Recommended Kettlebells

Kettlebells are like a whole gym in one piece of equipment. But which one does the job the best for a reasonable price?

The best kettlebell for a reasonable price is the Yes4All range of rubberized kettlebells. (Amazon link) They have a rubberized coating on the outside which makes them a bit more comfortable to use and saves your floor.

Why I chose the Yes4All Kettlebells

Kettlebells are pretty simple. There is no real reason to pay a lot for very fancy kettlebells. Sure they might look a bit better and feel a little nicer but in effect they are pretty similar.

Kettlebells just have to be heavy, be comfortable to grab and not break when you drop them.

The Yes4All kettlebells tick all those boxes and they’re relatively cheap. Here are some of the highlights of these kettlebells.

  • High quality cast iron: One piece construction without any welds or other seams that can fail over time.
  • Vinyl finish: The iron core is covered by a durable vinyl coating protects the kettlebell from corrosion, makes it look better and protects you floor. It also reduces the noise when putting it down.
  • Wide handle: The handle is slightly textured and wide. This gives you a secure grip even if you’ve got sweaty hands.
  • Flat bottom: The bottom of the kettlebell is flat so it’s stable when put down. It won’t roll away when stored or when using.
  • Available in different weights.

There are plenty of upsides to these kettlebells and for the price they’re a really good deal.