How Much Do Kettlebells Cost? Per Pound & Per Type

When you look around for a kettlebell, you might be surprised how much they cost and of the difference in price between models. What are the average prices you can expect to pay for a kettlebell? And what is the cheapest option?

Kettlebells cost an average of $1.53 per pound with prices ranging between $1.09 to $1.95 per pound. Heavier kettlebells are generally more expensive but they cost less per pound. Vinyl-coated kettlebells are slightly cheaper than cast iron ones.

You can find the chart where all these numbers come from down below. You’ll also find averages per weight and per pound as well as what the cheapest options are. Or you can click here to find the kettlebells with the best value for money.

How Much Do Kettlebells Cost?

Here is a chart of some of the best-selling kettlebells on the market at the moment. Not all models are available in every weight which is why there are some gaps in this chart.

BrandType10 pounds ($)15 pounds ($)25 pounds ($)35 pounds ($)40 pounds ($)45 pounds ($)
AmazonBasicsCast Iron/ Enamel1933,443,150,58
AmazonBasicsVinyl Coat26,8921,9951,7349,9
Yes4AllNeoprene coated23,5527,8338,1355,996071,38
Yes4AllCast Iron1922,850,674558,654,71
Try GritPowder coated2240
Sunny HeartVinyl202644,4
Signature FitnessVinyl15204045
Signature FitnessCast Iron/ Enamel15202745
CAP BarbellCast Iron/ Enamel20,426,66156,389
Average Price per pound1,991,611,701,611,351,34

Some general observations we can make from this table:

  • Price generally goes up with weight although there are a few outliers.
  • Vinyl-coated kettlebells are actually a tiny bit cheaper than cast iron ones.
  • Brand/model matters. There are large variations per brand.
  • Kettlebells get cheaper per pound the heavier they get.

Average Prices of Kettlebells

A price chart with many different models gets a bit confusing. Let’s take a look at the average prices to make things a bit clearer:

  • 10 lbs. kettlebell average price: $19.88. Range: $15 – $26.8
  • 15 lbs. kettlebell average price: $24.15. Range: $20 – $27.8
  • 25 lbs. kettlebell average price: $42.57. Range: $27 – $61
  • 35 lbs. kettlebell average price: $56.34. Range: $43.1 – $78
  • 40 lbs. kettlebell average price: $53.86. Range: $40 – $60.8
  • 45 lbs. kettlebell average price: $60.40. Range: $45 – $89

Those are the average prices for kettlebells of different weights. Of course, you’ll be able to find various prices for each weight. The higher the weight of the kettlebell, the bigger the price differences.

Interestingly, 40-pound kettlebells are a little cheaper on average than 35-pound ones. This could be because 35-pound kettlebells are in higher demand. If you look in the chart, you can see that there are a few cases where for the same brand and model, the 40-pounder is cheaper than the 35-pounder.

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If you don’t care about your kettlebells looking the same, it’s definitely worth shopping between different models and brands for different weights. Some brands can have a cheap kettlebell in one weight but the next weight is more expensive than another brand.

The cheapest kettlebells are often vinyl-coated. You might expect those to be more expensive but actually, the vinyl is used to cover up manufacturing imperfections. This doesn’t impact the usability of the kettlebell, it’s just that the finish underneath the vinyl usually isn’t as good.

By the way: If you’re not 100% sure if you should buy kettlebells or dumbbells, click here to find an in-depth article comparing the two.

Image of a woman using a kettlebell

Kettlebell price per pound

The average price of kettlebells is $1.60 per pound. This is an average over all the different types, brands, and qualities. Looking at different brands and model ranges, the average prices of kettlebells can range from about $1.09 to $1.95 per pound.

  • 10 lbs. kettlebell average price per pound: $1.99
  • 15 lbs. kettlebell average price per pound: $1.61
  • 25 lbs. kettlebell average price per pound: $1.70
  • 35 lbs. kettlebell average price per pound: $1.61
  • 40 lbs. kettlebell average price per pound: $1.35
  • 45 lbs. kettlebell average price per pound: $1.34
  • Average kettlebell cost per pound: $1.53

In general, the lighter kettlebells are cheaper in total dollar value but more expensive per pound. That’s because production costs and overhead don’t become much lower for smaller kettlebells. There is less material in them and are cheaper to transport which is why they are cheaper in absolute terms.

That lighter is cheaper is the general trend however, there are big differences between brands and models. Some brands sell their heavier kettlebells for only a few dollars more whereas others charge much more. Shopping around is certainly worth it.

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 Why Are Kettlebells So Expensive?

You might be surprised at the prices of kettlebells. They seem like very simple pieces of steel, why do they cost so much? There are a few reasons for that;

  • Materials: While steel isn’t that expensive per pound, if you need a lot of pounds it still adds up.
  • Production costs: Making a high-quality kettlebell that doesn’t break the first time you drop it actually requires some attention. There can’t be any weak spots in the metal that easily break. Kettlebells are meant to be thrown around so they have to be built to withstand shocks.
  • Transportation costs: As said above, most of the kettlebells are made abroad and are then transported to your country. In many cases that means long-distance shipping which can get expensive with heavy items. Also, the shipping from the warehouse to your door can be more expensive, especially for the heavier kettlebells.

Price isn’t the only thing to look at when buying kettlebells, there are a ton of other factors. Click here to go to our kettlebell buying guide.

Vinyl coated kettlebells

Cheapest kettlebells

There are three options for cheap kettlebells; 1.) Get the cheapest you can find 2.) Adjustable kettlebells. 3.) Kettlebell handles.

If you only want one or two different weights, getting the cheapest you can find is a good solution. If you want to experiment more or know you need more than two different weights, getting a good adjustable kettlebell is a good option which is actually cheaper than buying them all separately.

Cheapest kettlebells

The cheapest kettlebells you can get at the moment are the Signature Fitness vinyl-coated ones. They only cost $1.09 per pound. However, they do lack some weights in their range. AmazonBasics is another one that’s relatively cheap.

Adjustable kettlebells

If you want to use many different weights of kettlebells, one adjustable one is going to be cheaper in the end. It might even be worth it to get a higher quality one to make sure it lasts. Adjustable kettlebells have a mechanism where you can adjust the weight. That means you can switch easily between a range of different weights you would otherwise use different kettlebells for.

Kettlebell handles

If you already have a set of dumbbells, you can quite easily and cheaply convert them into kettlebells. You can buy handles that clip onto the handles of a dumbbell so you can hold it easily with two hands. This is a very cheap way to convert your existing set of dumbbells into a full range of kettlebells. The handles are easily put on and taken off so you can switch between using the weights as kettlebells or dumbbells.

The only drawback is that dumbbells are a bit wider than most kettlebells so it’s easier to hit yourself with this setup.


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