The Ideal Mirror Width For Home Gyms: As Wide As Possible?

Picking the right width for your home gym mirror can impact usability quite a lot. What’s the ideal width and why?

As a general guideline, a width of at least 3 feet (91.4 cm) is recommended for home gym mirrors although 4′ (122 cm) or more is ideal. Wider mirrors provide a more comprehensive view of your body during exercise. Narrower mirrors can still be used for specific exercises or in a limited space.

Let’s dive into the details of why those widths are best and what other considerations there are for choosing a width for your workout mirror. 

The Best Gym Mirror Width For a Home/Garage Gym

The best gym mirror width for a home or garage gym depends on various factors such as available space, workout requirements, and personal preference. 

However, as a general guideline, a mirror width of at least 3 feet (36 inches) is recommended for most home or garage gyms. However, 4 feet (48 inches) or more is ideal. It’s not possible to go too wide as long as it fits on your wall. 

3 foot wide mirrors can still cut off the view of your hands during some exercises. This is only the case if you have long arms and are doing exercises that stretch the arms to your side like lateral raises. With 4 feet wide gym mirrors, everyone can fit in the picture comfortably in all cases. 

A 3-foot width allows you to have a sufficient view of your body during 95% of exercises and ensures you can see your form and movements clearly. It provides a wide enough reflection to assess your posture, alignment, and technique while performing various exercises. 

Of course, if you have more space or specific workout needs, you can opt for wider mirrors. Some individuals prefer installing full-length mirrors or covering an entire wall with mirrors for a comprehensive view.

Not only the width is important, the height of the mirror is also key. Find the ideal height gym mirror height here.

Side View

The 3-foot recommendation makes the assumption that you want to look at your posture from the front. However, sometimes you want to see a side view. A side view can be useful for checking if you keep your back straight during squats or bent over rows for example but there are many more cases where it’s useful. 

On most exercises 3 foot wide mirrors are still enough for a complete side view, however, you’ll have to center yourself correctly in the mirror so parts don’t get cut off. With 4+ feet wide mirrors, you don’t have to think about it as much. 

As an aside, for these reasons, it is really cool to have two mirrors in your gym, one in front and one to the side.

Find more about the right overall size for workout mirrors in this article.

Man weightlifting in front of a mirror in a small home gym.

What About Narrow Mirrors as Gym Mirrors?

Are mirrors narrower than 3’ still usable as gym mirrors? Many cheap mirrors are narrower than the minimum recommended 36”. Is that OK? 

Mirrors narrower than 3 feet (36 inches) can still be suitable for a home gym, depending on your specific needs, budget, and space constraints. While a wider mirror provides a broader view and allows you to see your entire body during exercises, narrower mirrors can still serve their purpose in a home gym setting.

It’s not ideal but if you really can’t stretch your budget to a larger mirror, it’s better than nothing. 

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Narrower mirrors can be useful for focusing on specific areas or exercises where a full-body view is not necessary. For example, if your workouts primarily involve upper body exercises or you have limited wall space, a narrower mirror can be adequate for checking your form, and posture, and targeting specific muscle groups.

However, it’s important to consider the dimensions of the exercises you’ll be performing and ensure the mirror width is sufficient for your needs. If possible, try to position the mirror in a way that allows you to see the most critical aspects of your movements and form.

Remember, the primary purpose of a gym mirror is to provide visual feedback and help you maintain proper form and technique during workouts. So while a narrower mirror may not offer a complete view, it can still serve its purpose effectively in a home gym environment.

Other Considerations For Home Gym Mirror Width

If you’re not sure of the right width for your workout room mirror yet, here are some other considerations you can take into account. 

  • Different Home Gym Setups: Consider if you really need a mirror. For cardio exercises like walking on the treadmill or cycling, you don’t need one. Also, if you use gym machines, a narrow mirror is usually OK but, you’ll need more of them. 
  • Wall Space: In some cases, you just don’t have enough space on the wall to fit a 4’ wide mirror. Just mount the widest mirror you can on your wall and be aware of the limitations. 
  • Balancing Budget and Needs: Wide mirrors are more expensive than narrow ones. When budgeting choices have to be made. If you can afford 4’ wide mirrors, great. If not try to get at least 3’ wide. Less than that does start to get quite narrow but if it’s all you can afford, it’s better than nothing. 
  • Aesthetics: Wide mirrors make a space look bigger and brighter. Making one wall or a large part of it mirrored, will dramatically change the way your gym looks and feels. 

Size is not the only factor in getting the right gym mirror. There are quite a few other factors to consider when choosing the right workout mirror for you.

Why Do Commercial Gyms Have Such Wide Mirrors?

People doing exercise in front of a wide gym mirror

If you only need 4’ wide mirrors, why are commercial gyms always covered in mirrors? There are four key reasons for this;

  • Multiple Users: Commercial gyms cater to a diverse range of individuals with varying heights, sizes, and exercise preferences. Wide mirrors accommodate multiple users simultaneously, allowing them to perform exercises side by side while still having ample mirror space for visual feedback.
  • Visual Impact: Large mirrors create a sense of spaciousness and enhance the overall aesthetics of the gym. They make the gym appear larger, brighter, and more inviting. Additionally, mirrors reflect light and help distribute it evenly, improving the overall lighting in the gym and minimizing shadows.
  • Safety Considerations: Wide mirrors help prevent collisions and accidents. When people move around the gym, especially during crowded periods, they can see others in the mirror and adjust their path accordingly. This reduces the risk of collisions and enhances the overall safety of the gym environment.
  • Marketing and Motivation: Commercial gyms often use mirrors strategically for marketing purposes. Wide mirrors provide an opportunity for branding and displaying gym logos, slogans, or motivational messages. They contribute to the overall ambiance and atmosphere of the gym, promoting a positive and motivational environment.

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