What’s The Average Weight Of A Treadmill For A Home Gym?

Maybe you’re wondering if you can carry your treadmill up the stairs or maybe you’re even curious if your floor can hold the weight of a treadmill. I found out for you and here is what you want to know.

The average home treadmill weighs between 210 and 260 lbs. although some models can be as heavy as 450 lbs. or as light as 100 lbs. Besides size, the biggest factor in weight difference is the motor. A stronger motor is much heavier. Other factors that impact weight are build quality and features.

Of course treadmills come in different sizes and weights. You probably shouldn’t buy a treadmill based on weight alone. There are some other things to think about. Check out what you have to think about when shopping for a treadmill.

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How big and heavy are treadmills?

Not all treadmills are the same. There are a few types of treadmill that are suitable for home use. More on that below.

For home use, there are three types you should know about;

  • Manual treadmills
  • Motorized treadmills
  • Folding deck treadmills

For now, here’s a table of popular home treadmills and their measurements. I’ve included the sizes since most people will be interested in those as well.

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Motorized treadmill weight table

BrandModel/SeriesTreadmill weightWeight limit
Life FitnessT3243350
Sole FitnessF63254325
TR200 99250
TR300 207.2300
True FitnessM30220300
Performance 100297350
Performance 300308350
Performance 800330350
Excell 900428
3GLite Runner152300
Pro Runner216350
Elite Runner366400
Horizon FitnessT101180300
Sunny HealthSF-T7955166.4275
ProformPro 2000 Smart262300
Pro 9000263300
City L6125250
Carbon T7223300
Carbon T10223300
Average 244.37

As you can see, The average weight of a treadmill is 244 lbs./110 kg. Most treadmills range from 210 lbs. to 260 lb. but there are also plenty of models that are heavier or lighter than that. Weights range from about 100 to almost 500 lbs.

Higher quality and bigger treadmills tend to be heavier although there isn’t a direct correlation between weight and quality. Lightweight models are often small and have underpowered motors.

The exception is the Exterra TR150. That model is only 97 pounds while still having a 2.25HP engine and a 250 lbs. load limit. Its also relatively small for those specifications AND it folds up. If you’re looking for a light and small treadmill that can still do the job, the Exterra TR150 is a great choice. Get the TR150 here on Amazon.

If you’re looking for something with a strong engine, more features and great also folds away, here is my recommendation.

Manual treadmill weight table

BrandModelTypeWeight (lbs)Length (Inch)Width (Inch)Height (Inch)
Progear190Manual folding49472351
Sunny HealthSF-T7723Manual 110592755
Sunny HealthSF-T1407MManual folding46492350
Exerpeutic100XLManual folding73502950
CondfidenceManual folding4747.219.148
Phoenix98510Manual folding4546.521.150

Here you can see that the average weight of a manual treadmill is 62 pounds with most models being between 45 and 50 lbs.

The Sunny health SF-T7723 is quite a bit heavier at 110 lbs. It’s also one of the better manual treadmills you can get with a high load limit of 300 lbs. The drawback is that it doesn’t fold up so it takes up a bit more space.

For the person that wants a high quality manual treadmill with a higher load limit, the Sunny health SF-T7723 is a good choice. Get it here on Amazon.

Types of treadmills

As I’ve already mentioned before, there are different types of treadmills you should know about. The main types are;

  • Manual treadmills
  • Motorized treadmills
  • Folding deck treadmills

There are also commercial treadmills available but those are not suitable for most home gyms.

Manual treadmills

Manual treadmills don’t have a motor to move the belt. Your own leg movement will be used to move the belt. This type of treadmill is often the cheapest, smallest and lightest. They’re quite limited in functionality. There are no programs and screens.

While they’re the cheapest way to get into shape in your home, they are a bit too limited for most people. Especially since the top speed of most manual treadmills is about 4 miles an hour. This means you can only walk at a brisk pace but not run.

However, there are high end manual treadmills that can be used at high speeds. However, they cost more than a good motorized treadmill.

Motorized treadmills

This is what most people have in mind when they think about a treadmill. A motor moves the belt you’re walking on. This means you have to keep up with the machine instead of keeping the machine moving. There is a wide variety of machines in this category.

Some are very high quality while some are cheap. They can come with basic controls or large screens with hundreds of different programs. For most people a motorized treadmill will be the right choice

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Folding deck treadmills

Folding deck treadmills are great space savers. The deck you walk on can fold up so you can use the floor space for something else. Great for small home gyms! They come in both manual and motorized forms.

If you’re looking for a treadmill for a home gym, definitely keep an eye out for this type of functionality.

What’s the weight limit of a treadmill?

Besides knowing what a treadmill weighs, it’s also good to know what the weight limit of a treadmill is. Loading a treadmill heavier than recommended can wear and burn out the motor quicker than it should. That means you should check the weight limit of a treadmill before you buy to see if it’s suitable for you.

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The frame, deck, rails and motor are all built to support a certain weight. Sure, there will be some safety margins but do you want to test them? Also, some cheaper brands tend to overstate their load limits to make their treadmill look higher quality than it actually is.

Besides the official load limit of a treadmill, the motor is an important part to look at. Walking or running puts stress on the motor. The heavier you are, the more stress the motor has to deal with. Having a motor that can put out more power is less likely to be overloaded.

For manual treadmills, the motor isn’t important since there isn’t one.

Here is a table with the weight limits and motor strengths of different popular models.

BrandModelTypeWeight limit (lbs)Motor
NordicTrackT6.5SMotorized3002.6 Hp
Xterra TR150Folding Motorized2502.25 Hp
XterraTRX2500Folding Motorized3002.25Hp
XterraTRX4500Folding Motorized3503.25 Hp
MeraxFolding Motorized2401.5HP
SereneLifeSLFTRD18Folding Motorized2651 HP
ProForm505 CSTFolding Motorized3252.5HP
NautilusT616Folding Motorized3503 HP
NautilusT618Folding Motorized3503.5 HP

Here you can see that the average weight limit of a motorized treadmill is about 300 lbs. The lowest weight limit is 240 lbs. while the highest is 350 lbs. You can also see that the treadmills with the higher load limits, tend to have stronger motors as well.

BrandModelTypeWeight limit (lbs)
Progear190Manual folding230
Sunny HealthSF-T7723Manual 300
Sunny HealthSF-T1407MManual folding220
Exerpeutic100XLManual folding325
CondfidenceManual folding220
Phoenix98510Manual folding250

The average load limit of manual treadmills is a lot lower than motorized ones at 258 lbs. Most models offer a weight limit of 200 to 250 lbs. The treadmills with a higher load limit are heavier as well. This indicates that a heavier and stronger frame is necessary for higher load limits.

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How long should a treadmill deck be? For walking, a length of 55” is enough for people that are 5’7 to 6’4 tall. For running those people will need a deck length of 60”. For people shorter than 5’7, deck lengths of 52” and 58” are enough for walking and running.  

How high is the average treadmill deck? The average treadmill deck is 8” to 9” high. For people with bad mobility or low ceilings, there are treadmills available that are as low as 4.5”.

Do you need a commercial grade treadmill for a home gym? No, commercial treadmills are made to be used day in day out for many hours a day. They also often come with professional support and maintenance contracts. That is just too much for home use. Those contracts are not necessary for home gyms.

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