Treadmill Warranty: Which Brand Is Best?

Treadmills are relatively complicated pieces of equipment. If something breaks on your treadmill, it can get expensive. Having a good warranty can help you have some piece of mind when buying an expensive treadmill.

Sole Fitness and Landice offer the best warranty conditions for treadmills. Landice provides a lifetime warranty on parts, 5 years on the console, and 1 year on labor. For the price, Sole Fitness provides an amazing warranty with a lifetime on the motor and frame and multi-year on other parts.

For the exact warranty on many popular models and some things to look out for, keep reading.

The Best Treadmill Warranty

Want the best treadmill warranty out there? Sole Fitness is the way to go. They offer a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame and 2 years on all parts and labor. And they offer these conditions on treadmills that aren’t the most expensive out there. Sole Fitness treadmills aren’t cheap but they’re not high-end models.

If you want a high-end treadmill with the best warranty conditions, look at Landice. Their treadmills are expensive but very well-built and a pleasure to use. And on top of that, they come with a very good warranty.

Home Treadmill Warranty Conditions

Below is a big list of treadmills and the specific warranty conditions they come with from the manufacturer. The warranty listed is the standard warranty. Some brands offer an extended warranty but that’s not available for all models.

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These are models for residential use. Treadmills for commercial use have different warranties. Treadmills in a commercial setting often see much more and harder use than at home. Treadmills in gyms or health clubs are used by many people every day. That’s why the producers can’t/don’t want to offer the same warranty terms.

Usually, using a treadmill that’s meant for residential use in a commercial setting will void the warranty.

So once again, the warranty terms below are only for residential use.

Life FitnessT3Lifetime10 Years7 Years7 Years1 YearDisplay 3 years
T5Lifetime10 Years7 Years7 Years1 YearDisplay 3 years
Sole FitnessAllUnlimited warranty on everything, even wear and tear
LandiceAllUnlimited warranty on everything, even wear and tear1 year
BowFlexBXT21615 years15 years5 years5years2 years
BXT11615 years15 years5 years5years2 years
Nautilus T61410 Years10 Years3 Years3 Years1 Year
T61610 Years10 Years3 Years3 Years1 Year
T61815 years15 years5 years5 years2 years
LifeSpanTR1200iLifetime5 years2 years2 years1 year
TR2000iLifetime5 years2 years2 years1 year
TR3000iLifetimeLifetime5 years5 Years1 Year
TR5500iLifetimeLifetime5 years5 years2 years
TR4000iLifetimeLifetime5 years5 years2 years
True FitnessM30Lifetime30 Years5 Years5 Years1 Year
M50Lifetime30 Years5 years5 years1 Year
Performance 100Lifetime30 Years5 Years5 Years1 Year
Performance 300Lifetime30 Years 7 years7 Years1 year
Performance 800Lifetime30 Years10 Years10 years1 Year
3GLite RunnerLifetimeLifetime3 Years3 Years1 Year
Pro RunnerLifetimeLifetime5 Years5 Years1 Year
Elite RunnerLifetimeLifetime10 Years10 Years2 Years
XterraTR200 Lifetime1 Year90 days90 days90 days
TRX1000Lifetime1 Year90 days90 days90 days
TRX2500LifetimeLifetime1 year1 year1 year
TRX3500LifetimeLifetime2 years2 years1 year
TRX4500LifetimeLifetime2 Years2 Years1 Year
Horizon FitnessT101LifetimeLifetime1 year1 year1 year
T202LifetimeLifetime1 year1 year1 year
T303LifetimeLifetime3 years3 years1 year
7.0ATLifetimeLifetime3 years3 years1 year
7.4ATLifetimeLifetime5 years5 years2 years
7.8ATLifetimeLifetime5 years5 years2 years
Schwinn81010 years10 years1 year1 year1 year
83010 years10 years2 years2 years1 year
87010 years10 years2 years2 years 1 year
BodyCraftT800Lifetime10 years10 years10 years2 yearsDisplay 3 years
T400Lifetime7 Years7 years7 years 2 yearsDisplay 3 years
T1000Lifetime10 years10 years10 years2 yearsDisplay 3 years

As you can see, different brands have very different terms for warranty. In general, the higher-priced models/brands have better warranty conditions but it’s not 100% the case.

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Also, “lifetime” means the lifetime of the machine, not you. This means they could argue that after 30 years the lifespan of the machine is finished and the warranty isn’t valid anymore. Most brands wouldn’t do this unless the machine is very old but it’s possible.

Also, read what maintenance is necessary on a home treadmill. Here is an article that outlines what maintenance is and isn’t necessary. Free repairs are good but not needing them is better and maintenance helps.

Image of a person walking on a treadmill

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Treadmill Brands Warranty List

While the differences between warranties are different between models, we can still see some differences between brands. Some brands do better on average than others. So which ones are the best? Here’s a top 3;

1. Sole Fitness

If you read the Sole Fitness warranty details you’ll see why they’re number one. You can read them for yourself here:

“That’s why all of our units are backed by a true lifetime guarantee. All of our guarantees are included at no cost to the customer. You shouldn’t have to pay a company extra to get them to stand behind their products. The word lifetime should mean exactly that, for life. All of our lifetime warranties are underwritten and backed by a leading insurance agency to make sure that no matter what happens in the future, your warranty coverage is guaranteed.”

Other brands come close but there is no other brand that matches the conditions of Sole Fitness. They cover everything even wear and tear for the lifetime of the product. They have even insured the warranties with a third party so it would still be provided, whatever happens in the future.

For this to be valid, the product has to be registered on the website but this is the case for pretty much every treadmill.

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2. Landice

Landice is number two. Reading the following quote will show you why:

“Only Landice offers a Lifetime Warranty* On All Parts Including Wear Items for all our Home Fitness Treadmills, Bikes and E7 Elliptical products. We do this because we believe 100% in the quality, craftsmanship and performance capabilities of our equipment. Built to last, many Landice machines have been known to be passed along from one generation to the next.
All equipment must be dealer-installed within a 60-mile driving radius of the selling dealer’s nearest retail store. If you are unable to find a local dealer, please call us at 1-800-LANDICE or email us here:
Warranty applies to original owner only.”

Why did I list them number two? The conditions are very similar to the number one. The reason why I’ve put it in second place are the conditions:

It has to be installed by the nearest retail store and registered within 30 days. Another limitation is that the labor is only covered for 1 year.

The last reason is the price of the treadmills. They cost more than double what you can buy the Sole fitness ones for. Yes, you also get a better treadmill for the price but offering a very similar warranty at a lower price makes number one more impressive.

3. True Fitness

For the number 3 spot things get a bit more difficult since there are plenty of brands that offer a very similar warranty to each other with small differences. Some brands offer better warranty on the frame but then another one has better conditions for the parts or labor.  

Another problem is that many brands have better warranty conditions for the more expensive models than for the cheaper models. That makes it difficult to rank a whole brand.

Overall, True Fitness has the best-balanced warranty;

  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Motor: 30 years
  • Parts: 5 to 10 years
  • Labor: 1 year

While their warranty on parts might not be as long as others, the frame and motor warranty is great. Other brands might have a lifetime warranty on motors but they have shorter warranty periods for parts. It’s a trade-off. 30-year warranty on the motor is plenty long enough. How many treadmills have you seen that are 30 years old? The shorter motor warranty is worth it for the longer parts warranty.

Image of a person running on a TechnoGym treadmill

Warranty vs. price

So you might have already noticed but there is a connection between the price of a treadmill and the warranty conditions. The higher the price, the better the warranty in general. Of course, you can always find exceptions to the rule.

Even within the same brand, the more expensive models tend to come with better warranties.

Where does that difference come from? There are a few possible reasons for that;

  1. More expensive treadmills are better so it’s easy for a manufacturer to give better conditions
  2. People need to feel safe to spend more money so a better warranty is a way to convince them.
  3. The product is more expensive because you’re paying for a better warranty.

Which one is it? Probably a combination of those reasons. It’s hard to say what goes on during management meetings.

A certain percentage of machines will have problems. If a machine is of higher quality, a lower percentage will break. Also, the longer you use a machine, the likelier it is something will go wrong.

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Building a higher quality product costs more money but providing a warranty also costs money. The longer a treadmill is supposed to last, the more expensive it is. However, providing a longer warranty also costs more since the likelihood of failure goes up over time. The higher the quality is, the lower the amount spent on warranty repairs, however.

That means that for most treadmills that are built to a price, there will be a balance between the quality of a product and the warranty since people want both. You wouldn’t buy a product without any warranty. On the flip side, you also wouldn’t buy a product that has a great warranty but is known to break all the time.

Some brands have got it figured out and provide incredibly sturdy treadmills. Because they are sturdy, they can provide a great warranty as well. However, these brands often charge quite a bit for their products.

What’s right for you?

In the end, you don’t really want to use the warranty. You want to get a machine that never breaks. No matter how good a warranty is, it’s still a bit of a pain to have to use it. Your workout schedule has to change for a couple of days, you have to be home for the mechanic to come and possibly you have to wait longer for parts.

That means it’s better to buy a treadmill that actually keeps working instead of one that gets fixed for free.

That said, if you can afford both quality and warranty, that will provide the best of both worlds. Even the best machines can break sometimes. And when that happens you still want it to be fixed quickly and cheaply.

But how can you know which treadmills are of higher quality? There are no hard and fast rules to exactly know what you’re going to get. There are some things you can use the get a good idea though;

  • Read reviews. You can always find good and bad reviews about everything but by looking at the ratio of good vs. bad reviews it’s possible to get a good idea of the quality.
  • Pick a brand that has good warranty conditions, even for their lower-end models. They are confident in their products.

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Related questions

Which part of a treadmill needs the most maintenance? The belt and rollers of a treadmill have to be maintained regularly. In most cases, simple lubrication is enough. If this is done correctly, they should last much longer than if left alone. Other parts can still break but it’s not very common.

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