What’s The Best Multi-gym With Lat Pull-down?

You want a multi gym and want to make sure you can do the lat pull-down? Here are your best options.

What’s the best multi-gym with a lat pull-down? Many all-in-one home gyms have the option to do a lat pull down. The three best machines that include a lat pull-down are;

  1. Bowflex Xtreme 2SE
  2. Powerline P2X
  3. BodyCraft Xpress pro

Why those machines and why should you care in the first place? Keep reading to find out.

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Multi-station home gyms with lat pull-down options

Here are the most popular all-in-one gyms with the option to do a lat pull-down.

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First, what is a lat pull-down? This is the exercise where you sit down on the machine with your legs wedged under the thigh supports. Then you grab a bar above your head and pull it down towards your chest. This exercises your lats and other back muscles. It’s a great back builder and the best alternative for pull ups.

BrandModelLat pulldownPriceWarranty
BowFlexBlazeyes$$Machine: 7 years, Power Rods: Lifetime
BowFlexPR3000yes$$Machine: 7 years, Power Rods: Lifetime
BowFlexXtreme 2SEyes$$$Machine: 7 years, Power Rods: Lifetime
ArgosMen's Health 90kgyes$2 years
Life FitnessG4 Home Gymyes$$$$Lifetime on frame, welds, pulleys and parts; 3-year on upholstery pads and cables
Life FitnessG2 Home Gymyes$$$Lifetime on frame, welds, pulleys and parts; 3-year on upholstery pads and cables
BodyCraftXpress pro 200 lbs.yes$$$$lifetime
Weider2980yes$90 days
Body SolidBSG10Xyes$$$10 years frame, 1 years parts
Body SolidFusion 500yes$$$Frame & welds: lifetime. Pulleys, bushings, hardware, plates, guide rods, 3 years. Cables, upholstery, grips; 1 year.
Body SolidG6BRyes$$$$Frame & welds: lifetime. Pulleys, bushings, hardware, plates, guide rods, 3 years. Cables, upholstery, grips; 1 year.
Body SolidG1Syes$$$Frame & welds: lifetime. Pulleys, bushings, hardware, plates, guide rods, 3 years. Cables, upholstery, grips; 1 year.
Gold's GymXR 55yes$90 days
TaurusWS7yes$$$$2 years
Powerline P2Xyes$$$Frame; 10 years. Parts; 1 year
Best FitnessSportsmanyes$$Frame; 5 years. Parts; 1 year. Labor 90 days
True Quickfityes$$$$$Frame; 10 years. Parts; 5 years. Labor; 1 year. Cosmetic; 3 months
MarcyMKM-81010yes$$2 years
MarcyMWM-990yes$$2 years
MarcyMWM-4965yes$$2 years
MarcyMKM-81030yes$$2 years

As you can see there are plenty of multi-gyms that have the possibility to do a lat pull-down.

Best multi-gym with lat pull-down

Above you can see the models that are available and have the option to do the lat pull down. Now let’s take a look at which of these machines are the best options and why.

To decide what’s best, we have to look at a few factors;

  • Amount of other exercise options besides lat pull down
  • Overall quality of machine
  • Warranty
  • Maximum resistance
  • Price

Keeping those things in mind, here are the best three options.

  1. Bowflex Xtreme 2SE
  2. Body-Solid Xpress pro 200 lbs. (Amazon)
  3. Powerline P2X

1.     Bowflex Xtreme 2SE

Bowflex always offers a lot of bang for your buck. Sure, they are not the absolute cheapest but they’re more in the mid-range of multi-station gyms, price wise. What makes this the best option is that you get much more than you would expect from a mid-range machine. That makes this a great deal.

  • For most people, the Xtreme 2SE is Comes with 210 lbs. of resistance but can be upgraded easily and relatively cheaply to 310 or 410 lbs.
  • Power rods provide consistent resistance throughout the range of motion without inertia of weight plates. This is easier on your joints and strengthens you throughout the whole range of motion.
  • Compact. 53” by 49”
  • 70+ exercise options.
  • Bar squat exercise option.
  • 7 year warranty. Lifetime warranty on power rods.

Going to provide plenty of exercise options and resistance. It’s a well-rounded package that will suit many people. The only thing some people won’t like is the power rods compared to ‘normal’ weight plates. In the end it’s a plus but it does feel a bit different.

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If you prefer the weight plate feel the next option is a better fit for you.

2.     Powerline P2X

The powerline P2X is a great machine, especially for the price. It’s aging a bit which means that it doesn’t look like the most modern machine but, you can get it for a really good price. You get so much machine for your money, it’s hard to pass up.

For people are looking for a super solid machine that covers all the bases you need and can provide you with all the exercise options you need to build a good body.

  • Warranty: Frame: 10 years. Other parts: 1 year
  • 160 lbs. weight stack, upgradable to 210 lbs.
  • Optional leg press extension
  • 2:1 leg press resistance option to up it to 420 lbs.

3.     Body-Solid Xpress pro 200 lbs.

If you’re not convinced by the Powerline, the body-solid Xpress pro is a multi-gym that you have to take a look at. It’s not number one because it’s a fair bit more expensive than the Powerline and Bowflex and the maximum resistance is lower although only by 10 lbs.

The Xpress pro has many other features, options and things going for it that could make it worth the extra money.

  • High end model and features.
  • Weight stack upgradable to 200 lbs.
  • Resistance can be doubled on leg press and chest press to 400 lbs.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Leg press station add on possible
  • 180 degree adjustable cable arms
  • Ergonomically correct. Movement patterns replicate natural movement patterns.

It’s a great machine with great features and warranty. If you get this, you won’t be disappointed. It has everything you can imagine and all the adjustment options you need to fit you and anyone else in your house that wants to use it.

Buy the Body-Solid Xpress pro here.

Why do you want a lat pull-down option?

Why is it important to get a lat pull-down option on your multi-gym? There are a few reasons why it’s a really good option to have;

  • Great back developer: It mainly trains the muscle that goes from your armpits to the bottom of your back. Growing this muscle helps create the inverted triangle look that makes you look big. Having a big back also contributes a lot to looking muscular in general.
  • Strengthens your back: Besides making your back bigger, it also makes it stronger as those things often go hand in hand. A stronger back can help you prevent back pain and have a better posture.
  • Can help prevent/resolve muscle imbalances: Many people train the muscles you can see in the mirror way too much compared to the ones they can’t see. Since most people don’t have eyes in the back of their head, you can’t see your back easily so many people forget to train their back properly. That leads people to train their chest, arm and shoulders a lot while neglecting their back. This leads to some muscles being too strong and others too weak. This can lead to posture issues and injuries.

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Do you need a lat pull down option to train those muscles and have the same benefits? No, there are other exercises you can use to do target the same muscles and get great results. The best option you have to replace the lat pull down is the pull up and chin up. Various rows and bodyweight exercises are also options to build the same muscles. There are a few reasons why you still want to use the lat pull down however;

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  • Pull-ups can be a bit difficult in a home gym. The ceilings are low, the pull up bar isn’t too sturdy.
  • Not everyone is strong enough to do pull ups. Lat pull downs mimic the same movement but you can start at a much lower weight.
  • Free weight exercises have to be done correctly to get the results you want.
  • Free weights have more room for mistakes which means more room for injuries.

If you want to/can do pull-ups and can live without a lat pull down option, that’s great. Pull-ups are absolutely fantastic for you and you don’t necessarily need lat pull downs besides them. If you run into any of the problems above however, the lat pull down is the best, safest and most effective option.

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Related questions

Which muscles does a lat pull-down work? The biggest mover for the lat pull-down is the Lattisimus Dorsi. However, the pull-down is a compound movement that works many more muscles; Hands, biceps, shoulders, and other back muscles.

Does a lat pull-down build biceps? While the lat pull-down does use the bicep muscles, it probably won’t do much to build them. For growing biceps, direct isolation exercises are going to be much more effective. Of course lat pull downs are not going to hurt your bicep  growth since you still use the muscle.

Is a pull up better than a lat pull down? Both are great exercises. The movement pattern is largely the same although the pull up requires you to use more muscle in total to have good form and is a more athletic movement because of this. The pull-down is suitable for more people since it’s less technical and can be done at lower weights.

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