Cheapest Mirror For a Home Gym? Exploring Low-Cost Options

Looking for the cheapest workout mirror for your home gym? There are some ways to do it for a very low price but it’s hard to recommend going this route. 

Acrylic mirror tiles are the cheapest gym mirror option, but they often create distorted reflections. At a slightly higher cost, consider glass mirror tiles or other affordable options like framed mirrors or DIY solutions. Mind you, all these options do lack some features of high-quality gym mirrors.

Keep reading below to discover what the best options are, how much you can expect to pay, and what the pros and cons are of each option. 

What’s The Cheapest Possible Workout Mirror?

The cheapest way to get a mirror in your home gym is by using cheap acrylic mirror tiles. These tiles are plastic sheets with reflective backing. They are super cheap and easy to mount since they’re lightweight. 

By using 12”x12” acrylic tiles you can create a 3’x5’ (which is the minimum size mirror I recommend for a gym) mirror for about $50. If you want to upsize to 4’ x 6’ this method would cost about $75. 

If you’re not sure how much high-quality gym mirrors cost, here is a quick rundown.

However: I wouldn’t recommend going this route.

While the option above is the absolute cheapest, I wouldn’t recommend using the super cheap option. These acrylic tiles scratch very easily, they already distort the image within a single tile so putting many tiles next to each other will create a barely recognizable reflection, especially if the wall they’re mounted on isn’t perfectly flat.

 Cheap acrylic tiles also tend to get cloudy over time, especially if you use the wrong cleaning techniques. You can get better and worse acrylic tiles so it’s worth spending more than the bare minimum if you’re going this route. 

There are better options for not that much more money. 

Or if you just want to find the best high-quality and affordable gym mirrors, click the link to find our recommendations.

What’s The Cheapest Gym Mirror You Should Actually Use?

If your mirror budget is tight but can be stretched from $75 to about $120, you can get something that’s significantly better. Mind you, these are still not providing all the features of a ‘real’ gym mirror but it’s a very viable option for less money. 

It’s also worth reading this post that goes in-depth on the question if paying extra gets you a better mirror for your gym.

A good solution is glass tiles. Glass mirror tiles are still way cheaper than large mirrors but they provide a better reflection quality than acrylic mirrors. They’re also less prone to scratching and are easier to keep clean. You can build a 3’x5’ mirror from glass tiles for about $70 or a 4’x6’ mirror for about $120.

Just like with all mirror tiles, it’s very important to mount these tiles flush on a very flat wall. If one of the tiles is at a different angle, it will give very strange effects. This is the main drawback (aside from the seams) with using mirror tiles but if it’s all you can afford, it’s the best option.

Keep in mind that these affordable glass tiles are usually not made from tempered glass with safety backing like real gym mirrors. However, because they’re glued to the wall, they can break but the shards will mostly stay in place. The shards that do come off will be very sharp unlike tempered glass though.  

Using larger tiles will reduce the chance of visual distortions but also cost more. If you’ve got a bit more budget there are good options but then you’ll be getting pretty close to the price of a really good workout mirror. 

Other Affordable Alternatives

If you’re looking for more affordable alternatives to traditional gym mirrors, there are a few options you can consider:

  • Frameless Full-Length Mirrors: You can purchase full-length mirrors commonly used for dressing or home décor purposes. While these mirrors may not be specifically designed for gyms, they can still serve the purpose of providing a reflective surface for checking your form during workouts. They are usually less expensive than specialized gym mirrors. They are less safe though because they’re usually not made from tempered glass. These full-length mirrors are also narrower than a good gym mirror. That means you might need two next to each other, negating most of the savings. This is easy if they’re frameless. 
  • Framed Mirrors: Another cost-effective option is to use framed mirrors, such as those commonly found in bedrooms or living areas. While these mirrors may be narrower than ideal for a gym, it’s difficult to get a continuous reflection by placing two framed mirrors next to each other. Keep in mind that framed mirrors are typically made of standard glass, so they may not be as durable or safe as tempered glass gym mirrors.
  • DIY Solutions: If you’re on a tight budget, you can explore do-it-yourself solutions. One option is to use mirrored adhesive sheets or films that can be applied directly to a smooth wall or a sturdy backing board. These adhesive sheets are typically more affordable than full-size mirrors and can be cut to your desired size and shape. However, their reflective quality may not be as good as dedicated gym mirrors. 
  • Repurposed Materials: You may also consider repurposing materials such as mirrored closet doors, salvaged mirrors from old furniture, or even recycled glass panels. These options can provide a reflective surface at a lower cost, but they may require some creativity and effort to adapt them to your gym space.
  • Second Hand: While gym mirrors are not often found second-hand, normal mirrors can often be found on second-hand websites for a fraction of the new price. 

Remember that while these alternatives may offer cost savings, they may not provide the same level of durability, safety features, or reflective quality as dedicated gym mirrors.


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