How Big Is A Leg Press Machine? +List Of Popular Models

The leg press machine is one of those things that people would like to have in their home gym but aren’t sure if they can fit it in. I found out for you how big they are so you can decide if you want one in your home gym.

On average, a 45-degree leg press machine measures 83.6” x 47.5” x 53.9” (L x W x H). Upright leg press machines are a bit smaller at 77.1” x 42.1” x 62.7”. The smallest leg press machines are vertical. On average, vertical leg press machines measure 46.8” x 44” x 59.5”.

There are some more things you should know before you buy one. Make sure the leg press you’ve got in mind fits in your home gym before you order it.

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Dimensions Of a Leg Press Machine

Of course, every machine is different. There are a few different types of leg press machines.

  • Vertical leg press
  • 45-degree leg press
  • Upright leg press

You can read more about the differences between those types below. For now, we’ll just focus on the sizes and weights. I have divided the tables of these machines into different categories. This makes it easier to compare machines from the same category.

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Here are the three tables that cover the height, width, length, weight, and load limit of the different types of leg press.

Vertical leg press dimensions

BrandModelLength (Inch)Width (Inch)Height (Inch)Weight (lbs)Load limit (lbs)Load type
Body SolidPVLP56W46486092.9400Plates
Titan FitnessVertical press483852.594400Plates
Valor FitnessCC-1048.854.860131500Plates
TDS PremierVertical press4947752801000Plates
Yukon FitnessVLP-15442325091600Plates

45 degree leg press dimensions

BrandModelLength (Inch)Width (Inch)Height (Inch)Weight (lbs)Load limit (lbs)Load type
RogueIso leg press 359864477082475Plate
CybexLeg press836454443?Plate
Titan FitnessLeg press hack squat844053325875Plates
FORCE USAMonster ultimate 459466604631000Plates
TDSMini leg press603451280600Plates

Upright leg press dimensions

BrandModelLength (Inch)Width (Inch)Height (Inch)Weight (lbs)Load limit (lbs)Load type
HoistHV Ride73.351.7254.41537210Selectorized
CybexPrestige VRS994170945505Selectorized
PowertecCompact sled484647198700Plates
Body SolidSLP500G2723272393210Selectorized

Necessary Space For a Leg Press

Of course, how much space you need exactly depends on the exact size of the machine. However, we can figure out how much space you need around the machine. Once you know that, figuring out how much space you need is pretty easy from there.

Most leg press machines aren’t very tall and if it doesn’t fit under your ceiling, you probably can’t even stand up under it. So if you can stand up in your gym, a leg press machine will fit with no problem.

The sides, front and back are more interesting. The backside (the opposite side from your head), can go pretty close to the wall. Just make sure the plates don’t stick out when fully extended and that the machine doesn’t rub on the wall.

The front (side where your head goes), needs a bit more space. If you push the sled away, you need at least enough space to stand behind the machine. If you can stand there, you have enough space for your head.

The sides need quite a bit of space. You need space to get on/off the machine But if you can stand next to it on one side you’re good. However, you also need space to put plates on the machine and take them off. Since a leg press usually uses heavy plates, you can’t put them on and off when standing at a weird angle. So you want to have enough space to stand next to the pegs the plates go on.

So in concrete numbers, how much space do you need around the machine? About 1″-2″ from the wall so it doesn’t rub. 1′-2′ on the front and 1′-2′ beside the widest parts of the machine will give you plenty of space to maneuver, get on/off the machine, and load the plates.

Different Types Of Leg Press And Impact On Dimensions

Leg press machines come in different shapes, sizes, and types. If you’re selecting a leg press machine for your (home) gym, you should know the difference.

We can divide leg press machines into three different categories:

  • Vertical leg press machines
  • 45 degree leg press machines
  • Upright leg press machines

There are some big differences in size, weight, weight limits, and the way you use them. Let’s take a look at what these types look like and the differences.

Vertical leg press machines

Vertical leg press machines are called that because the weight moves straight up and down while your back is parallel to the floor. They are the smallest category of leg press machines and that means they’re a very popular choice for home gyms. This type of machine is always plate-loaded.

The benefit of vertical leg press machines is that they are small, light, and relatively cheap. The drawbacks are that the movement is slightly different and the load limit is lower than other types of leg press.

You can find the vertical leg press machine I recommend for home gyms here.

45 degree leg press machines

The 45-degree leg press puts your torso at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Your legs are at an upward angle, pushing away the weight. Many people prefer the movement pattern of this type of machine. This type of machine is quite large and pricey, making it less popular for home gyms.

This type of machine can be plate-loaded or selectorized (weight stack with cable). Some machines of this type can double as a hack squat machine.

Upright leg press machines

The upright leg press is very similar to the 45-degree leg press except you’re sitting upright and your torso isn’t angled backward. There are two variations of this machine;

  • You push away the footplate
  • The feet stay in the same place while the seat moves on a sled.

This type of machine is most often selectorized but there are some plate-loaded versions available.

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Do I need a leg press machine in my home gym?

No, it’s not necessary. If you’ve got a power rack, barbells, and dumbbells, you’ve got enough other options to train your legs. You can build great legs with squats, deadlifts, lunges, and variations on those exercises.

There can be other reasons for wanting a leg press in your home gym though.

  • Back problems
    • Back problems are a legitimate reason to start looking at other options than squats and deadlifts. I personally have some back issues and I can’t squat heavy but leg presses are no problem.
  • You just like it
    • Sometimes you just have a preference for something. If you like leg pressing and you can fit one in your home gym, go for it!
  • Safety
    • Even though you might not have any injuries at the moment, you might in the future. The leg press is a bit more “foolproof” than deadlifts and squats.

If you’ve got the space and want one, it’s a great machine to have. It’s probably one of the more useful pieces of equipment next to a power rack. But it still only does one thing. If you’re dealing with a small space and have to choose one over the other, the power rack is way more useful.

Compact Type of Leg Press For a Home Gym

Since most home gyms don’t have a whole lot of space available, a vertical leg press makes the most sense. Vertical leg press machines take up the least amount of space and are the cheapest. The load limit is a bit lower than some of the commercial-grade leg press machines.

For most people, the load limitations of a vertical leg press won’t be a problem. The 400 to 500-pound load limit of this type of machine is plenty for most of the people that have a home gym.

If you’ve got a really big leg press and a large home gym, you can consider getting a 45-degree leg press machine. This type of machine can be loaded with the highest weight. They’re also heavy and quite expensive.

The load limit of the floor might also be a concern. Read more about gym equipment and floor loads here.

What’s the difference between a leg press and hack squat?

With a hack squat, the weight rests on your shoulders while the feet stay in place. That means the whole body from feet to shoulders is loaded. The leg press only loads the legs since the weight is transferred through the hips, leaving your torso and shoulders unloaded.  

Does a leg press machine need free space around it?

A leg press machine just needs enough space to move freely through the full range of motion and to get on and off it. More than that isn’t necessary but it’s nice not to be too close to other people while performing the exercise.

How much weight can a leg press machine handle?

There are big differences between the types of machines. Vertical leg press machines can generally handle 400 pounds. 45-degree leg press machines can handle anywhere from 600 to 2500 pounds. Horizontal leg press machines are usually selectorized where the weight stack ranges from 200 to 500 pounds.


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