Shed Gym Floor Plan Examples: What You Can Do With a Shed

Sheds are usually not that large and seeing sizes on your screen is all well and good but many people like something more visual. I’ve made a few floor plans for home gyms that can work well in compact sheds. Enjoy!

You can find floor plans and layouts for gym shed sizes:

  • 8’x8′
  • 8’x10′
  • 8’x12′

Let’s get into what kind of gym you can build in that kind of shed.

8’ x 8’ Shed Gym Floor Plans

An 8’ by 8’ (244 cm x 244 cm) is the smallest size you should get if you’re planning to work out in your shed. This size will allow you to get the very basics and be able to use them.

Which sizes are best for building home gyms? I’ve written a whole post about that, click here to find it.

That isn’t a lot of things but you can do all the important exercises with them. It’s nothing fancy but it does what it has to do.

8’ x 8’ Shed gym floor plan
8’ x 8’ Shed gym 3D floor plans

As you can see, you’ll have enough space for a squat stand, barbell, and some plates. The plate tree used in the example above is a very large one. With a smaller plate tree, you’ll have a bit more space.

8’ x 10’ Shed Gym Floor Plans

If you get a slightly bigger shed that measures 8’ by 10’ (244cm by 305cm), you have a bit more room. Personally, I’d upgrade to a full power rack instead of a squat rack.

After that, a rack of dumbbells is a great addition to the equipment that already fits in the smaller shed. Dumbbells allow you to do different exercises than just a barbell and weight plates. More exercise options are always good. More exercise options mean your workouts can be more varied which is good for muscle growth and helps keep them interesting.

Going for a set of adjustable dumbbells will save a lot of space but they aren’t as nice to use as fixed dumbbells.

8’ x 10’ Shed gym floor plan
8’ x 10’ Shed gym 3D floor plan

8’ x 12’ Shed Gym Floor Plans

If you want a cardio machine in your shed, another two feet of length is what you need. Not all cardio machines are the same size. Between the types of machines, there is a big difference. Treadmills are the largest while exercise bikes take up the least amount of floor space.

While treadmills are big, you can make it work in an 8’x12′ shed. Using a treadmill with a folding deck can help free up some space after you use it. If you use an exercise bike, this is plenty of space.

Also, pay attention to the height of your shed. Do you still have enough headroom while standing on the treadmill?

8’ x 12’ Shed gym floor plan
8’ x 12’ Shed gym 3D floor plan

If you’re going for a large machine like a treadmill or elliptical trainer, you’re probably going to have to give up the large dumbbell rack. Both a full dumbbell rack and treadmill don’t leave quite enough space to do all the exercises. However, a fold-away rower or exercise bike would allow you to do still have a full barbell rack.

Make sure your shed is high enough to use the cardio machine. Click here to find more information about cardio machines and ceiling height.

However, if you want the treadmill, it doesn’t mean you can’t have dumbbells. Adjustable dumbbells are what you need in that case. Adjustable dumbbells are basically 15 sets of dumbbells or more in one which saves a lot of space.


Can you build a weightlifting gym in a shed?

A shed is a great place to create a weightlifting gym. Just be careful with the floor. Make sure the foundation is good and you have support all under the floor and put a good gym flooring or thick rubber mat down on top of the shed floor.
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Do you need extra ventilation in a gym shed?

If you have a basic shed, it’s a good idea to add some extra ventilation if you plan on working out in it. A roof vent or exhaust fan is good for basic ventilation but there are tons of options available.
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