Recommended Home Gym Accessories

Every home gym needs some accessories to extract the full potential. Here are the best ones.

Want to know why I recommend these items? Keep reading.

1.    Pull up bar

Easily the most important gym accessory is a pull up bar. Not all home gyms have the option to do pull ups on the other equipment. A pull up bar is a simple and cheap way to be able to do pull ups in any room.

The best pull up bar for the money is the the Yes4All 1 piece (amazon link)

It’s cheap, sturdy and is easily mounted without frames in any door frame. You can just take it off when you’re done. There are many different grip widths and positions so you can always find the variation that works best for you.

2.    Resistance bands

Resistance bands are a very useful addition to any gym. While you can also do a complete workout with just these bands, even if you already lift weights, they are a good addition. For stretching, isolating different muscles, corrective exercises, taking your gym with you on the road, etc. resistance bands are the way to go.

This complete set by Bob and Brad (Youtube famous physical therapists) has everything you need to get started: Stackable resistance bands (E.g. use the 10 lbs. and 15 lbs. tubes together for 25 lbs. resistance. There are two different sets; one stacks up to a maximum 125 lbs. the other one to 150 lbs.

It comes with 5 different bands, door anchor, handles, ankle straps and carry case.

3.    Timer

Timers are a necessity for good HIIT, other interval workouts or keeping strict rest periods. A good gym timer with the proper functionality can really help you bring your workouts to the next level.

Looking for a timer that does everything? Big numbers, all the functions you can imagine, controlled by a mobile app, great warranty, winner of Men’s Health home gym award, loud buzzer. Not sold yet? You can save, share and download custom workouts through the app. The GymNext Flex timer has it all, is easy to use.

Buy it today on Amazon

4.    T-bar row post

If you’ve already got a power rack, a T-bar row post is an easy and cheap addition that gives you access to some great exercise variations like T-bar rows and landmine-presses.

These posts don’t have to be super complicated. In fact I’d say in this case the simpler the better as long as it’s sturdy enough.

This one (amazon link), can be mounted to pretty much every power cage or squat rack. Or any other stable bar that’s 2″ x 2″, 2″ x 3″ or 3″ x 3″ . It’s simple, sturdy and can rotate 360 degrees so you can always find a position that works.

5.    Fan

Workouts make you sweat. A fan can help you stay cool, push fresh air into your gym and keep bad smells at bay. A fan can solve some problems you can run into in a home gym.

The best option is a Rowenta VU-5670 (amazon link)

This is a high quality appliance. Not plasticy or cheap feeling like some other fans. The price is quite high for a normal fan but it’s worth the money if you’re looking for a high quality, quiet fan that pushes a very good amount of air, you can’t go wrong with this fan.

  • 5 Speed settings
  • 35dB(A) on low setting
  • 2436 CF/M on high setting
  • 16” rotor
  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • Great build quality

As you can see it’s a relatively standard fan except it pushes more air and is very quiet. It looks great for a standard fan but is sturdy at the same time.

6. Ab wheel

Ab wheels might seem like another gimmicky ab trainer that doesn’t work. Don’t be fooled though, these things are actually quite effective ab builders.

There are tons of them available and most of them are actually pretty good because it’s just a super simple piece of equipment.

This Fitnessery ab wheel is cheap, comes with a knee pad and supports up to 485 lbs.