How Much Does An Elliptical Trainer For Home Use Cost? +Examples

An elliptical trainer is a great addition to your home gym. But how much can you expect to pay for one and how much do you have to pay for a decent one? I’ve done some research and here are the results.

The average price of an elliptical trainer is a little over $2200. Prices range from $179 to $7000+ A good elliptical machine can be bought for $800 to $2000. More expensive models will improve on build quality, smoothness of action, warranty and features.

If you want to know exactly what you can expect for your money, keep reading to find out.

Elliptical trainer price list

Here is a list of the most popular elliptical trainers and their price. This is the price that is currently listed on the manufacturer’s website without any add-ons like shipping, handling and extended warranty.

Body SolidBFCT1842
BowflexMax Total2799
Max M82299
Max M61699
Horizon FitnessEX-59599
7.0 AE999
Peak Trainer899
Octane FitnessQ352199
Sunny HealthSF-E3903349.99
Schwinn470 Elliptical899
430 Elliptical799
411 Elliptical499

As you can see the average price of an elliptical trainer is a little more than $2200. That average really doesn’t tell the whole story however. You can see that there is a huge range of different prices.

The prices of elliptical trainers range from $179 to $7899. You’ll be hard pressed to find a piece of gym equipment that has such a wide variety of prices. The majority of elliptical machines cost between $800 and $3000. However, that’s still only a small majority of the list you can find above.

Because elliptical trainers are available at so many price points, you’ll understand that there are huge differences between the different machines. That’s why below I’ll explain what you can expect to get for your money at a few different price points.

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What kind of crosstrainer can you expect for your money?

There is a really wide range of prices for elliptical trainers. Even though the list above only has models that are meant for home use, there are some really expensive machines but also some cheaper ones. Is there any benefit to paying 5x as much for an elliptical trainer?

Here’s what you roughly can expect in the different price ranges.

  • Low end: $0 – $500
  • Lower mid-range: $500 – $1500
  • Upper mid-range $1500 – $3000
  • High end: $3000 +

These descriptions are pretty general. You can always find the exception to the rule but the descriptions below will be accurate for the majority of machines in that price bracket.

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Low end

Under $500 there is still a lot available. Obviously they’re not going to have all the different features you could imagine but some of these will get the job done.

Be careful shopping in this price range however. While there are some good models, there are also plenty of machines in this bracket that are better left in the shop. Make sure to read plenty of reviews and try it out if you can.

Common characteristics in this price brackets are;

  • Smaller size
  • Usually choppy motion
  • Small flywheel
  • Limited features

Most of the machines in this price range will have a smaller size that the more expensive ones. This could be a problem for taller people since they’ll need a longer stride length.

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While you can get a machine in this price range that’s reasonably smooth, many won’t be what you want. For occasional use these machines can be good but for the more fitness minded person, it’s probably better to spend a bit more money.

The features are often also quite limited. Some trainers in this bracket don’t have a display that tracks different metrics like time and distance. They just have a knob to adjust the resistance.

Lower mid-range

In the lower mid-range ($500 to $1500), you can expect an elliptical trainer that is significantly better than the ones that fall into the entry level.

The frames of these types will be a bit larger and stronger. This makes the machines heavier but also more durable and will feel more stable when using it.

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These machines come with consoles where you can easily see time, distance, calories, speed, etc. and adjust the resistance with buttons from the console. More attention is paid to smoothness and noise production as well making these machines much more comfortable to use.

Most people that are looking for a relatively simple elliptical trainer with basic features like a digital display, smooth ride and sturdy build quality, will be best off by shopping in this price bracket. Especially towards the upper limit of this range ($1000 – $1500).

Upper mid-range

In this price bracket, you can get a very good machine that does pretty much everything you want from it. Here you’ll start getting bigger displays with a ton of functionality. Very heavy duty frames, better warranty and very smooth action.

Some other features include bleutooth connectivity and the option to connect with certain fitness apps. Built in speakers, very quiet operation, and better designed pedals and levers so you can find a setting that’s perfect for you and doesn’t hurt you.

Shop in this category if you’re looking for an elliptical trainer for your home gym that is similar to the ones you’ll find in a commercial gym. You need plenty of features and you’ll be using your elliptical machine multiple times a week if not daily for a long time.

High end

The best of the best. Even though the high end price bracket starts around $3000 there are still a lot of machines that are much more expensive than that. However, at this point you’ll start to see diminishing returns.

The difference between a $3000 and $5000 elliptical trainer isn’t as big as between a $500 and $1500 one. That said, you’ll still see some improvements but they are quite specific like warranty, certain features, size, etc. If you really, really need one of those specifics, you’ll have to pay for it.  

If you just want a machine that’s built like a tank, does everything you could want from an elliptical trainer, amazing warranty conditions and has all the features you could imagine, a high end model is for you.

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Frankly, you probably don’t need an elliptical machine that costs this much. You can get a very good elliptical trainer in one of the mid-range price brackets. As is always the case with high end products, they’re for a small group of people that have a lot of money and want something that’s just amazing or does something very specific. If that’s you, that’s awesome. If not, you probably won’t miss out on all that much by shopping in the upper mid-range price range.

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