Best Multi-Station Home Gyms for Low Ceilings: +List of options

An all-in-one, multi-station home gym is a very space efficient way of having a complete gym at home. Floor space isn’t the only consideration though. Height is another important factor that you should take into account when shopping for a home gym. What are the average heights of multi-gyms and which ones are suitable for use under low ceilings? Find out below.

The average height of an all-in-one home gym with upright seats is 81.45”. There are some options that fit under 7′ tall ceilings and are excellent home gyms. Under 6′ tall ceilings, a home gym with upright seat is not an option although there are other options.

Find the exact heights of a lot of models and which ones fit under low ceilings below. Keep reading!

Recommended Home Gyms For Low Ceilings

Here is a quick overview of the best home gyms for use under low ceilings. If you want more information about them and the heights of many popular models, you can find that below.

For other low ceiling gym equipment, read this article.

Average height of multi-station home gyms

The easiest way to find out what the average height of a multi gym is, is with a chart so that’s exactly what I’ve done. The height in the chart is the assembled height in inches. There are 31 models in this list. This isn’t close to all the models that are available on the market but it gives a decent sample size to say something about the average height.

If you want to know more about how much floor space you need for a multi gym, click here.

BrandModelHeightResistance type
BowFlexXtreme 2SE83.25"Rods
MarcyMKM-8101085.5"Weight stack
MarcyMWM-99079"Weight stack
MarcyMWM-496578"Weight stack
MarcyMWM-99879"Weight stack
MarcyMKM-8103079.5"Weight stack
Total gymElevate Encompass57"Body weight
Total gymGTS57"Body weight
Total gymXLS43"Body weight
GoplusMultifunctional trainer85"Body weight
ArgosMen's Health 90kg81.5"Weight stack
Life FitnessG4 Home Gym84"Weight stack
Life FitnessG2 Home Gym83"Weight stack
BodyCraftXpress pro 200 lbs.83"Weight stack
BodyCraftGL82.5"Weight stack
BodyCraftGLX83"Weight stack
Weider298076"Weight stack
Body SolidBSG10X80"Weight stack
Body SolidFusion 50083"Weight stack
Body SolidG6BR84"Weight stack
Body SolidG1S83"Weight stack
Gold's GymXR 5583"Weight stack
Gold's GymXR 4579"Weight stack
TaurusWS783.5"Weight stack
BodyMaxCF37274.8"Weight stack
PowerlineP1X83"Weight stack
Powerline P2X83"Weight stack
Best FitnessSportsman78"Weight stack
True Quickfit83"Weight stack

As you can see there, the average height of a multi gym is 78.63 inches. The heights range from 43” to 86” The lowest height ones are set up a bit differently. They are set up diagonally instead of upright which of course means they are lower.

Taking out those models (which leaves upright models) raises the average to 81.45” with heights ranging from 76” to 86”.  These models are more what most people expect an all in one gym to look like. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the better option of course.

However, the diagonally set up models use your body weight as resistance. That is not necessarily the best option for everyone. If you prefer a gym system where you can adjust the resistance exactly how you like it, the upright options are for you.

If you’ve got very tall ceilings, getting a taller machine will give you a bit more space and options for exercises, especially if you’re a taller person. However not everyone has the luxury of tall ceilings in their home gym. Let’s see what your options are .

If you’re looking for a single machine solution for your home gym, also check out functional trainers.

How much ceiling height do you need for a multi gym?

Many home gyms are located in a basement. Most basements have pretty low ceilings. If you’re lucky, you’ve got 7’/84” high ceilings. That would mean you could fit most of the all in one gyms listed above.

However, there are a few things you should keep in mind;

  • Gym flooring can take a bit of height away: In a home gym, you’ll want some flooring for several reasons (Click here to find out why you need gym flooring. This flooring can be up to an inch thick. That’s an inch you can’t use for other purposes.
  • You need space to get the machine in place: Most multi gyms have to be assembled or at least moved into place. They don’t magically appear. If the space between the top of the machine and ceiling is too tight, you won’t be able to maneuver or assemble the machine.
  • The machine can’t be so tight under the ceiling that it can’t move anymore. Sometimes there are a few things that have to move on the machine like a pulley or a lever. If your machine touches the ceiling, you have a chance that the machine can’t move properly.

To make sure you get a machine that fits under your ceiling, make sure to;

  • Exactly measure your ceiling height
  • Subtract any flooring height
  • Double check the machine height
  • Aim for at least 1-2” of headroom above the highest part of the machine.

So let’s say you’ve got 7’ tall ceilings. You’ve got 1” Thick gym flooring and you want to keep 2” of space above the machine. Which options do you have?

84”-1” -2” = 81”

The tallest machine you want to get is 81” high. While that does exclude quite a few options, there are still plenty of options left. Some of the best options;

Check out my recommendations for multi-station home gyms by clicking here.

Best all-in-one home gyms for 7’ ceilings

Here are the best multi gyms that fit comfortably under 7’ ceilings.

  1. Body-Solid BSG10X: This machine is very sturdy, has a decently heavy weight stack, 10 year warranty and plenty of exercise options. And all of that for a pretty reasonable price. Click to check the current price on Amazon.
  2. Body-Solid Fusion 500: This is an awesome home gym that is super high quality, can be upgraded to heavier weight stacks and is the tallest you can fit under 7′ ceilings. Actually you have to be careful since there’s only 1″ of free space. If you’ve got thick carpet or gym flooring, it might not actually fit. Carefully measure the exact height you have available. (Amazon link)
  3. Marcy MWM-4965: A brand known for producing very affordable fitness equipment with surprisingly good quality. This example doesn’t have a very heavy weight stack so is perfect for beginners and seniors. Find it here (Amazon link)
  4. Bowflex PR3000: This is another one that just fits under 7′ tall ceilings. The resistance rods this machine used can be upgraded to 410 lbs. which is plenty for almost everyone. There are tons of exercise options and it isn’t as expensive as it looks. (Amazon link)

Best Multi gym for 6’ high ceilings

If you’ve got really low ceilings or there is another reason why you can’t fit normal multi gyms, what are your options?

72” – 1” -2” = 69”

An available height of 69” doesn’t leave you with many options. In fact there is only one viable option: Total gym.

Total gym sets up their multi gyms in a different way than most other manufacturers. They have a flat seat/bench that slides diagonally and uses your bodyweight as resistance. The diagonal setup means that they are quite a bit longer than other machines but at the same time they’re also a lot lower. 

All of the Total gym machines are under 60” tall. You do need a bit of room above the machine to be able to do all the exercises but 69” of height is plenty.

If you want the absolute lowest all in one gym possible, check out the Total Gym XLS. It’s only 43″ high unfolded. If your ceiling is lower than that, you should probably move before buying a home gym.

Unfolded implies that you can also fold it, and yes, you can! Folded up it’s a bit taller at 51″ but you save a lot of floorspace that way.

Click here to find the Total Gym XLS price (Amazon link)

Related questions

Can multi gyms help lose body fat? Yes, combined with proper programming and diet, a multi gym will help you lose body fat by burning calories and building new muscle which helps lose body fat in the long run. A workout program with high repetitions (20+ per set) is probably going to be best.

Are multi gyms any good? Yes, if you buy a high quality machine that offers full body exercise options and enough resistance for you, they are a very space efficient way of creating a home gym. For advanced weightlifters the resistance is probably too low but for most people it’s more than enough.

Best Cable Machine Accessories

Make your cable trainer experience even better with these accessories.

  • PlateMate: One or two platemates (Amazon link) can help you increase the weight more gradually on your weight stack. Just stick them onto your weight stack.

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