What’s The Best Television Size For A Home Gym?

The TV can be the finishing touch to your home gym. But which size is suitable? Keep reading to find out.

What’s the best TV size for a home gym? The best TV size depends on how far you are away from the screen. In a 250 sq. ft. the distance to the screen is likely to be about 8’ away from the screen. A 55” diagonal TV would be optimal. Depending on the workout style, gym TV’s can be a bit smaller than optimal.

The complete answer is a bit more complicated. Find out how to calculate the optimal screen size for your gym TV below.

How big should a home gym TV be?

There is not a single answer to that question since it depends on a few different factors.

The two most important factors are;

  • Your gym size
  • The purpose of the TV in your gym

Besides that, money is also an important consideration for many people although that doesn’t influence what is optimal.

The optimal size of the TV depends on the size of your home gym. And not necessarily the square footage. What’s important is how far you are away from your TV. In general you’ll be further away from the screen in a bigger gym but not necessarily. The distance to the screen decides what the optimal screen size is.

Here’s what you need to do to find out your optimal gym TV size;

  • Where will you mount the TV? Usually On the wall. Other options are possible but a bit more vulnerable in a home gym.
  • From where will you look at the screen the most often? Which place in your gym do you spend the most time? And where do you spend the most time AND you can pay attention. Often this will be a cardio machine.
  • What’s the distance between those two points? Simply measure.
  • Plug your numbers into this simple calculator: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/by-size/size-to-distance-relationship

Let’s say you have a 250 sq. ft. home gym. That’s by no means large but big enough to do everything you want. That gym could be 12.5’ X 20’. Let’s say you put a treadmill along the short wall and mount a TV on the wall in front of it. You never walk on the rear of a treadmill so you’ll be about 8’ away from the screen. According to the calculator above, you’d need a 55” TV.

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The number from that calculator is for a home theater or similar. A gym isn’t a home theater. While it might be nice to have a TV of that size, that might not be necessary. It really depends on the second deciding factor, the purpose of that TV.

If you don’t expect a home cinema experience, you can easily get a TV that’s one or two sizes smaller than that without any problems. That would mean a TV with a screen size of +- 43” to 50” will work for most purposes.

TV purpose in home gym

There are many people that often use the TV in their home gym.

  • Background music/noise
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Following along with workout videos
  • Having something to watch during rest periods.
  • Watching a movie/TV series

Most of those purposes don’t actually require a really big screen. Watching a movie or TV series is better if the screen is sized properly but  for all the other purposes you can easily get away with a smaller TV.

The purpose of the TV in your home gym largely depends on your workout style. People that are powerlifting or bodybuilding can’t really concentrate on watching TV during their sets. That means only the rest periods between two sets can be used to watch TV. Those rest periods will be at different places in the gym as well. This person is probably not going to concentrate on a whole movie but have the news or other shorter videos on the screen. A big TV isn’t necessary in this case.

The other extreme is someone who’s doing low intensity steady state cardio for a couple of hours every day. During cardio you stay in one place, you’ve got more time and a distraction is even welcomed. That means a bigger screen is likely to be very welcome and might even make your workouts a bit more comfortable.

Decide for yourself what applies to you. Either way, it isn’t necessary to go bigger than you found in the calculator linked above. Too big has it’s downsides too.

Downsides to wrong size TV

What is the problem if you get a TV that’s too big or small for your gym?

While it’s certainly not the end of the world, there are a few downsides to having a TV that’s the wrong size.

  • Being too close to a big screen makes it difficult to see the whole picture.
  • A TV that’s too big is easily damaged during a workout. Especially in a smaller gym
  • A TV that’s too small can stress your eyes.

As said, all of those things aren’t horrible although they can be irritating.

Of course there is a range of TV sizes that are ‘right’ As long as you don’t get a 100” TV where 40 is appropriate, you’ll be fine. In the end the TV in your gym is likely not as important as the one in your living or bedroom. The times you’ll be watching a full movie in your home gym will probably be pretty limited.

Fort that reason, if you want to save some money, it’s absolutely fine to get a slightly smaller TV than optimal. The sound quality and level is going to be more important for most people than the size of the screen.

But it’s all about your priorities. If you’re doing steady state cardio for 2 hours a day, you might want to get a bigger TV because you’ll spend a lot of time in front of it and you have time to actually pay attention.

If you’re powerlifting, there isn’t much time during your workout you can actually look at the TV. You can only really pay attention to the TV during your rest periods. In that case it’s less likely you’re going to watch a complete movie but are more likely to watch something like the news. That means a smaller TV is fine.

So think about what you do in your gym, when you can watch your TV and if you want to spend money on a bigger TV than necessary.

Related questions

How high should you mount a home gym TV? The best mounting height for a TV in your home gym is 5’11 (180cm). This is for an average height man (5’9/175cm) on a treadmill. This height is the most comfortable and safest.  If you’re taller or shorter you might have to adjust accordingly.

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