Comparing Gym Tile Prices: Rubber vs. Foam vs. Rubber-Topped

Curious about the cost of rubber gym flooring for your home workout space? Well, you’re in for a treat because we’re about to give you the raw numbers! When it comes to rubber gym flooring, prices can vary depending on factors like quality, thickness, area size, and even where you make your purchase. So, let’s dive into the numbers and discover interlocking tile pricing trends. Get ready to level up your home gym without breaking the bank!

Rubber gym puzzle tiles cost an average of $5 per square foot, while foam gym tiles range from $0.73 to $2.92 per square foot. Rubber-topped foam tiles are priced between $2.50 and $5.83 per square foot. The prices reflect differences in material quality and thickness. 

Intrigued by the potential cost of interlocking tiles for your home workout room? Well, get ready for some revealing insights! Let’s dive into the numbers and explore interlocking tile pricing. Or click here to find the best gym flooring for all types of home gyms.

Comparing Interlocking Gym Tile Prices

Here is a quick rundown of the prices you can expect to pay for the different types of gym floor tiles. 

  • Rubber Gym Tiles: Rubber gym puzzle tiles cost a little over $5 per square foot with prices ranging from $2.17 to over $11 per square foot.
  • Foam Gym Tiles: Foam gym flooring costs from $0,73 to $2,92. The average price of foam tiles is $1,65 per square foot.
  • Rubber-Topped Gym Tiles: Prices range from $2,50 to $5,83 per square foot. The average price of rubber-topped foam tiles is $3,34.

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The prices of gym tiles differ quite a bit depending on the material. The different materials have their pros and cons but, the price generally reflects the quality and durability of the tiles. Rubber tends to be the best workout flooring in most situations but is the most expensive. 

Price differences between tiles made from different materials are mostly explained by thickness and quality differences.

If you’re leaning towards rubber interlocking tiles for your workout room, also check the prices of rubber rolls, they’re actually more affordable for bigger surfaces. 

Rubber Interlocking Gym Flooring Tile Price Chart

Rubber tiles are the most expensive type of gym tile. They are also the best choice in most cases. Rubber gym tiles are the most durable, shock-resistant, and water-resistant out of these three options. They’re also very easy to maintain.

Table 1
NamePriceSq. Ft.Price/sq. Ft.
Xspec 5/16”130482.71
CyclingDeal 5/8” High Density10016.146.20
Eco-Sport 25mm12010.711.21
Rubber King Tiles8223.53.49
MYOYAY Heavy Duty Tiles11311.1210.16
Genaflex Playsafer 10 tiles170286.07
Genaflex Playsafer 30 tiles410815.06
Norsk Rubber-Tec5017.642.83
Versatex Diamond Plate39182.17

Rubber gym puzzle tiles cost a little over $5 per square foot with prices ranging from $2.17 to over $11 per square foot. The thickness and quality are the main things that impact the price.  

For an 8’ x 10’ (80 sq. Ft.) workout room, that means you can expect to pay $173,6 to $880+. That is obviously a massive difference, some of which can be explained by quality, country of origin, and used materials. For most people, using rubber tiles around the $5 average is fine for a home gym. That means you can expect to spend about $400 to completely floor an 80-square-foot gym with rubber tiles.  

The chart above shows MSRP prices without shipping, handling, and installation.

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Foam Puzzle Gym Flooring Tiles Price Chart

Prices of foam gym puzzle tiles can vary depending on various factors such as brand, quality, thickness, and size of the tiles, but are generally the cheapest type of tile.

Foam puzzle flooring tiles range in price from around $0,75 to just under $3 per square foot. Higher-quality or thicker tiles are usually more expensive, while thinner or lower-quality options are more affordable. It’s essential to consider your specific requirements, such as the desired thickness and size of the tiles, to determine the exact cost.

Here is a chart that shows the prices per square foot of many popular foam tiles.

Foam Interlocking Gym Tiles Prices
NameThickness (in)Thickness (mm)Price/sq. Ft. (US$)Type
ProSourceFit Puzzle Exercise Tile 6-pack0.5”12.70.92Foam
ProSourceFit Puzzle Exercise Tile 36-pack0.5”12.70.73Foam
ProSourceFit Extra Thick 6-Pack1”25.42.08Foam
ProSourceFit Extra Thick 18-Pack1”25.41.53Foam
BalanceFrom 24-pack0.5”12.71.04Foam
BalanceFrom 24-pack0.75”191.96Foam
BalanceFrom 24-pack1”25.42.29Foam
Yes4All Interlocking Tiles 24-pack0.437”111.19Foam
StillCool Puzzle Exercise Tiles0.375”9.51.9Foam
Spec interlocking Gym Floor Tiles1”25.42.92Foam

Foam gym flooring costs from $0,73 to $2,92. The average price of foam tiles is $1,65 per square foot. Thinner foam tiles are significantly cheaper while buying larger amounts can also give significant discounts. 

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Rubber Topped Puzzle Tile Price Chart

Rubber-topped foam tiles are an interesting type of tile for home gyms. That’s the foam tile with a layer of rubber adhered to it. The rubber layer goes on top, the foam at the bottom. 

Putting a layer of rubber on top of the foam means these tiles have the durability, grip, water resistance, and impact resistance of rubber, as well as better noise damping, combined with the softer, more comfortable foam. While rubber-topped tiles aren’t as good as full rubber flooring, these tiles are better than foam-only tiles. Rubber-topped tiles are more expensive than foam tiles however, they’re still cheaper than full rubber tiles. 

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Foam + Rubber Interlocking Gym Tiles Prices
NameThickness (in)Thickness (mm)Price/Sq. Ft. (US$)Type
Xspec 0.55”13.92.7Foam + Rubber
SuperJare0.56”14.22.5Foam + Rubber
Holymus0.5”12.73.08Foam + Rubber
VEVOR 0.5”12.72.63Foam + Rubber
Sivan 0.5”12.72.71Foam + Rubber
ProSourceFit 6-pack0.5”12.72.62Foam + Rubber
ProsourceFit 6-pack0.75”193.54Foam + Rubber
ProSourceFit 12- pack0.5”12.72.29Foam + Rubber
ProSourceFit 12- pack0.75”193.12Foam + Rubber
IncStores 6-Pack0.75”195.83Foam + Rubber
IncStores 20-Pack0.75”195.75Foam + Rubber

Rubber-topped foam gym flooring is quite a bit more expensive than normal foam tiles. Prices range from $2,50 to $5,83 per square foot. The average price of rubber-topped foam tiles is $3,34.

While these tiles cost more, they are also more durable and perform better so in the long run, it’s going to be worth the extra cash. However, you might also want to look at fully rubber tiles and rolls, while those are more expensive, they are also just better as gym flooring.


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