Rowing Machine Warranty. Which One Is Best?

A rowing machine is a big investment for your home gym. Spending that kind of money, you want it to be covered well. So what’s the best warranty you can get on a rowing machine? I did some digging and here are the results.

There are big differences in warranty conditions between brands and models. The three models with the best warranty are;

  1. BodyCraft VR400 & VR500
  2. Lifespan RW7000
  3. Body-Solid R300

Some brands or retailers offer extended warranties on these or other models.

To find the exact warranty conditions of these and many more rowing machines, keep reading.

Rowing machine warranty

Before deciding which warranty is the best, let’s look at all of the popular brands and see what they have to offer.

Sometimes the warranty conditions differ between different models of the same brand. That’s why I’ve listed different models on this list. Since this website is about home gyms, the warranty listed is for residential use. If you use the rower in any kind of commercial or institutional setting, the warranty conditions are often different.

The warranty listed below is the manufacturer warranty without any extensions. Your retailer might offer an extended warranty but this isn’t included in the list.

LifeSpanRW7000Frame: Lifetime Parts: 5 Years. Labor: 2 Years.
LifeSpanRW1000Frame: 5 Years. Parts: 2 Years. Labor: 1 Year
Life FitnessRow GXFrame: 5 years. Tank and seals: 3 years. Other parts: 2 years. Labor: 90 days.
Life FitnessRow HXFrame: 5 years. Tank and seals: 3 years. Mechanical parts: 2 years. Console: 1 year. Labor: 1 Year.
BodyCraftVR200Frame: Lifetime. Parts: 5 years. Wear items: 1 year. Labor: 1 year.
BodyCraftVR400Frame: Lifetime. Parts: 7 years. Wear items: 1 year. Labor: 2 year.
BodyCraftVR500Frame: Lifetime. Parts: 7 years. Wear items: 1 year. Labor: 2 year.
Body-SolidR300Frame: Lifetime. Parts: 5 years. Electronics: 2 years. Wear items: 6 months. Labor: 1 Year.
MarcyTurbine 2 Years
MarcyNS-40503RW2 Years
MarcyME-1018RE2 Years
MarcyNS-6002RE2 Years
MarcyNS-6070RW2 Years
MarcyNS-6023RW2 Years
Concept2Model DFrame+Frame parts: 5 years. Other parts: 2 years
Concept2Model EFrame+Frame parts: 5 years. Other parts: 2 years
Sunny HealthSF-RW5515Frame: 3 years. Parts 180 days.
Sunny HealthSF-RW1205Frame: 3 years. Parts 180 days.
Sunny HealthSF-RW5728Frame: 3 years. Parts 180 days.
Sunny HealthSF-RW5801Frame: 3 years. Parts 180 days.
Sunny HealthSF-RW5639Frame: 3 years. Parts 180 days.
Fitness Reality1000 PLUS1 Year Limited
Fitness Reality2000F1 Year Limited
Fitness Reality3000WR3 years
Fitness Reality4000MRFrame: 5 years. Parts: 3 years. Electronics&Wear items: 2 years.
ProForm440RFrame: 5 years. Parts & Labor: 90 days.
ProForm750RFrame: 10 years. Parts & Labor: 1 year
NordicTrackRW 200Frame: 10 years. Parts: 2 years. Labor: 1 year
NordicTrackRW 500Frame: 10 years. Parts: 2 years. Labor: 1 year
NordicTrackRW 900Frame: 10 years. Parts: 2 years. Labor: 1 year
SchwinnCrewmasterFrame: 10 years. Parts: 3 years. Labor: 1 year
StaminaXFrame: 3 years. Parts: 90 days.
HorizonOxford 3Frame: Lifetime. Electronics: 2 years. Parts: 1 year. Labor: 1 year
HorizonOxford 6Frame: Lifetime. Electronics: 3 years. Parts: 1 year. Labor: 1 year
ProGear7501 Year
XterraERG200Warranty: 1 year. Parts: 1 year
XterraERG500Frame: 5 years. Parts: 2 years. Labor: 90 days
XterraERG650Frame: Lifetime. Parts: 2 years. Labor: 1 year
XterraERG700Frame: Lifetime. Parts: 5 years. Labor: 1 year
WaterRowerClub1 Year
WaterRowerA11 Year
WaterRowerClassic1 Year
WaterRowerM11 Year
WaterRowerS11 Year

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Top 3 best rowing machine warranties

Now we have the full list of rowing machine warranties, we can take a look at which rower offers the best warranty.

Of course some brands have a few models, all with the same warranty. In that case just the brand will be mentioned. Only the length and conditions of the warranty have been taken into account. Not price, reliability, design, resistance, etc.

Here is the top 3 (plus 1)

  • BodyCraft VR400 & VR500
  • Lifespan RW7000
  • Body-Solid R300

This is the rower that’s the best option for home gyms! Find out which one it is and why by clicking here.

BodyCraft VR400 & VR500

The first place is shared between two models from BodyCraft. BodyCraft always makes super high quality products and has the warranty to back it up. The VR400 &VR500 are the two most expensive models in their range although they’re not the most expensive rowers you can get.

BodyCraft VR400 &VR500 Residential Warranty;

  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Parts: 7 Years
  • Wear items: 1 Year
  • Labor: 2 Years

These rowers have air + magnetic resistance so pretty much everyone can find a resistance setting they’ll be happy with while also providing the natural rowing feeling.

There isn’t really any compromise you have to make with this rower. It’s foldable. You can choose the computer you like best and there is an optional tablet holder so you can watch whatever you want during rowing.

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Lifespan RW7000

In second place is the Lifespan RW7000. A machine that’s very similar to the number one. It also uses air and magnetic resistance to combine the best of both worlds. It’s not the cheapest but also not the most expensive and it comes with great warranty.

The biggest difference is that you ‘only’ get 5 years of warranty on parts. That’s  2 years shorter than you get with the rowers named above. The other parts are the same so it’s still a really great warranty.

Lifespan RW7000 Residential Warranty;

  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Parts: 5 Years
  • Labor: 2 Years

As said, this machine competes directly with the BodyCraft ones and it shows. It’s very similar in many ways. It basically comes down to your preference.

Body-Solid R300

Finally, we have the Body-Solid R300. Coincidentally, this is another air +magnetic resistance rower that competes in the same price range as the others on this list. One of the advantages of competition is that you get to enjoy a great warranty.

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The big difference here is that labor is only one year and wear items 6 months. That’s partly offset by the 2 year warranty on electronics but that’s not enough to push it up a spot.

Body-Solid R300 Residential warranty;

  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Parts: 5 Years
  • Electronics: 2 Years
  • Wear items: 6 months
  • Labor: 1 Year

Missing something?

You might have noticed that the most well-known brands in the rowing machine world, Concept2, is missing. They only offer a 5 year warranty on structural parts and 2 years on wear parts. This is nowhere near as good as the machines mentioned above.

There are two things to keep in mind however;

While the Concept2 rowers aren’t cheap by any means, they’re a bit cheaper than the rowers in the list above except for the VR200. A higher price means the manufacturer can afford to give a better warranty. Hopefully that extra money will also go towards a higher quality product though.

Also, Concept2 rowing machines don’t really lose a lot of value on the second hand market compared to the other ones. That’s partly because they’re really well known but also because they’re good. Many people feel comfortable buying them second hand which means it’s likely you’ll never need the warranty.

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Should you get a rower with good warranty?

If you should pay attention to the warranty you get with a rowing machine depends on how much risk you want to take and how strongly you feel about your other criteria.

Warranty should just be one of the factors you use to decide which rower is best for you. In the first place, it has to be able to provide you with the workout you’re looking for. This means the right type of resistance and movement.

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Size and noise are two other considerations that are important to many.

And ultimately price is one of the most important deciding factors for most people. Warranty can be a tie-breaker if you’re stuck on choosing between two different models. It shouldn’t be the starting point of your search though.

The trade-off between price and warranty you have to decide for yourself. If two models are virtually the same but one is cheaper than the other while the other has better warranty, it really depends on how much money you want to save for the extra risk.

Personally I’d expect and want a piece of equipment that costs a significant amount of money like a rowing machine to come with a decent warranty. It just gives that extra peace of mind you need to spend that kind of cash. I also don’t expect something like that to break quickly but it can happen. And if it does, you’ll be happy you chose the model with the better warranty conditions.

Related questions

Is rowing machine warranty transferable to a new owner? Some brands have warranty policies that state that only extend to the original owner. Some have a warranty that only takes the purchase date into consideration. If you plan on selling your rowing machine within the warranty period it can be beneficial to get one with transferable warranty to make it easier to sell.

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