How Much Do Leg Press Machines Cost? Should You Get One?

The leg press machine is one of the most popular lower body machines in the gym. How much can you expect to pay for a good one and should you get one for your home gym? Let’s find out.

The average price of a leg press machine is around $3175. Prices range from $500 to over $6000. To get a commercial quality leg press machine, expect to pay well over $3000. For a home gym, a slightly cheaper model will suffice. There are simple models for a home gym available for around $2000..

Below you can find a list of models and prices so you can see for yourself. You’ll also find what type of leg press is best for you and what the alternatives are.

Leg press prices

Here is a list of leg press machine prices. These are MSRP at the time of writing. Of course over time prices can vary. And retail price can vary from MSRP.

RogueIso leg press 3545 Degree4750Plate
Body-SolidGLPH110045 Degree2500Plate
Body-SolidLVLP45 Degree4650Plate
BodyCraftF66045 Degree2700Plate
Titan FitnessLeg press hack squat45 Degree1200Plate
Titan FitnessLinear hack squat/ leg pressUpright700Plate
FORCE USAMonster ultimate 4545 Degree2300Plate
FORCE USACompactUpright1000Plate
TuffstuffPPL-96045 Degree5000Plate
TuffStuffPPD-83045 Degree6850Selectorized
PowertecCompact sledUpright1050Plate
PowertecLeg press45 Degree1500Plate
Hammer StrengthHSLLP45 Degree5400Plate

The average price of a leg press machine is around $3175. There is a wide range of prices from $700 to over $6000. To get a commercial quality leg press machine, expect to pay well over $3000. For a home gym, a slightly cheaper model will suffice. There are simple models for a home gym available for around $2000.

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Leg press machine for a home gym?

Leg press machines aren’t only quite pricey, they’re also big machines and you need a big set of weight plates to load them heavily. In a home gym setting this isn’t always attainable.

Should you get one for your home gym? Only if you have the money, space and are very sure you’re going to use it often. There are alternative exercises to the leg press that develop the lower body. Most of those exercises require equipment that’s more commonly found in a home gym.

Of course if you’ve got the money and space, go for it. It is a good tool to have but it shouldn’t be on the top of the list for most home gym owners. If you don’t have a fully functional setup yet (maybe minus some leg developers), focus on that first. Get a multi-gym or a full free weights setup first.

Below you can find two alternatives that could make a leg press machine possible for you.

Plate loaded or selectorized leg press machine?

If you want to get a leg press machine for you home gym, should you go for a plate loaded or a selectorized one? Plate loaded models need weight plates to be loaded onto the pegs. Selectorized models have a built in weight stack and you pick the amount of weight you want to push by putting a selector pin in the correct hole.

There are some pros and cons to both types:

Pros of a plate loaded leg press

  • Can be cheaper
  • Can often be loaded heavier
  • Many double as hack squat machine

Pros of a selectorized leg press

  • Easier to use
  • Don’t need a weight plate set
  • Often look more approachable
  • Tend to have a more comfortable upright seating position

The cheapest leg press machines are plate loaded. So if you already have a set of weight plates, a plate loaded machine is the best choice. They also often provide an extra exercise option in the form of a hack squat. The downside is that plate loaded leg press machines are often the 45 degree type. That means you lay back and have to push the weight up at a 45 degree angle. This is a little less comfortable and more difficult to get into position.

However, if you don’t have a set of weight plates yet, a selectorized leg press machine can be worthwhile. You can find refurbished models for around $3000. Still not cheap but weight plates are expensive too.

Woman leg pressing on a horizontal leg press
Example of a horizontal, selectorized leg press machine


Are the machines above a bit too big, expensive and cumbersome for your home gym? Here are two alternatives that might work for you.

Multi-gym add-on

If you don’t only need a leg press but also want other strength building machines for your home gym, consider a multi-gym with leg press attachment. A multi-gym is a single piece of home gym equipment that combines a lot of strength building machines into one.

They can provide the option for a full body workout with tons of different exercise options. And some models have the option to attach a leg press to it. Most multi-gyms have leg building exercise options but the leg press is not common. However, there are quite a few models that have a leg press extension as an option.

Find the best multi-gyms with leg press attachment here

Vertical leg press

I didn’t include the vertical leg press type in the list above. That’s because they are quite different from the types you are probably used to. Vertical leg presses are a bit different. They’re smaller and cheaper but also a little uncomfortable and don’t have as high a load limit. However, for a home gym this isn’t a terrible option if you really want a leg press machine.

A vertical leg press is just what it sounds like. The weight moves straight up and down. The picture below will explain it much faster than words ever could. Check it out.

Vertical leg presses are pretty compact and affordable and while the movement pattern is a bit different than a good upright or 45 degree leg press machine, it’s a good compromise if you can get in the position.

If you want a vertical leg press with high load limit, check out the TDS Premier (Amazon link). It has a very solid build and a 1000 lbs. load limit. Most other vertical models max out at about 400 lbs. so this one provides significantly more potential weight.


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