The 3 Best Short Power Racks For a Home Gym

Want to build a home gym in a space with a low ceiling? You’ll need a short power rack. Here are the three best options.

The shortest power rack on the market is the Titan T-2 at 71.5″/182 cm. The CAP barbell and Titan X3 are also relatively short. Only buy the shortest rack if absolutely necessary since some can be low enough to hit your head on the pull up bar.

Read what you can expect from these racks, why you should or shouldn’t get a short power rack below. You can also find a list of heights of common power racks.

3 Best Short Power Racks

Here are the three shortest power cages you can consider. All these will work for a home gym although there are differences between the models so make sure to check which one works best for you.

1. Titan T-2 Short

Probably the best overall power rack you can get for a home gym, especially if you look at the price. The short model tops out at only 71″ which means it will fit pretty much anywhere you can stand up (as long as you’re under 6′ tall).

It’s also just a good rack for the money. It takes up very little floor space and has a 850 lbs. load limit. which means pretty much everyone can load up their barbell to the max they can handle. The finish is not the greatest but you’re getting a very good deal.

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2. Cap Barbell 6′

If you’re looking for cheap, this is the way to go. This CAP rack is available in 6′ and 7′ tall versions. It can handle 500 lbs. which is not the highest rated rack on this list but enough for most people.

It’s the most cost effective power rack you can get that still works properly. This is not a very high quality rack and you’ll notice some fit and finish issues but it’s very cheap and only 72″ tall. If you are lifting less than about 400 lbs. ( I never like to push the weight limits of power racks), this rack will do perfectly fine.

The biggest drawback is that the hole spacing for the J-cups and safety pins is 4″. Those are pretty big steps and most other power cages have 2″ spacing and the X3 mentioned below even has 1″ spacing for most of the range. This is not the end of the world but it means you might have to start from a height that’s not optimal.

3. Titan X3 Bolt Down Short

The Titan X3 comes in a few variations. There are the bolt down and flat foot version. The bolt down is a bit shorter than the flat foot version. However, the flat foot version doesn’t have to be bolted to the floor which makes it much easier for a home gym.

This rack is 80″ tall which is tall enough for the majority of people to not hit your head on the barbell and still fits under 7′ tall ceilings.

It’s also super solid with 3″ by 3″, 11 gauge steel, upright posts. The rackable weight is 1650 lbs. which I think should just be enough for most people. The fit and finish is also quite good. And for what you get for your money, it’s hard to pass up. Look what you have to pay for a comparable Rogue rack and you’ll see what i mean.

The only drawback is that it has a larger footprint than the other two on this list. At 48″ wide, you’ll also have to use a full sized barbell.

Power Racks Height List

Here is a list with the heights of popular power cages so you can figure out which one is right for your situation.

BrandModelHeight (in)
Titan FitnessT-2 Short71.5
Titan FitnessT-283.00
Titan FitnessT-3 Short82.25
Titan FitnessT-391.12
Titan FitnessX3 Short82.00
Titan FitnessX392.00
RogueR-3 Shorty84
RogueR-3 Standard90
CAPFull Cage Rack 6'72
CAPFull Cage Rack 7'84
TDSPower rack82.5
REP FitnessPR100084
REP FitnessPR110084
Fitness RealityX-Class86.5
Fitness Reality810XLT83.5
PapababePower rack89

Why Get a Short Power Rack?

Home gyms often have some space constraints which is why people like compact power racks.

In some cases it isn’t all about the floor space but the ceiling height. Some spaces like the basement have a low ceiling that can’t accommodate regular height power racks. Just having the smallest foot print doesn’t mean it’ll fit and getting the right height rack is also important.

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Many people tend to overlook the height of a power rack when shopping for one. It’s not a problem everywhere but in places with low ceilings like a basement, it’s certainly something to keep in mind. If you’ve got the ceiling height to fit a tall power rack, go for it. There is no real downside to having the extra height.

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Can A Power Rack Be Too Short?

Are there any downsides to just getting the lowest rack possible? That way it’ll pretty much always fit under your ceilings, even if you’d move somewhere else.

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The biggest problem with a short power cage is that some are shorter than you are. That presents quite a risk of hitting your head on the pull up bar. The Titan T-2 short is only 71″/180 cm tall. While that is tall enough for many people, it’s also short enough for many people to hit their head when not paying attention.

So getting a power rack that is at least a little taller than you is a good idea to keep your brain safe.

If the rack you get is the tallest one you get under your ceiling and it’s still too short, you’ll just have to deal with it. Having something is better than nothing. However, I would seriously look at a half rack if you can’t stand under the pull up bar because sooner or later you will hit your head. A half rack is a little less safe but still acceptable if set up properly.

Pull ups are another issue. Ideally you can hang from the pull up bar with straight arms while just touching the floor when pointing your toes down. At the same time, you need about 1.5 feet of headroom above the bar to be able to pull yourself high enough. That means getting the tallest rack that fits under your ceiling isn’t necessarily the right decision either.

If your ceilings are really low, making sure you don’t hit your head is more important than being able to do proper pull ups.


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