About This Site

About HomeGymResource.com

HomeGymResource is a website that aims to help people create their perfect home gym by providing useful information, tips and tricks. 

Our Story

Homegymresource.com was started in 2019.  The site has been growing over the last few months in both content and visitors.

Matt, the main writer on this website, has a background in economics but is now doing something completely different. I’m now teaching and writing in my free time. This website was started to help people create their own home gym. A home gym that they love and serves them well.

After working out in a variety of settings over the last decade and a half, Matt has a lot of experience with different types of gym equipment and set-ups. That experience and knowledge is being gathered in the posts on this website.

I’m sure the posts you can find here will be useful for you in deciding what to get for your home gym. Maybe you’re looking to buy the best piece of equipment for your gym. Or maybe you’re just looking for a small piece of information that can help you on your way. Either way, I’m sure you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for and more.