3 Best 15 Kilogram Women’s Olympic Barbells

3 Best 15 Kilogram Women’s Olympic Barbells

Not all barbells are built the same and there can actually be some significant differences between them. one of those is weight. Do you need a 15 kilo barbell? Here are the best ones.

15 kilogram barbells are also known as women’s Olympic barbells. They are shorter, lighter and thinner than standard men’s Olympic barbells. The 15 kilogram barbells are better for people who need a lighter barbell and/or have small hands. They also work well in small gyms because they are shorter. 

Let’s look at a few of the best options for you below. Just want the best 15 kg barbell for a good price? Find it here on Amazon

Recommended 15 Kg Barbells

It can be difficult to choose a barbell. But in the end, they are pretty simple pieces of equipment. You just want something that works and lasts a long time without too many issues. 

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1. Synergee 15 Kg Regional Barbell

The best choice in this category is from Synergee. It’s affordable but sports some pretty impressive specs. 

  • 25 mm shaft diameter
  • 15 kg weight
  • 79.1” total length
  • Rated for 1500 lbs. of load. 
  • 190k PSI tensile strength
  • Needle bearings for smoothly rotating sleeves
  • Hard chrome coating for great corrosion resistance
  • Durable construction
  • 1.2 mm deep knurling

There are way fewer choices for 15 kg barbells than 20 kg barbells. But that doesn’t really matter if the choices you have are good to begin with. And Synergee is a brand that produces high quality workout equipment for very reasonable prices. The barbell above has great specs and doesn’t cost the world. 

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The 1500 lbs. rating means it is more than strong enough for pretty much anything a human can lift. The chrome coating is a nice touch that is uncommon at this price point. Chrome is a great and durable anti-corrosion coating. 

2. Synergee Games Cerakote

Synergee has a really strong lineup that’s hard to beat for the prices they ask. This bar is largely the same as the first one with one significant difference: The Cerakote coating. This is a super hard wearing ceramic coating.

You pay a little extra for this coating but you get more corrosion resistance, cool colors and a barbell that will keep looking nice for a very long time. They are available in black/black, black/red and black/pink.

Besides the coating, all the other specifications are the same as the first option.

3. Titan Fitness Technique Bar

Just want something cheap that works and weighs 15 kg? This Titan barbell does just that. It doesn’t cost much compared to the first two options but it’s not as good either.

It is a shorter bar (72″) and meant to be used for training your lifting technique but not lifting super heavy. If the reason you want a 15 kg barbell is that you can’t lift that much weight, this is a good barbell. However, if you want to be able to lift heavy but want the smaller 25 mm shaft diameter number 1 or 2 is better for you. That’s because this barbell is shorter and lighter but still has a 28mm shaft diameter.

The short sleeve length means you can’t load many plates on this bar and the 21,145 PSI tensile strength means it’s not very resistant to bending. If your lifts are under +-250 lbs. you’ll be perfectly fine though.


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