versions.

An entry level flat utility bench can be purchased from about $40-70. This will get a you a very simple bench with a load limit around 500 lbs. At this price level the fit and finish is likely to have some blemishes but do the job.

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The entry level weightlifting benches are a bit hit or miss since because the savings come from a lower standard of quality control and use of materials. A result of that lower quality control can cause these benches to be a little less solid and sturdy than better ones. For people who don’t lift super heavy and just want a simple bench, this will be fine.

A mid-range flat bench can be bought for $80-$130. These benches have better fit and finish and can handle a bit more load. Most of the midrange benches can handle around 1000 lbs. This higher load limit will translate in a sturdier and better feeling bench. A more solid feeling bench can give you more confidence when lifting.

Another benefit of a mid-range bench is a better pad. The pad is often thicker and sometimes wider as well. This can give you better support on heavy lifts. The pad cover material is a bit nicer and can last longer as well. Finally, the mid-range options often have a little bit better design.

The mid-range is suitable for people who want a good solid product for a good price. A product that lasts long, looks and feels solid but for a reasonable price. If you regularly lift heavy this is a good price range to shop in since it’ll help you lifts to be on a solid feeling bench.

High-end flat benches range from $150-$300. These are really heavy duty benches with super solid construction, top notch material use and huge load limits. Especially Rogue benches are on the higher end of the price range but also incredibly well built.

These benches have load limits well north of 1000 lbs. and some brands feel confident enough in their product that they don’t even list a load limit. Aside from the construction, the pad is also on another level. The level of support, feel and durability will be very good. If you lift heavy regularly, want the best of the best and want it to last long enough that your grandchildren can inherit it, this is the bench for you.

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Adjustable bench prices

Adjustable benches are more complicated and therefore are more expensive as well. A higher price often translates into higher build quality like with the flat benches but also into more features.

An entry level adjustable bench can be bought for $70-$90. These benches are adjustable in a few steps but the mechanism isn’t very sturdy and the adjustability lacks versatility. The pad material isn’t very high quality and usually doesn’t last too long. For light exercises these benches can be OK although by spending just a little bit more, you’ll get something much better. Even if they feel OK in the beginning, the adjustment mechanisms and the pivot points can start deteriorating pretty quickly

A mid-range adjustable bench will set you back $120-$160. These benches give you more adjustment options, a sturdier construction, better adjustment mechanism and better design. Especially the durability and solid feel will improve over the entry level benches.

For most people this type of bench will be great. They can support around 500 lbs. of load without many problems and have a supportive backrest.

A high end adjustable bench can cost anything from $200-$1k. Although most of the high end benches are between $200 -$350. For this price you get heavy duty construction, a lot of adjustment options, and a good design.

If you’re willing the 100 to 200 bucks extra for a bench that feels very solid and has better back support and adjustability, a high end weightlifting bench can be worth it. You’re likely going to notice a difference but that difference is more important if you lift very heavy.

The very expensive ones are mainly built by Rogue Fitness. These are built incredibly well with thick steel and hardware, a lot of adjustability, built in the USA and of course the Rogue reliability and support. For me, they are ridiculously expensive but your financial situation could be very different. If you want the best of the best, go for a Rogue bench, you won’t be disappointed.

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Types of weightlifting bench

As you might have gathered by now, there are different types of weightlifting benches.

  • Utility/fixed
  • Adjustable


Fixed benches are very simple. They’re a frame with a soft pad mounted on it. There is nothing you can do to it except move it around. And of course you can use it for exercises. And there are quite a lot of exercises that require a bench. Even with a simple fixed bench you can do a lot of great exercises;

  • Bench press
  • DB Fly
  • Pullover
  • DB Press
  • Single arm bent over DB row
  • Seated Barbell Shoulder Press
  • Seated DB Shoulder press
  • Seated…… anything

Those are some of the most popular lifts in the gym and all you need is a simple fixed bench.

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Adjustable benches are a bit more complicated. There are a few moving parts that allow you to adjust the angle of the backrest. Contrary to the fixed bench, there are two pads. A backrest and a seat pad. The adjustment is usually very easy and can be done in a couple of seconds.

On most adjustable benches, the backrest adjusts from flat to 90 degrees or something very close to it. A few models can also lower the backrest below flat so your head is higher than your hips.

Some models also allow you to adjust the seat pad separately. This can help you minimize the gap between the seat pad and backrest. It also helps you getting a bit more comfortable.

Drawing of an adjustable bench with leg hold.

But what is the benefit of having an adjustable bench? The biggest benefit is that you get way more exercise option. Just the fact that you can adjust the angle of the backrest allows you to do a ton more exercises, most important of which is the incline bench press but there are many more;

  • Incline barbell bench
  • Incline DB bench
  • Y raises
  • Incline DB rows
  • Decline Bench Press
  • Incline hammer curl
  • Seated Arnold press
  • And more

The most important exercise to get an incline bench for is the incline barbell and dumbbell bench press. The biggest difference between the flat bench and the incline bench is the activation of the muscles. On the incline bench there is more activation of the upper chest and the shoulder muscles. This can build different muscles for a better physique.

Is it worth paying the premium over a fixed bench?  For most people, the premium is worth it for the extra options. For those on a very tight budget it might not be. After all a fixed bench can do many of the most important lifts.

An incline bench can add many exercise options to your home gym. Most of these exercises aren’t as popular as the ones you can do on a fixed bench but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Many of these less popular options can be very useful to fix muscle imbalances, prevent exercise boredom and create new training impulses. As well as being a more comfortable place to rest.

If you’re going to buy a cheap fixed bench first with the idea of upgrading later, make it very cheap or make sure it’s something you can sell easily later. Otherwise it’s worth it to save up the small difference in price and go for the adjustable bench immediately.

What type of bench for a home gym?

Which bench is right for you?

Most people will be best served by a mid-range adjustable bench. That price range will give you a lot of bench for your money. They’re suitable for reasonably heavy lifting while feeling sturdy. They have enough adjustment options to find a good position for whatever exercise you choose. The price premium in total dollars isn’t too much over a flat bench.

If you want the highest load limit for your money, go for a flat bench. Because there are no moving parts in a flat bench, you get a more solid construction for less money.

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Related questions

Can you bench press on the floor? No, as it says in the name, you need a bench for a bench press. If you press a barbell or dumbbells from the floor it’s called a floor press. If you don’t have a bench, a floor press can be an alternative for the bench press although you miss a lot of the range of motion you get with a bench press since your elbows can’t go behind your body.

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