How Much Does An Inversion Table Cost?

Inversion tables are a great piece of equipment for preventing or recovering from back injuries. But how much can you expect to pay for one?

How much does an inversion table cost? Inversion table prices range from $90 to $900 although most people will be served best by a table that costs $120 to $180. This will get you a table that is simple but does what it has to.  There are some benefits to getting a high end table that costs $400 -$600.

What are the prices and what can you expect for that money? Keep reading to find out.

Inversion table prices

How much can you expect to pay for an inversion table and what can you expect for this amount of money?

Let’s take a look at the list first. I’ve taken out the brand and model names from this list because prices change regularly and retailers don’t like it if there are incorrect prices out on the internet. The prices on this list are current retail prices without discounts, shipping & handling and accessories.

BrandPriceWeight limit
Health gear199.99300
Health gear149.88300
Health gear179.99300
Health gear295300
Body Vision125250
Body Vision135250
Body Xtreme209280
Health Mark799600

As you can see, the average price of the inversion tables on this list is about $250. As always with averages, that doesn’t really tell the whole story however. There is a really wide range of prices from $90 to $900. However, if we take out the two highest and lowest price extremes, we get an average of $225 with prices ranging from $116 to $539. So while the average doesn’t change much, the price range gets a lot smaller.

So, by taking out the extremes, we can safely say that the majority of inversion tables will set you back from $116 to $539.

Obviously the tables at those two ends aren’t quite the same although in principle they do the same thing. In principle inversion tables are super simple but there are some differences.

We can see a few distinct different price ranges. Let’s take a look at what the different price ranges are and what you can expect. Of course all of these points are generalizations and you might find an amazing table for $100 and an awful one for $900. However, on average these points hold up.

Entry level

An entry level inversion table can be bought for $90 to $150. What can you expect for an inversion table around this price?

Cheap inversion tables do what they say on the box: Turning you upside down while holding your ankles. Some features of an entry level inversion table;

  • Adjustable length
  • Padded backrest
  • In steps adjustable rotation
  • Ankle straps
  • Construction can be hit or miss. The higher end of the price range is likely better.
  • Not the best design
  • Possibly difficult assembly.

It’s probably better to avoid the cheapest ones since with those, the bad points are likely to overpower the good points. Especially assembly and sturdiness can be problematic. If you’re on a budget, I’d still suggest to get one around the $120 mark since you’re just much more likely to get something that’s sturdy. Something that doesn’t feel sturdy, feels unsafe. If it feels unsafe you’re not likely to use it often. And using an inversion table consistently is one of the keys to success.


A mid-range inversion table costs about $150 to $300. What can you expect for that extra money?

  • Sturdier construction.
  • More comfortable ankle straps
  • Many models come with heat/massage function
  • Smoother rotation which makes it feel safer.
  • A little better fit and finish

All in all, you’re getting incremental improvements over the entry level versions. If you absolutely want heat or massage functionality, go for it. Another big benefit is a sturdier construction although probably similar to the upper range of the entry level.


High end inversion tables will set you back from $300 to $900. There aren’t many tables that cost as much as $900, in fact there are only two in the upper range. The next most expensive one is ‘only’ $539, that’s a lot cheaper although it’s still a lot of money.

So what can you expect extra over a mid-range model?

  • Higher quality. That means a sturdier construction (which helps with confidence hanging upside down), smoother rotation, etc.
  • Possibly higher load limit. This price range has the only model with a load limit that’s higher than 600 lbs.
  • Better design. Good looks are worth something.
  • Better service. You pay more but the brands selling these tables generally have better customer service and warranty.
  • Better designed backrest for more traction.
  • Better packaging so they fold up smaller.
  • Super easy adjustability
  • Better ankle comfort
  • Better balancing so you can control how fast and far you rotate.

So you get quite a few extra features and benefits over a mid range model. It should be noted that most models in this price range DON’T come with heat and/or massage function.

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Do I need an expensive inversion table?

Now you might be wondering, do I need an expensive inversion table or can I get away with a cheap one?

Most people will be best off with an upper entry level or lower mid-range inversion table ($120 – $180). At that price point, you can expect a sturdy model with enough adjustability, a decent backrest and rotation that is adjustable in steps. That’s all most people need.

For people that want a table with heat and massage function, spending a little more is a good idea. $180-$250 will get you that functionality. You’ll also get a bit more comfort with better ankle straps and smoother rotation.

If you can afford and want the best, you need to get something in the range of $400 -$600. These models have better backrests that can provide more traction than the normal padded seats. Maybe the most important difference at this price point is that some models are FDA approved. This can give you some extra security it’s working as it should and can possibly have implications for your insurance.

Another reason could be that you need something with a load limit that’s higher than 350 lbs. The only option with a 600 lbs. load limit is in this price range.

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What is an inversion table? An inversion table is a machine that straps in your ankles and then rotates so your head is below your ankles. You can choose how far you rotate the furthest being completely upside down. An inversion table is said to have benefits for back health.


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