How Big Is A Spin Bike +How Much Space Do You Need For It?

A spin bike is a really effective compact tool to get into shape. But how much space does it take up and do you need to actually use it?

The average spin bike has a foot print of 21.7” by 50.4”. (55 x 128 cm) Widths range from 17” to 25” (43.2 x 63.5 cm) while lengths range from 41” to 63” (104 x 160 cm). To be able to properly work out on a spin bike you need to have a space of 4’ by 6’ (121.9 x 182.8 cm) free.

Let’s dive into the details of how big spin bikes are, how much space they need and how you can store you bike properly.

Spin Bike Dimensions

Spin bikes are one of the most compact cardio machines you can get your hands on. However, they still take up some space and you need to follow a few guidelines to have enough space to properly use them.

That said, something like a treadmill or elliptical trainer will take up much more space. Let’s take a look at the sizes of spin bikes. I’ve compiled a list of the most popular models on the market and their sizes.

SchwinnIC3Spin bike234549
IC4Spin bike21.248.751.8
Life FitnessIC4Spin bike20.55247.2
IC5Spin bike20.55247.2
IC6Spin bike20.55247.2
IC7Spin bike2055240.2
PelotonBike BasicsSpin bike235953
Bike+ BasicsSpin bike225959
NordictrackS15I StudioSpin bike226058
S22i StudioSpin bike226360
ProformStudio Pro 22Spin bike21.956.554
Studio ProSpin bike21.956.552
Carbon CXSpin bike21.952.551
Sole FitnessJohnny GSpin bike204349
SB700Spin bike214042
Sunny HealthSF-B1879Spin224950.5
MarcyRevolution CycleSpin bike174140
JX-7038Spin bike20.545.546
XTerraMB550Spin bike22.445.738.6
MBX2500Spin bike20.556.353.2
YosudaSpin bikeSpin bike21.6540.1646.06

The average spin bike has a foot print of 21.7” by 50.4”. The variability between spin bike sizes isn’t as large as some other types of stationary exercise bikes. The format is pretty well defined and there isn’t that much that changes between bikes. Sure there are big differences in quality and how it looks but how it’s actually laid out is pretty consistent.

Since spin bikes don’t have plastic shrouds or big consoles, that’s not a factor that makes a difference.

Let’s look at the different dimensions in a bit more detail.

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Image of exercise bikes in a gym
Spin bikes can be quite close to each other.


The average width of a spin bike is 21.7”/ 55.1 cm. Widths range from 17” to 25” The widest parts of spin bikes are usually the handlebars. However, the pedals and stability braces are also pretty wide.

Another dimension to pay attention to is how far the pedals are from each other, also known as the “Q-factor”. Wider is usually considered better since most spin bikes feel a bit narrow. There are limits though.


The average length of a spin bike is 50.4” and 128 cm. Lengths range from 41” to 63” (104 to 160 cm).

Some frames are just a little bigger than others. The seating position on a spin bike is often bent over pretty far. When exercising you’ll often at least put your hands on the handlebars or even rest your elbows on the bars. Of course when you have a taller torso and you bend over, you end up further forward.

So while spin bikes are usually adjustable, if a frame is short, you only have so much room to play with. If you’re tall, a longer frame will make it a lot easier to adjust the bike to your needs.

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The average height of a spin bike is 49.5”/125.7 cm.

For the amount of space you need to use, the height doesn’t really matter all that much. Also, height is usually adjustable. On most spin bikes both the seats and handlebars are adjustable in height which changes the overall height.

You want to be able to set the seat high enough so you can set the seat height correct for your height. The seat height on a spin bike should be set to the same height as the top of your hip bone. Stand up straight next to the bike, put your thumb on top of your hip bone, extend your hand to the side. The palm of your hand should rest on the top of the saddle.

So if you’re a person with long legs, a taller spin bike is a good idea.

If you’re worried about ceiling height, it’s probably not an issue with a spin bike. If you can stand up in the room and still have about 5” of headroom, you’re fine. If you have a ceiling you can’t really stand up comfortably under, it’ll be a problem. In that case check out indoor rowers. It’s a different exercise but also a great cardio tool.

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How much space does a spin bike need?

Just looking at the foot print of a workout machine doesn’t really tell you the whole story. Most gym equipment needs a bit more space than just the foot print to be able to use it properly. Spin bikes are no different. You need a bit more space around a spin bike to be able to use it. But how much space are we talking about?

Image of a woman on a spin bike
Spin bikes are quite compact and easy to move around.

Besides having the actual space to place the bike you want to be able to do a few things;

  • Easily get on and off the bike
  • Enough length so the flywheel doesn’t hit the wall/anything
  • Enough length so you can bend over without your head or butt hitting anything
  • Enough width to fit your shoulders and not hit anything while cycling

To use an average sized spin bike, a floor space of 4’ by 6’ is necessary. That’s the minimum amount of space you should have available. This allows you to use the bike in all positions you want and have enough space to get on and off the bike.

If you’ve got a spin bike that’s larger than average, just adding a few extra inches on both sides will work fine.

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The recommended width (4’) is quite a bit wider than the width of the bike but this makes is much possible to get on and off the bike. You need space on the sides because mounting the bike from the front or rear is going to make your life pretty difficult.

The length of 6’ can easily fit the bike and also allows you to have a bit of space on both ends. The flywheel on a spin bike is exposed so you want to make really sure it doesn’t interfere with anything. At the same time you really don’t want your behind or especially head to hit the wall when going hard.

6’ is enough to not worry about the flywheel or your head.

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That minimum amount of space is just that. However, if you had a closet of that size, you would be able to use the spin bike but it won’t be a lot of fun.

You want some more space on at least one side but preferably on two sides. This allows for some airflow which is very welcome during a hard workout.

Also, don’t try to put the bike in a spot where people frequently have to squeeze past. This will disturb your workout which isn’t good for anyone. It’s also easy to hurt yourself on the pedals or handlebars when trying to squeeze past it.

If you want a TV to make your cardio workouts a bit more bearable, you need to be at least 6 feet away from the wall the TV is mounted on. Otherwise you’re just too close. However, because of the seating position on this type of exercise bike, watching TV isn’t going to be great for your neck.

A tablet or phone holder on the bike is going to be much easier to see and can provide the same distraction a TV can.

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One benefit of spin bikes is that they’re relatively small and light. Many models even come with a handle on one side and little wheels on the other. That makes them very easy to move around. So when you’re done with your workout, just push it into the corner and it only takes up the actual size they are.

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Storage for a longer period of time is easy too. There are no electronics to worry about so humidity isn’t as much of a problem as some other bikes. Corrosion can still be a problem in extreme cases though.  Spin bikes are usually pretty simple and sturdy so there’s not much that can go wrong. You can even stack some things on top of the bike as long as it’s not too heavy.

Make sure the bike is in good condition before putting it away. Lubricate everything that has to be lubricated. Put the seat and handlebars in the lowest position. If you have a cover that fits over the bike, use it for long term storage.

Favorite Cardio Accessories

Check out these accessories that improve a home cardio workout:

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  • Tablet holder: Cardio can be boring. With this tablet holder (Amazon) you can follow along with on-demand workouts or just watch a movie on any cardio machine.
  • Heart rate monitor: Monitoring your heart rate is very important while doing cardio. The Polar H10 (Amazon) connects to almost anything you can imagine and is very accurate.

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