Discover How To Build An awesome, Compact Home Gym That Gets You In Great Shape

My eBook helps home exercisers to discover how to create the best home gym that fits their goals and available space by showing how to plan, build and select equipment like a pro.

What’s this?

This eBook makes building a home gym that fits your space and getting fit ridiculously simple.

A straight-forward and dummy proof guide for planning, selecting equipment and building the perfect home gym for you. Read it on a device of your choice or print it and you will be able to create the best home gym that fits your space and allows you to reach your goals.

Take charge of your health and physique and work out in a home gym that’s better than a commercial gym!

Who’s this for?

This eBook is for you help you if one or more of the following statements apply to you;

  • You want to get in shape at home (Build a great physique or lose weight)
  • You aren’t sure which equipment will work well for your goals
  • You only have a small space available for your gym equipment (under 100 sq. ft.)
  • You want to take your current gym setup to the next level
  • You don’t want to break the bank with super expensive equipment but still want high quality stuff.
  • You don’t want to worry about selecting the right equipment and setting it up in a way you can use it.
  • You want to have the wide variety of exercise options you have in a commercial gym, at home.
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If you buy now, you get 50+ example floor plans for free. It has home gym floor plans that range in size from a walk in closet to a double garage.

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Tailor Your Gym to Your Space ​

Every house is different and not every available space is the same shape and size.

The included floor plans range from 30 to 100 square feet but the information is applicable to other sizes as well.

Save Money​

Making mistakes costs money. Buying the wrong equipment or trying to build the wrong gym for your purposes and available space can be costly 

Following the steps and recommendations in this book can save you way more money than this book costs.

Plan With Confidence

This Ebook will tell you exactly what to plan for, what to get and how to set everything up. 

This way you can be sure you don’t miss anything and end up with a complete home gym that can give you great workouts. 

Get A Better Workout

To get fit you don’t need a warehouse full of machines and all kinds of specialized accessories. 

This books shows you how you can build a home gym that allows for better workouts than a commercial gym.

Save Time

Projects like building a home gym can take up a lot of time. 

This book will save you a lot of time in the planning and picking equipment process.

It will also give you the confidence to go ahead quickly.  

Frustration Free

Building a home gym isn’t an everyday occurrence for most people. That doesn’t mean you have to make beginner mistakes though.

With this book you’ll avoid the common (and less common) mistakes and you’ll avoid a lot of frustration.

Build Your Home Gym Like a Pro






Floor plans


Equipment Suggestions

Building a Tailored Home Gym, Made Easy

Building a home gym from scratch can be a daunting task but, it doesn’t have to be. 

Many people go wrong when building a home gym in a small space; (A) Picking the wrong equipment for your goals and/or space constraints. (B) Not knowing what to take into account when planning. 

Those mistakes can lead to a lot of frustration, wasted money and wasted time. 

This Ebook will walk you through; Planning, picking equipment and assembling a home gym in a small space so you can create the best gym possible. 

Get more than 50 example floor plans for free if you purchase now. Your purchase will be processed and secured by Sendowl.

What do you get?


Small Gym, Big Muscle eBook PDF. For reading on PC, phone, tablet and Mac.

Small Gym, Big Muscle EPUB file. For easy reading on Kindle or other eReader.


I. Workout Goals
II. Which type of equipment is right for your goals?
III. Free weights setup essentials
IV. Recommended free weights equipment
V. Home gym accessories
VI. Cardio equipment
VII. Home gym foundations
VIII. How much space do you need?
IX. Example floor plans
X. How to create your own home gym floor plan
XI. How much is this going to cost?
XII. Logistics of building a home gym

Unique Information

Tiny bits of information might be available for free on the site.

However, the vast majority of information in this book is completely unique. All the information is complete, clear, direct and formatted in a way that leads to the final goal;

Building the home gym that’s perfectly tailored to your goals and your space.

Get more than 50 example floor plans for free if you purchase now. Your purchase will be processed and secured by Sendowl.