Why Are Elliptical Trainers So Expensive? 6 Top Reasons

Elliptical Trainers are great for all types of people who want to exercise. They work great for all ages and fitness levels and you can use them at a gym or at home. But some people find that this equipment is strangely expensive and aren’t sure if the price is worth it.

Elliptical Trainers are so expensive because they are built to provide great low-impact workouts, and minimize injuries. There are many moving parts and the construction is relatively complicated. They are built with high-quality materials and are meant to last, so they are expensive up-front.

An elliptical trainer can be a great way to stay in shape, and the price is worth it to many people. Here are a few reasons why ellipticals are so expensive and why they are one of the most popular exercise machines.

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Ellipticals are made with the use of durable materials. An Elliptical is made with steel frames, heavy drives, and sealed bearings. These expensive ellipticals are low maintenance and do not lead to many customer complaints. Ellipticals that are expensive are usually equipped with nice pedals, great quality screens, and low/no noise levels.

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The flywheel weight helps with smoothness and quietness in a machine, while it is being used. When a flywheel weight is in the rear of the machine, it will cost more than if the weight is in the front. The machine is less likely to break down when the weight is in the back. These high-quality machines are expensive to produce but better for comfort and a circular pedal motion. This weight requires users to be in an upright position that reduces strain on the back. The upper and lower body parts also move together naturally.

The flywheel weight on the elliptical is heavy, it increases momentum, and provides stability. The heavier the weight is, the more the elliptical will cost. That means when the flywheel increases in its heaviness, the elliptical will usually end up costing more. The ellipticals that are in the top price range will have a flywheel that is above 30 pounds.

Generally, you’ll find that the heavier the flywheel is, the longer the elliptical will last. They can range from 13 to 35 pounds. More expensive machines will always use more expensive materials. This means that the machines are also more sturdy and have better striding.

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Low Impact Work Out

Ellipticals are great machines because there is such low impact. Some of these machines have almost zero impact on the body. The pedals are cushioned to increase comfort levels and reduce stress on the foot or joints. Your feet never lift off the pedals, which decreases stress on the body. The softer the surface is, the less stress it puts on the knees.

This feature makes the machine run at a higher price. An elliptical is the safest choice, especially for someone with a history of hip, back, or knee pain. It is softer on the lower back when someone is working out. This machine is the best choice to avoid injuries, and burn calories quickly. It is a safe option for everyone to use.

The pedals on this low impact machine are adjustable, with different strides and muscle toning techniques. The length of a pedal needed depends on the height of a person. The taller users will need more room for comfort. while they work out. Low-impact workouts help with stress and strain on someone’s body.

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With an elliptical, you are walking on the machine rather than running. Ellipticals have been proven to burn a lot more calories than a treadmill. Most lower-body injuries come from impact. They also come from walking, jogging, and running. All of these activities have an impact on someone’s body when they hit the surface hard.

An elliptical is designed to reduce that impact and have a more positive and sustainable workout. It is like running in the air and there are great health benefits as well. This machine is great for working out the entire body. There is no lifting and it is much better than walking or jogging. It takes off the pressure on your body. Ellipticals are a great alternative to running or jogging. They have different workouts and the machine can be adjusted to different age groups or activity levels.

The soft surface ellipticals have makes running easier on the knees as well. It is great because people of all ages can use an elliptical to work out. It is low impact and simple to use. It is easy on the body and it helps protect the joints from any damage that could occur. Overall, this is one of the best simple workouts.

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Because the impact is so low, elliptical trainers are also great for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) This is a great way to burn more calories in a short period of time and also improve your cardiovascular health. A good interval timer is going to make HIIT workouts much more enjoyable. Check out the GymNext Flex timer. It’s super easy to set up and control contrary to most other interval timers making the set up for any workout a breeze.

Great Display Monitors and Technology Features

One thing that makes an elliptical more expensive is the display size. The consoles on the elliptical are large and easy to read. The display is great and it is simple for anyone of any age to use this. It is great to have such a simple machine for people and it is not difficult to figure out.

The high price is caused by the monitor and the different technology features. The ellipticals display monitor is high-end and offers monitoring, feedback, and guidance. It provides a large display and can display a lot of information at once. It is easy to swipe through and view different statistics of the workout someone is doing.

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High-end ellipticals offer special training and entertainment features. It is easy to surf the web, watch a favorite TV show, or view different blogs. It is also simple to watch a movie or check an email. This is great motivation and entertainment while someone is working out. It is simple for people to listen to music, and have easy access to their water bottles. The console shows the time elapsed, distance, and the calories burned during an activity. Some ellipticals let you pick your choice of a console.

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The more expensive an elliptical is, the more advanced features there are for working out. On the display monitor, there is a headphone jack, beverage holders, accessory traits, cooling fans, and tablet computer holders. An elliptical is compatible with a smartphone or an MP3 player. The display is great and can meet athlete’s needs. The technology features make it worth the price for users.

Adjustable Work Out Routines

The advanced technology on an elliptical makes it easy for an adjustable workout. An elliptical is made with a quality design and offers fantastic benefits. Adjustable workouts and technology features make the machine go up in price. Some technology features on an elliptical include Wi-fi capabilities, touchscreen, Bluetooth, and different workout programs.

There are different incline levels on the device as well. The elliptical can connect to different fitness apps used for wireless data tracking which is connected through Bluetooth. Some can adjust the intensity of a workout. These machines are designed to fit the needs of all people. Some people may want a more intense workout, while others may want to go easy for the day.

There are different athlete training and conditioning programs. These programs have varied routines and challenge people. They are great for reaching benchmarks and improving fitness goals. Users can be easily motivated and achieve results. Some programs have a target time, calories, distance, fat burn, intervals for climbing, and endurance.

There is also an option to save multiple user profiles on the elliptical trainer and change the incline. The incline helps target different muscle groups in the lower legs, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. 

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Climbing at different slopes increases calorie burning and muscle toning. Some ellipticals have customizable programs, that adapt to users. They can suggest workouts based on different goals. The pedals and handles help work the full body. The machines are great because they have so many consumable fitness options, tailoring workouts, and changing an incline according to your needs.

There are built-in workout programs, stat tracking, and plenty of features. On an elliptical, there is an option to switch backward or forwards. This can change up the muscles used, and strengthen the calves and hamstrings.

Workout programs are convenient because they can act as a personal trainer. They can be tailored to a personal workout and have different goals. The resistance can also be changed every 60 to 90 seconds. The workout can always be adjusted accordingly without touching a thing. Interval training can help with arms and legs.

With a workout program, you can switch from an arm day to a leg day with little effort. It is convenient for choosing a program that is specific to each part of the body. You can also switch off muscle groups and make sure none are overworked. After weeks, noticeable results can be achieved.

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Many Mechanical Parts

Machines that are smaller and only weigh up to 250 pounds do not cost nearly as much as machines that have a weight up to 400 pounds. Most expensive machines will have a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and some may even have a capacity of 400 pounds. The machines that are more heavy-duty can handle more weight and have more high-quality manufacturing done to them.

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High-quality manufacturing is great for these machines. If anything happens to a machine, there is a warranty that covers it. The warranty on the ellipticals may be expensive. The more expensive, the more widespread coverage. Ellipitxcals vary in size, making it easy to find the perfect fit for you and your home. They are convenient because there are not a lot of mechanical things to take care of.

Ellipticals are great because there are rarely any mechanical issues and these machines have more advantages than most machines. Unlike a treadmill, there is no impact on the machine. This reduces wear and tear, making it last for longer. There are very few moving parts and they hardly fail. The heavier a machine is, the more sturdy it will be. A heavy machine will not rock back in forth. It will stand out because it is made well.

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Most ellipticals priced between $1,500 and $1,999 have a five-year warranty. High-quality manufacturing ensures longer warranties on products that will last longer. It is important to pay attention to top models. Their warranty usually costs more, which means that the machine is likely to be more durable, or at least offer more coverage if problems arise.

Some top model machines can even last for more than 7 years of regular usage. The larger a machine is, the more stable it will be. Ellipticals have great features and they are well worked on. The mechanical parts are solid and can last for years. There is not a lot of maintenance that needs to be done on these machines and they do not break down very often.

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Heart Rate Control

Expensive ellipticals have heart rate control incorporated into the machine. The wireless heart rate control program is designed to encourage exercise and a targeted heart rate. For the people who are trying to use these machines, heart rate monitoring is the key. There are wireless strap monitors that feed results to the machine. Heart rate control is beneficial to interval training and great for cardio workouts.

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Wireless tracking helps with the efficiency of workouts. It is easy for someone to adjust and challenge their exercise more. The heart rate tracking is located on the stationary handlebars in front of the console. It helps determine heart rate, and control the intensity of a workout. Different intensity levels can achieve different results. If your heart rate is too low, you will not get all the benefits of the workout. If it is too high, it is counterproductive and you may have to stop sooner than you would like.

On an elliptical, heart rate control is more effective in a workout. The purpose of heart rate control is to allow you to determine what your heart rate is. It is convenient to always check your heart rate while working out. There harder you work out, the higher the heart will be. If someone is working harder, it will increase their fitness. Some machines come with wireless heart rate monitors.

For many people, paying more for a monitor is great for their safety. They want to keep their heart within a certain zone. For others, it is to achieve a certain goal or target. Some programs help alert you with your heart rate. Your heart rate can depend on your age or fitness level. People will have different heart rates depending on if they are working hard or not.

Making your heart rate easy to check can help people keep track of their workouts each day of the week. Some days they may want to work out harder than other days. It is important to be consistent in a workout and a routine.

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Favorite Cardio Machine Accessories

Check out these accessories that improve a home cardio workout:

  • Equipment mat: All cardio equipment should be put on an equipment mat. The Rubber-Cal mat (Amazon) is an affordable yet very high quality choice.
  • Tablet holder: Cardio can be boring. With this tablet holder (Amazon) you can follow along with on-demand workouts or just watch a movie on any cardio machine.
  • Heart rate monitor: Monitoring your heart rate is very important while doing cardio. The Polar H10 (Amazon) connects to almost anything you can imagine and is very accurate.

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