How Much Does A Smith Machine Cost? Price List

A Smith machine is a good addition to a home gym that can help you get into weightlifting and build more muscle and strength so you can get the physique you want. But how much do they actually cost and what kind of features can you expect for your money? Let’s find out.

Smith machines can cost anywhere from $650 to $7000+ with the average being around $2371. The price depends on the quality, other functionality, warranty, and brand. For a home gym, a machine that combines a Smith machine with a functional trainer and/or barbell rack is money and space-efficient.

Let’s dive into the details of the price and features below.

Smith Machine Price List

Below you can see a list of Smith machines that are suitable for a home gym and their prices.

BrandModelTypeSmith Bar Weight limitPrice
Body-SolidPSM144XCompact Smith400700
Body-SolidSCB1000 Large Smith 10003250
Hammer StrengthHSSMVLarge Smith 6604000
BodyCraftJones LightLarge Smith 10003200
BodyCraftJones ClubLarge Smith 10003700
BodyCraftJones PlatinumCombination10007200
PowerTecRollerCompact Smith4501400
Titan FitnessSmithLarge Smith 6001500
Fitness FirstSmithLarge Smith ?3000

The average price of a Smith machine for a home gym is $2371. Prices range from about $650 to over $7000. There is a lot of variability in quality and functionality between Smith machines which is reflected in the prices. Some Smith machines are just a bar on rails while others combine that bar with many other exercise options like a barbell rack and functional trainer.

Image of a woman doing squats in a smith machine

Smith Machine Price Ranges

What kind of Smith machine can you expect for a certain amount of money? Let’s find out. The price ranges don’t necessarily line up with the different types listed above.

$600 to $1000

About $600 is the least amount of money you can expect to pay for a Smith machine. You’ll get a pretty simple setup, the compact category named above can be found here. The compact machines in this price range are solid and if you only want a Smith machine, it’s a good affordable option. Be aware that the load limit of the compact Smith machines isn’t the highest although the Body-Solid still has a 400 lbs. load limit. The load limit isn’t too high because the guide rods and pillars are not braced at the top. The mechanism itself is good.

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However, for a few hundred dollars more, you can also get the cheaper combination machines. You’ll be able to get a machine that combines a functional trainer (cables), a Smith machine, and a barbell rack. This is a combination that’s very hard to beat, especially for the price. However, you will get a budget version of all those things. The load limit of the Smith bar on these machines is only 300 lbs. which isn’t too high and the functional trainers are plate loaded. So while you get a large amount of exercise options, they aren’t suitable for very heavy weightlifting. On the other hand, 300 lbs. of resistance is enough for most people.

$1000 to $2500

In this price range, you can find higher-quality compact machines and higher-quality combination machines. The good compact Smith machines cost around $1500 while the good combination machines are around $2500.

These are machines that are built better than the bottom range. This results in higher load limits, smoother action, and better designs.

However, the combination machines in this price range will still have a plate-loaded functional trainer which is not the most user-friendly. Plate loading a functional trainer is a bit of a pain although it does work. And since you need a weight plate set to load the Smith bar anyway, you can use the same plates for the cable exercises. The fact that these machines lack weight stacks for the cable exercises means they’re a lot cheaper but keep in mind you’ll still have to buy weight plates so your savings might not be as big as you think.

$2500 to $4000

The type of sturdy Smith machine you might know from the large commercial gyms is in this price range. They do one thing but they do it very well. The frames are very sturdy the build quality is exceptional. That means they have very high load limits of up to 1000 lbs. and great warranty conditions.

If you’ve got the space, and money and want a really good dedicated Smith machine, shopping in this price range will give you the best results.


There are a few machines that cost over $4000. Most people don’t need to spend this much money for a home gym unless you’re looking for something very specific.

Here you’ll find machines that are high-quality functional trainers first and the Smith functionality is an add-on and not the other way around. If you want both a good functional trainer and a Smith machine, this is the way to go. There is a lot to be said for having this combination and if you get a good functional trainer and Smith machine in one, you basically have a complete home gym in one buy. And for this amount of money, you can expect something very good.

If Smith functionality is more important, look at the BodyCraft Jones Platinum and BodyCraft XFT. Those are exceptional Smith machines with a very good functional trainer in one. If you really want to buy a complete, all-in-one home gym solution, take a look at the Inspire Fitness FT2.

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Types of Smith machine

There are a few distinct types of Smith machines. While they are all smith machines, they offer different features and characteristics. There are three main types of Smith machines but even those are just rough categories with a lot of variability even within the categories.


The compact Smith machines are rare but there are a few available. These are basically a floor frame to stabilize everything and then two guide rods stick up from the frame. So there is no bracing of the guide rails and pillars on top. This means it does take up some floor space but looks relatively small.

These are relatively simple machines: The bar moves straight up and down and the load limit is relatively low compared to other machines. They don’t cost too much but if you want any other type of gym equipment besides your Smith machine in your home gym, check out the combination type below which is more space and money-efficient.

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Large + Dedicated

While the compact Smith machines are usually dedicated Smith machines, they are not the sturdy machines you might know from a big commercial gym. This is that machine.

They feature a solid frame, higher load limits, and sometimes a slightly more complicated mechanism. Some of the higher-end Smith machines have a feature where the whole assembly can move horizontally, making lifting this Smith bar a much more natural movement.

Other of these machines have the guide rods at an angle to attempt to make the movement pattern a bit more natural. The movement pattern is one of the weaknesses of the Smith machine so anything that can make it more natural is a good thing.

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Image of a person bench pressing in a smith rack


While the compact Smith machine might be attractive for a home gym because of price and size, the combination version might be a better choice especially if you don’t have the equipment it’s combined with yet.

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Often these combination machines are a Smith machine but combined with a functional trainer and/or a barbell rack. If you’re building a home gym from scratch and you want a Smith machine but also a barbell rack and a cable trainer, one of these machines can be a very good option. While these combinations can be a bit pricey, you get a lot of exercise options in one machine. Buying all of these pieces of equipment separately would cost more money in most cases and take up a lot more space.

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In a home gym, you’re usually working out alone or maybe with a buddy. So you’ll probably only need one machine at one time. So combining all these functions in one machine is a good way to save space and money.


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