Best Home Gym Flooring

It all starts with the floor. In almost every room, getting the right floor is important. For a home gym this is no different. The gym flooring you choose has a big impact on the usability and look of your personal gym. So what is the best gym flooring for a home gym?

Recommended home gym flooring:

  • Best option: Rubber-Cal Elephant Bark: High Quality, good looking and a reasonably priced compared to similar products. 3/8” of vulcanized rubber that is indestructible and perfect for heavy duty use in a home gym. Available in both mats and tiles. It looks great with a choice of colors. Could even be used in commercial settings so in a home gym it’s going to be awesome.

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  • Cheap alternative: Prosourcefit 1/2” thick foam interlocking tiles: Simple foam home gym flooring that does a great job for a low price. What else do you want? Available in black, blue and grey and you can choose a package that covers your gym. It might be cheap but it’s still very effective at what a gym floor should do. It’s lightweight so it’s easy to move around. The interlocking tiles mean it doesn’t move around and the surface provides grip and is easy to clean. Click here to get it today (Amazon Affiliate link)

Why I Rubber-Cal Floor Mats

There are a few reasons why you should pick American Floor mats over other products;

  • 3/8” thick vulcanized rubber. This is going to be very strong.
  • Mats and tiles are both available in many different sizes to fit your gym.
  • Easy to lay down
  • Great grip on any surface
  • Can be cut with a utility knife if necessary
  • Don’t absorb any liquid
  • Can easily be cleaned by vacuuming or a damp rag with mild detergent
  • Made in the US with US-sourced rubber
  • Reasonably priced for what you get

This gym flooring is available in both bigger mats and interlocking tiles.

The benefit of the big mats is that there are much fewer seams where liquid and dirt can get in. There are also no seams that could pop out although this isn’t really happening with this flooring anyways. All the mats are 4’ wide but available in a wide variety of lengths.

The tiles are slightly more expensive than the mats per square feet but it’s not a huge difference. Tiles are easier to move around since you can just pick up a single one and put it somewhere else. This way you could even use them to cover a floor temporarily and remove it after your workout.

With this gym flooring installed you can be sure you won’t damage your floor and keep your gym neat and clean for a long time. It will stand up to dropping weights often. It won’t be too good at damping noise from dropping weights. I’ve written a big post about making your gym quieter. Read it to find out what to do about the noise. (Click)

This product should just be seen as flooring. It’s not an exercise mat . The American Floormats are a very good base to put your gym on top of.

See the current price on Amazon (affiliate links);

Why I chose Prosourcefit 1/2” thick foam interlocking tiles

Depending on your budget, you might be looking for something cheaper than the mats above. Although they are reasonably priced, there is a cheaper alternative; Prosourcefit 1/2” thick foam interlocking tiles. Why did I choose these and why should you?

  • The cheapest way to get gym flooring
  • Great sound deadening properties
  • Available in large packages or small, depending on what you need
  • Lightweight so, easy to put down and move for storage
  • Available in Black, Blue and grey
  • Provides a grippy surface
  • Water resistant
  • NO Phthalates

So what are the drawbacks? There must be some if it’s so much cheaper than the other product. Well there are a few drawbacks. If you can live with them, you can save yourself a bit of money, otherwise it’s better to get the mats named above.

  • Not as durable as rubber.
  • Dropping weights and heavy equipment can easily dent the foam.
  • Can slide around a bit more than rubber.

Overall it does many of the jobs the rubber flooring does for a much lower price. And while there are a few drawbacks, for many people this is a great solution. Click here to get it today (Amazon Affiliate link)