How Much Do Kettlebells Cost? +List Of Examples

Kettlebells are a great tool to build muscle and cardio. But what should you expect to pay for one? I’ve put the numbers together and here are the results.

How much de kettlebells cost? On average, kettlebells can be bought for $1.90 per pound. This can buy a good quality kettlebell that lasts a long time. Lighter kettlebells are more expensive per pound than heavier ones. A 15 lbs. kettlebell can be bought for about $32, 25 lbs. for $48 and 35 lbs. for $65.2.

If you want more in depth information about kettlebell pricing and the differences, keep reading.

Kettlebell prices

Below you can see a list of different kettlebells that are on the market at the moment. The prices are current (at time of writing) prices at retailers without shipping, handling and accessories.

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I’ve looked at the prices of 3 different weights for every brand and model; 15, 25 and 35 lbs. Those are the weights many people need/buy and are available from most brands. Of course different weights exist but this gives a good idea of what you can expect to pay per lbs. of kettlebell.

Type$/15 lbs.$/25lbs.$/35lbs.AVG $/lbs.
Cast Iron29.9349.8869.832
Cast Iron39.9949.9959.992
Cast Iron2130401.21
Cast Iron3444521.73
Cast Iron37.553.565.52.09
Cast Iron43.9945.9959.992
Cast Iron28.7545.2562.751.82
Cast Iron26.44461.61.76
Cast Iron3356782.23
Cast Iron27.546631.82
Average $/lbs.2.121.921.86

Here you can see that 15 lbs. kettlebells can be bought for about $32. This is about $2.02 per lbs. The most expensive 15 pound kettlebell costs $43.99 while the cheapest one is only $21. That’s quite a big difference.

25 lbs. kettlebells cost about $48 which is an average of $1.92 per lbs.  The most expensive 25 pound kettlebell will set you back $59.99 while the cheapest is only $30.

35 pound kettlebells can be bought for an average $65.20. This means you pay $1.86 per lbs. The highest price is $79.99 while the lowest is $52.

You will notice that the price per pound starts dropping the heavier the kettlebell gets. This is the same with dumbbells and weight plates. The manufacturer has overhead costs that are the same for every different weight. Those overhead costs can be divided over fewer pounds with the lighter versions. That means the price per pound goes up for the lighter versions.

The total average for all the kettlebells in the list is $1.90 per lbs. with averages per pound ranging from $1.21 to $2.58. If you’re buying a full set of kettlebells, you can expect to pay about $1.75 to $2.10 per pound although you can find sets that are more and less expensive.

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What do you get for your money?

Are there any benefits to paying more for a dumbbell? Do you get any extra features if you pay extra for the most expensive set?

There are a few differences between the kettlebells although not everyone will want to pay extra for them.

  • Coating. The presence of a coating can have an influence on the price as well as the material and quality of the coating.
  • Material type and quality. Some kettlebells are made of steel while others are made of (covered) cement. Steel is more expensive but lasts longer. The quality of steel has an influence on the look and longevity.
  • Handle. Some handles have better grips and texture. Some handles are a different material than the rest of the kettlebell. A normal steel handle with a little bit of texture will do the job perfectly fine.
  • Finish. Making a kettlebell look pretty, especially when it’s cast iron, takes some effort. That effort costs money. Better finished kettlebells look better and are also a bit more comfortable to use. Kettlebells often touch your skin when using them. A matte powdercoat finish is one of the most comfortable finishes for that reason. It’s also quite expensive.
  • Tolerances. Especially kettlebells that are used for official competitions have much smaller tolerances in size and weight than cheaper models. For most people this doesn’t matter all that much.

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Which kettlebell do you need?

So what is good for you? That depends on your budget and needs. For commercial settings, high quality items that last a very long time, are comfortable to use and look good are probably a good idea.

For most people who just want to use them at home, looking good is a little less important, although you might be different. Even cheap kettlebells can do a perfectly good job of getting you into shape.

In the end, you don’t need a whole lot of them. Just a few different weights is enough for a very tough and complete workout for a long time. So while you might have to pay a little bit extra to get the one you want, the total difference in price isn’t too big.

For people on a budget, feel free to go for the cheap version. It will get the job done and can get you in shape perfectly fine. Maybe you’ll have to treat them a little bit nicer and the uncomfortable feeling can be mitigated by wearing long sleeves. Just make sure the handles are thick, sturdy and have a little bit of texture so they don’t become too slippery when your hands get sweaty.

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Related questions

Can kettlebells build a good physique? Yes, if kettlebells are used correctly, you can build a great body. Check out Pavel Tsatsouline as an example. Kettlebells can provide cardiovascular benefits as well as muscle growth. The way you train has a big impact on what the focus is for you.

Can you drop kettlebells? No, for your floor as well as your equipment it’s better if you lower it down in a controlled manner. Cast iron kettlebells without cover can easily damage a floor. A rubber or vinyl covered kettlebell can absorb a little of the impact but dropping it is still a bad idea.

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