3 Best Indoor Rowing Machines Under $400 +What To Look For

Can you find good indoor rowing machines for less than $400? Here are the 3 best options for indoor rowers under $400 and what you can expect from them.

Under $400 you can find an indoor rower that provides a tough workout and will last. It is just possible to get a rower with air resistance under $400 and will provide the most resistance and best rowing experience. Magnetic rowers are dependable and there are many good options under $400.

Let’s dive into what the three best indoor rowing machines in this price range are and what you can expect. Below, you can also find a list of all the available rowers in this price range.

3 Best Indoor Rowers Under $400

image of a woman using and indoor rowing machine

Now we know what we are looking for, let’s see if we can find the best indoor rower for under $400.

1. Marcy NS-6050RE

The best rower under $400 is the Marcy NS-6050RE

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a beginner or experienced, this is a good rowing machine in this price range. Why is this?

  • Air resistance for a natural feel
  • Added magnetic resistance in 8 levels for extra control over resistance
  • Can fold up for easy storage
  • 300 lbs. weight limit
  • Digital display that can show; Total strokes, Time, Distance, Calories, Strokes per minute.
  • Comfortable seat
  • Non-slip pedals with strap
  • Aluminum slide rail with rollers

This is a very solid rowing machine with a solid construction, smooth movement and good movement pattern that’s hard to beat for the price.

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Air resistance gives you a natural feel because the harder you pull, the higher the resistance becomes. The magnetic resistance allows you to adjust the base level of resistance. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Besides that, it stores easily since you can fold it up and has built in wheels so you can easily put it away.

The warranty isn’t great but neither are the ones of competing brands so this is one of the sacrifices you make with a cheaper model. Otherwise this machine does its job. It’s durable, pretty smooth and comfortable to use. There aren’t any bells and whistles but does the basics well.

The quality is good and you shouldn’t have any significant problems within the lifespan of the machine. Of course maintenance is important for every rowing machine. No matter how much it costs, there are certain things you have to do to keep it in tip top shape.

2. YOSUDA Magnetic (Pro)

There are a normal and a pro version of this rower. The pro is just out of budget but if you got $10 extra it’s worth it. Both versions are quiet, smooth and sturdy. It’s solid and doesn’t move during your workouts. They both support people of up to 350 lbs. and 6’6 tall which means a lot of people can use this machine.

The benefit of the pro version is that it has a heavier flywheel and more magnets for resistance. The heavier flywheel means you get a smoother, more consistent resistance. The extra magnets means a heavier maximum resistance. So if you’re looking for a heavy workout, go for the pro version.

3. Sunny-Health SF-RW5515

Just want a basic rowing machine that works and spend less than the maximum budget? This is a simple yet good rowing machine. It has magnetic resistance instead of air resistance which is why #1 has my preference but this on works very well for not too much money.

It’s simple and has a very simple workout monitor but it works and gives you a workout. The heaviest setting isn’t super heavy so this machine is better for beginners and people who are looking for a low to medium intensity workout.

List Of Indoor Rowers Under $400

Before we pick the best indoor rower, let’s take a look at which options there are in this budget. Below you can find a list of the rowers currently available under $400. This is the price without shipping, handling and/or extended warranty.

Prices are subject to change so that’s why I prefer to give a range instead of an exact number. Check the chart below to get an idea of what the dollar signs mean;

  • $ = $50 – $100
  • $$ = $100 – $150
  • $$$ = $150 – $250
  • $$$$ = $250 – $350
  • $$$$$ = $350 – $400
BrandModelResistance type Price
MarcyTurbine Air$$$$$
Sunny HealthSF-RW5515Magnetic$$$$
Sunny HealthSF-RW1205Hydraulic$$
Sunny HealthSF-RW5728Air + Magnetic$$$$
Sunny HealthSF-RW5730Air + Magnetic$$$$
Sunny HealthSF-RW5801Magnetic$$$
Sunny HealthSF-RW5639Hydraulic$$$
Fitness Reality1000Magnetic$$$$
MaxCareMagnetic 16Magnetic$$$
MaxCareAir RowerAir$$$$
StaminaBody TracHydraulic$$
YOSUDAMagnetic ProMagnetic$$$$$

As you can see, this list is dominated by hydraulic and magnetic resistance type rowers. A few entry level air rowers are also available.  At this price there is still quite a lot of choice. Sure, the top brands and models are missing but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something good. Let’s get into what the best choice is.

For most people it will be better to get an air or water rower for the most realistic rowing movement and toughest workout. Magnetic rowers are more affordable and can still provide a great workout although they feel a bit different.

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types of indoor rowing machines because there are significant differences between them. Click here to find a full explanation of the four different types.

If you want an actual ‘real’ rowing experience, it’s better to leave the hydraulic rowers alone. They have a few benefits like price, size and noise but they don’t really deliver a realistic rowing experience since the movement is different.

For $400 you can’t expect the best rowing machine in the world. The best rowers are $1000+. However, for this budget, a rower is a much better choice than a treadmill or elliptical trainer.

Image of an indoor rower

What To Expect From a Rower Under $400

Indoor rowing machines should do a few things right however much they cost. Can you expect the same from a machine that costs three times as much? No, but there are some things that both a cheaper and more expensive rower should do right.

Here’s what you should look for in an indoor rower;

  • Sturdy (enough to handle your weight)
  • Smooth
  • Sufficient resistance
  • Natural movement pattern
  • Some form of performance monitoring

Nice to have but not absolutely necessary;

  • Good warranty conditions
  • Good customer service

For $400 or less you can expect a machine that has a good movement pattern and has a pretty smooth, natural movement pattern although not as good as the more expensive models. The performance monitoring will be quite rudimentary though.

Under $400, the user weight limits aren’t as high as with high end machines so the construction and build quality is at a lower level. However, if you don’t need the higher load limit this isn’t a big problem although the construction might not be as stable and/or durable.

All in all you should be able to buy a rowing machine that provides you with good workouts for at least a few years but maybe not something that will last for decades and stands up to high levels of tough use for a long time.

In the end, if $400 is your budget, a rowing machine is a great choice. For $400 you can get a good machine that gives you a good workout and lasts for a long time. You won’t be able to find a treadmill or elliptical trainer that’s even close in quality for the same money. If you can spend less, look at a spin bike, they can be had for less. However, rowing is a full body workout where cycling mainly uses the lower body.

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