Best Home Gym Cable Attachments: For a Complete Workout

Your cable station is going to be almost useless without the proper attachments. You want attachments that last for a long time and give your muscles a good workout. Here are the five attachments you need for a complete workout.

Here are the five best attachments for your gym’s cable machine;

  • Triceps Rope
  • Double D handle
  • D handles
  • Lat pulldown bar
  • Ankle straps

#1 Yes4All Rope And D Handle Combo

The Yes4All rope and double D handle combo is a great deal for two of the attachments you’ll use very often. The double D handle is made of high quality steel and finished with chrome. This prevents corrosion and makes sure it’ll stay strong for a long time.

The rope is made of heavy-duty black nylon braided rope. It has large rubber blocks at rope ends to provide a better, firm grip. The metal eyelet is finished in chrome and can easily rotate for smooth movements.

This combo comes at an amazing price for what you get. Get it here on Amazon with free shipping

#2 Ignite Fitness D Handles

D handles come in two main varieties; Nylon+Plastic/rubber or Steel.

You would think that steel handles are better because they will be more durable and stronger. That might be true but that comes at a price. All steel D handles I’ve ever used don’t move smoothly. They might do for a little while but at some point they all start wearing and they won’t move smoothly anymore.

That’s why I prefer nylon straps with rubber or plastic grips. Sure, they are not as hardwearing as steel but in my experience, they are much more consistent in their movements. Even in commercial gyms they last for a couple of years so in a home gym, you’ll be fine for quite a while.

The Ignite Fitness handles have some great features;

  • HIGH GRADE MATERIALS: These handles feature super strong ABS plastic, thick foam padded grips, industrial grade stitching, extra large seamless steel O-rings, and thick woven nylon webbing.
  • Wide grips so every hand can get a good handle on them.
  • Foam padding makes them comfortable to use even with heavy weights
  • Great price (Check the price here on Amazon)

#3 Cap Lat Pulldown Bar

Lat pulldown bars are pretty simple. They should be long with some cambered part for different hand positions. The champion bar is exactly that. No rubber, just steel and an eyelet that attaches to the cable.

Other pulldown bars come with rubber grips. I don’t like those. First because I like to do pulldowns with many different grips. Rubber grips force you to take a certain grip if you want to be comfortable. If you deviate from those rubber pieces, you’ll not have a good grip at all.

Pulldown bars can also be used for other exercises like cable curls. Those other exercises require different hand positions than are mandated by those rubber grips. That means it’s better to get a bar without any rubber.

The Champion pulldown bar (Amazon link) is solid steel and finished with chrome. That means it won’t corrode and last for a long time. The price is very low for a bar like this and it can be used for a ton of cable exercises.

#4 Dmoose Ankle Straps

Dmoose ankle straps are simple but effective for working out your legs. They are comfortable, adjustable and high quality. The straps have D rings on both sides that attach to the cable. That means that the Velcro doesn’t have to bear the load and you can load up the weight without any problems.

The inside of the strap that goes around your ankle is wide and made of neoprene. This makes them very comfortable to wear.

They are  comfortable to wear, safe to use with heavier weights and high quality. They are also simple black so you don’t have to draw attention to yourself while training. The Dmoose straps provide great quality attachment for a very friendly price.

Be aware: You have to choose single or pair when ordering. Order a single if you want one, pair if you want two. You can order it here on Amazon